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CIT Group files for bank-
CIT GROUP, the US lender to
                                      Hon’ble Min. Ghulam Nab...

During a training session, the
trainer asked us to close our
                                    Corporate Social Resp...

Pharma News Feed Hamdard A new light on the horizon
ORG IMS reports IPM sales
growth at 9.6% in Sept '09
Interview with
                                                                          Bruce Weitzman visits Jamia Ham...
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Hamdard business review is the monthly newletter of the Hamdard business school, jamia hamdard university, new delhi

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Hbr.mar10 hamdard business review

  1. 1. CIT Group files for bank- ruptcy CIT GROUP, the US lender to Hon’ble Min. Ghulam Nabi FOREWORD BY THE HOD, MANAGE- MENT SCIENCES, JAMIA HAMDARD Azad at NCRDCA ‘09 thousands of small and medi- umsized businesses, filed for Dear Professors, students, staff members, on the pro- bankruptcy on Sunday as the pitious occasion of launching the first newsletter of global financial crisis left it un- The Department of Computer invited for the same and ac- Govt. of India while the Guest the Department of Management studies, Jamia Ham- able to fund itself and the re- Science, Jamia Hamdard held cepted ones were published of Honour was Prof. Kiran cession clobbered its loans. dard, I extend to all of you, my best wishes for your the National Conference on too. Walia. Recent developments in The bankruptcy, among the Recent De- the related happiness, good health and prosperity. largest in US corporate history, velopments field were has been widely expected for on Comput- discussed at Founded in the year 1998 , Department of Man- months. ing and its length and agement, Jamia Hamdard has since been a centre of Applica- the authori- WINDOWS 7 FREE OF t i o n s ties were en- learning and development. It has been constantly TAX TANGLE (NCRDCA couraged, by metamorphosing itself to be at the forefront of the Computer users in India will ’09) on to one and all, evolutionary academic entity on one side and a soon be able to buy Microsofts draw to- to start new operating system Win- skilled human resource provider to the corporate gether re- n e w e r dows 7 to replace their old op- searchers courses like world on the other. The faculty here continues to erating systems, as the and devel- MBBS to fa- make great strides in moving the department for- government has removed the opers from cilitate edu- ward. anomalies in taxation of pack- academia cation at all aged software sold through and indus- levels and to physical media such as CDs. try across keep the We continue towards establishing a better and com- The Windows 7 consignment all fields of baton of petitive arena for our students in the management to India was held up at Cus- Computing Jamia Ham- sphere, and we truly believe that “The role of man- toms because of a tax dispute. and to discuss the practical The Chief Guest was Hon’ble dard high. agement is not getting work done from people, but challenges encountered and the Ghulam Nabi Azad, Minister - Anismita Ghosh, MBA Sachin to help Adidas open solutions adopted. Papers were of Health and Family Welfare, (Pharma) 2nd Yr developing people through work”. innings in sports goods The worlds second largest sports goods manufacturer, Walt Disney: The Leader Wonder Professor & Head Adidas, now has a new expan- sion: All Day I Dream About Sachin. Perhaps the best way such luck and not much of an experience, he then asked his brother, Roy, to finance him to Bruce Weitzman visits the German brand could have announced its entry into the put up again a studio, Disney Brothers' Studio. In 1925, Dis- Jamia Hamdard cricket equipment market. It ney hired more people to join Bruce Weitzman gave a guest Unfortunately, the U.S. style is has launched Three Stripes his team. lecture on the importance of very different from Indian- cricket goods by getting the U.S.-style writing. Mr. Weitz- style writing. U.S. readers fail Adidas logo on the highest run- The Disney studio grew man, a Harvard-trained lawyer, to understand what you’re try- making bat in world cricket. through Oswald the Lucky is president of Andworth ing to say, no matter how hard Sachins multi-year bat en- Rabbit's success. Unfortu- Chambers LLC, a U.S. firm in they try. Or worse, readers dorsement deal (including that nately, Disney lost the rights Chicago. might think they understand of apparel and footwear) has to the Oswald character along but reach a con- been inked for close to Rs 3.5- with his staff in 1928. This Why You clusion that is the Rs 4 crore ($1 million) per downfall led to the creation of Should Learn opposite of what year. Steamboat Willie where About U.S.- you intended. Mickey Mouse became his Style Writing Sometimes, read- Tech Mahindra net up 21% popular cartoon character. ers will look at IT major Tech Mahindra on Disney regained the studio Writing in the your document Tuesday met expectations with and even got an Academy U.S. style is a and conclude that a 21% sequential rise in net “I have been up against tough Disney: The Journey: Award in 1932. skill that can be you are stupid or profit in the September quarter competition all my life. I Disney's story of success roots crucial to your incompetent. and also announced that it had wouldn't know how to get from his early childhood days During the 1930s, Disney success, espe- Sometimes, read- reached an in-principle agree- along without it.” -Walt Dis- during his stay at Marceline, started to produce full-length cially if you ers will simply ment with its largest client, ney Missouri and Kansas City. His features such as Snow White write anything not bother to read British Telecom, to protect its love for drawing was inspired and the Seven Dwarfs, earning for anyone from the U.S. your document. They will con- future revenues. Walt's optimism came from his by a farm where he lived with $8 million. The big break was clude that the effort would be unique ability to see the entire his family and by the tracks of short-lived due to World War II U.S. readers expect everything more trouble than it’s worth. GST may bring small-scale picture. His views and visions Santa Fe Railroad where he and slowly recovered in the to be written in the U.S. style. - Continued, P 4 producers in tax ambit came from the fond memory of worked selling candies and late 1940s. Disney continued A host of small-scale producers yesteryear, and persistence for newspapers. producing Peter Pan and Alice could come into the tax net the future. A pioneer and inno- in Wonderland full-length pic- under the proposed goods and vator, and the possessor of one Coming back from World War tures also adopting Technicolor services tax (GST) as the draft of the most fertile and unique I in France, Disney asked for and sound scores for his works. being examined by states seeks imaginations the world has his father's support to begin his to impose the new levy on ever known. Even thirty years artistic career. Rejected, Dis- The birth of Disneyland along units with a minimum annual after his death, we still con- ney tried his luck by himself with other theme parks came turnover of Rs 10 lakh. At pres- tinue to grasp his ideas, and his and worked at the Pesemen- during the 1950-1960s. It was ent, all taxes and levies have creations, remembering him Rubin Art Studio where he met at the same time when Disney separate threshold levels. for everything he's done for us. Ubbe Iwwerks. had its first daily TV show now - Compiled by In 1920, Disney and Iwwerks widely known as The Wonder- Vivek Parashar Disney, the Biz Leader: put up their own company "Iw- ful World of Disney. The fol- A magical world is almost erks- Disney” which eventu- lowing years after his death in every kid’s dream and it was ally collapsed. Soon after, they 1965, Walt Disney Company the dream of one man too. Walt both joined Kansas City Film continually expanded through Disney is one of the most cele- Ad as animators. Disney's Film the opening of Magic King- brated business leaders of our Ad days made him venture into dom, EPCOT, Disney -MGM time who bridged the past and animation experiments which Studio Theme Park and the the future through his magical led him to form Laugh-O- 2005 acquisition of Pixar Ani- world of wonder. Gram Films in 1922. mations. "When You Wish Upon A Disney produced short car- Mantras of Walt Disney's Star", one of Disney's famous toons and later live-action Life: musical scores, says it all. In- films such as Alice's Wonder- -Get your hands dirty: Don't be deed, Disney's imaginative land. With Alice's Wonderland afraid to roll your sleeves up thoughts led him to be a victor unfinished, Laugh-O-Gram and get out there where the in the entertainment business. Films filed for bankruptcy. customers are. We are seeing a lot more of Disney's success tells a tale of Disney went to Hollywood to this kind of foundation prob- a roller coaster ride. try film direction but with no - Continued, P2 lem these days!
  2. 2. 2 During a training session, the trainer asked us to close our Corporate Social Responsibility process of change to a halt. Tata, for example, is undoubt- eyes and think about a ma- have pioneered to become Cor- Consulting says, ”We believe problems of the society. For in- run. In fact, they lay a founda- edly the most trusted brand in chine. He asked us to think porate Citizens and perform that excellence in consulting stance, the vision of Philips tion for a dependent commu- India and represents the most about its surroundings, its Corporate Social Responsibil- requires client advocacy and Electronics is, “In a world nity and hence a dependent philanthropic business house- vicinity, the people around it ity. stewardship, a passion for lead- where complexity increasingly country. As Ms. Sharmila Tata Sons. But Greenpeace In- and everything else around it. Katre puts it, Corporate Social ternational has claimed that the Then he asked us to open our Bringing about a sudden Responsibility is about em- port being built by Tata Steel at eyes and tell him what each change in the minds of people powerment, and does not mean Dhamra is a serious threat to one of us saw. All of us had dif- is very difficult. And what’s ‘giving’ but ‘encouraging, de- the turtles’ nesting grounds and ferent answers for the ma- even tougher is to measure the veloping, nurturing and sus- the issue has been done a seri- chines but the answer for its magnitude of change that the taining’. Initiatives like ‘Cloth ous damage to the image of vicinity was the same – a fac- efforts have brought about. For for Work’ and ‘School to Tata’s in India.4 So, while try- tory churning out smoke and instance, it is difficult to meas- School’ run by Goonj ing to bring about a change in filthy water. When asked about ure how many voters in India (www.goonj.info) in New the perceptions of people, the the people in the vicinity, most voted due to the awareness cre- Delhi are perfect examples of organizations should carefully of us saw workers working on ated by Jaago Re campaign by the type of CSR programs that select the projects keeping all those machines in heat and Tata Tea. Similarly, it is not should be executed by the cor- the stakeholders in confidence sweat, but the owners sitting in possible to measure the amount porate houses. These will not and working for the mutual air-conditioned rooms super- of Critical Thinking induced in only empower the people at the benefit for all of them. vising the work from there. the students of New York City ing-edge investment solutions touches every aspect of our bottom of the pyramid but also by the iSchool initiative of and the delivery of experienced daily lives, we will lead in create a potential customer Corporate Social Responsibil- I am not of the view that the Cisco. consulting services in a way bringing sense and simplicity base or at least a valid referral ity as a business model is still companies have not changed that helps us exceed our to people.” for the companies and thereby in its nascent stages and is a from this scenario to a much So, how should the companies clients’ expectations every act as powerful change agents developing form of business. better one, but what has not change the perception of peo- day.” Though there’s nothing 2) Empower the down-trodden, for the perception change dis- Still, the seriousness of the reg- changed is the perception of a ple about the companies? I pro- wrong with this mission and don’t pity them cussed earlier in the article. ulatory bodies all over the factory in the minds of the peo- pose a three step proces: vision, but none of them talks It has always been a notion world, the legislations and the ple. A common man still be- about the environment that among the people to HELP the 3) Build a brand, not a trade- corporate governance policies lieves that a business house can 1) Work with and work for the they are operating in or the down-trodden sector of the so- mark of the governments indicate never do any good to the people people whose lives are being ciety as a part of the CSR ini- Companies need to be very that CSR will emerge as the mankind and the owners of the The mission statement of Shell affected by their operations but tiative. Many organizations do careful in assessing the impact major agent of change for the companies care only about the reads as ‘To safely market and who are not their ‘clients’. To this through donations to char- of the projects taken up by corporate image profits. To some extent this is distribute energy and petro- transform into a responsible ities, direct donation to the them or the business deals un- true as well. To change this chemical products while offer- Corporate Citizen, the first step people and sponsorship pro- dertaken by them. It takes - Ekta Ahuja & perception of the people about ing innovative value added is to orient the company to- grams. But sadly, this category years to build a brand that rep- Kanica Kanungo, the companies, the leading services.’ Similarly, the vision wards a people-oriented organ- of initiatives doesn’t do any resents trust and confidence MBA (HM) 1st Yr business houses of the world statement of Citi Institutional ization that works to solve the good to the society in the long but one wrong move brings the Top Stress Busters at Work In the current financial climate, fers an objective way to look at chosocial support based on which brings almost universal an issue or problem during their own experience of stress- stress, it is more important than group or individual supervi- ful situations. ever to find ways to help re- sion, often using a solution fo- duce stress in the workplace. cused approach. 7. Sporting activities Enjoying sports, from golf to Here are ten tips to get you 4. Meditation, yoga and breath- cycling to tennis, can be a fun started: ing exercises way to get exercise and relieve You don’t need to pay for stress, providing endorphins 1. Short breaks classes to introduce your work- and a social outlet. Encourage employees to take a ers to the benefits of Eastern 5-minute break in the morning relaxation and wellbeing prac- Team activities are also a great and afternoon, ideally they will way to enhance working rela- stretch their legs with a short tions. Sponsor a company walk, which not only gives sporting team, such as netball, them time out, it also gets the soccer, and rugby. blood flowing. 8. Back massages 2. Treat your body well Workplace massage services While it’s not your role to act remain one of the more popular like a parent, you can lead by stress-releasers for businesses example health-wise, and per- large and small because they’re haps offer information on how tices - there are plenty of prac- easy to organize, affordable your employees can eat a bal- titioners who will visit your and time-efficient. anced diet, get enough sleep, workplace for gentle group exercise regularly and reduce sessions. 9. Music in the workplace coffee intake. According to the Australian 5. Fix the environment with er- Music Therapy Association Stimulants such as alcohol, gonomics music is a great stress reliever caffeine or cigarettes actually "Make whatever adjustments and contributor to wellbeing, to increase stress levels. You you need to the lighting, tem- the point that it's being used in might also consider providing perature, noise level and other hospitals. a daily fruit basket to promote controllable factors in your of- healthy snacking - and demon- fice. 10. Laughter classes strate that you’re interested in helping your employees lead 6. Mentoring Some companies take a novel and creative method to reduc- Mantras of Walt Disney's Life: ing stress, boosting morale and -Believe people can do more replied simply. 'That's why it's the direction he wanted you to healthier lives. "Mentors can be highly effec- improving productivity in the than they think: To 'wow' cus- here.' go, and then leave the rest up tive in reducing stress experi- workplace: laughter classes. tomers in over-crowded mar- to you. 3. Stress Management semi- enced by junior staff. Not only kets you need to draw -Inspire people; then let them nars do they give career guidance, - By Asgar Ali Shah, exceptional performances out get on with it: Walt challenged - Connect with people on a per- "A counselor or facilitator of- they can also provide psy- MBA (Gen) 1st Yr of your people. That means and inspired you by talking to sonal level: Whenever anyone having confidence in them and called him Mr. Disney he got 10 things for an MBA student pushing them beyond their comfort zone. upset. It was always Walt for everyone. Being in the MBA program for Times' is Bullshit. 'Business 6. Should support his above 3 months taught me quite a few Standard' is better") presentation with unnecessary -There is no box: Today you - Encourage people to learn: things. Although most of them but logical points hear people talk about 'thinking Walt ran the studio like a uni- are important, some of them outside the box'. But Walt versity. Everyone was learning can be described as plain 7. Has to know how to bullshit would say, 'No! Don't think all the time. weird. I have compiled a list of on all of the above points outside the box! Once you say 10 points that seem just weird that, you've established that - Stop being afraid: The rest of to me. 8. Has to know how to bullshit there is a box.' us live in fear. Walt had no fear. about anything 1. Has to have a STRONG -Have a vision: Walt Disney His life is summed up by this opinion on the budget 9. Has to know how much a died before Disney World in famous quote of his: 4. Read the above paper every- person is bullshitting Florida could be completed. 2. Has to have a STRONG day and have a STRONG opin- On opening day in 1971, al- "I only hope that we don't lose opinion on the recession ion on each and every article in 10. A better MBA knows how most five years after his death, sight of one thing - that it was it to bullshit the bullshitter someone commented to Mike you. He wouldn't give you de- all started by a mouse.” 3. Has to get himself/herself Vance, creative director of tailed instructions about what subscribed to a financial news- 5. Should be able to give un- -Sulaiman Shakil Taji, Walt Disney Studios, 'Isn't it he wanted you to do. Instead, -Asgar Ali Shah, paper (for a more elite feel,say necessary presentations at the MBA (Gen) 1st Yr too bad Walt Disney didn't live he would simply point you in MBA (Gen) 1st Yr things like "'The Economics drop of a hat to see this' 'He did see it,' Vance
  3. 3. 3 Pharma News Feed Hamdard A new light on the horizon ORG IMS reports IPM sales growth at 9.6% in Sept '09 from Rs 117.36 crore in the corresponding period of last News Feed With the advent of newer and safety monitoring; biostatistics tomer and supplier. They are The value growth of Indian year. This is mainly on account AICTE Sponsored Na- newer technology, time has and medical writing services, needed to conduct future scien- Pharmaceutical Market for the of significant higher interest tional Seminar On stopped being a commodity and many other complemen- tific pursuits in the long run month of September 2009 was cost. ‘Emerging Trends In and has become more of a lux- tary services are provided by and can streamline the targets recorded relatively lower at 9.6 ury! Saving time is money, CROs. and the workload of the phar- Pharmaceutical Sciences’ per cent as compared to 16.5 GE launches HealthAhead they say. Speaking in this con- maceutical companies. They Conducted By Faculty Of text, the same analogy can be But the reasons for outsourcing maintain a focused approach per cent growth in month of for its employees Pharmacy, Jamia Hamdard August 2009, according to GE has launched the 'HealthA- drawn when we talk of Con- are attributed by non-availabil- regarding the services they ORG IMS, the world’s leading head: Stand up for your Health' tract Research Organizations, ity of services in-house, in- provide, be it data management provider of market intelligence for all its employees, globally, A two-day AICTE spon-2 which service the pharmaceu- creased complexity of clinical or clinical services, with a high to the pharmaceutical and and in India, which is an op- sored National Seminar on tical industry by taking off trials, large requirement of pa- degree of efficiency. healthcare industry. The top portunity for GE employees to ‘Emerging trends in Phar- much of their load. Outsourc- tient populations, presence of gainers were Sanofi Aventis, engage in the company’s new maceutical Sciences’ was ing is the buzzword here as regionalized diseases, and Talking plastic, CROs are the Emcure and Intas Pharma. efforts of creating a culture of recently conducted by Fac- these CROs assume the legal knowledge of regulatory af- next big thing as they are about health, through an increased right of carrying out the lion’s fairs in a particular country and to grow worth $1 trillion by ulty of Pharmacy, Jamia Astellas, Medivation enter focus on nutrition, stress man- share of their sponsor’s work, so on. 2013 as majority of pharma- Hamdard, New Delhi on independently. ceutical companies spend 20% worldwide pact to co-com- agement, smoking cessation 21-22nd March 2009 at mercialize MDV3100 to treat and the promotion of physical Reasons why CROs are so im- of their expenses on R&D and Convention Centre of Jamia Why CROs are what they are portant are because, the spon- are all set to increase the ratio. prostate cancer activity. Leading healthcare ex- Astellas Pharma Inc. (Astellas) perts were invited to provide Hamdard. Around 350 del- today are because of the varied sor can convert the fixed costs Undoubtedly, CROs will be and Medivation, Inc. an- insights on life threatening dis- egated comprising of teach- services they provide from of maintaining personnel and growing by leaps and bounds nounced that they have entered eases and tips to lead a healthy ers, research scholars and micro analyzing a problem to other facilities into variable and make life easier for a lot into a global agreement to de- life. postgraduate students from looking for real life feasible so- costs, by outsourcing the same many people, directly and indi- velop and commercialize various institutes across lutions – you name it, they work to CROs and thus save rectly, engaged in this busi- MDV3100 which is Mediva- DoP may fail to meet target have it. Product development, costs. ness. India participated in the tion's investigational drug for of 276 Jan Aushadhi stores formulation and manufactur- two-day seminar. ing; clinical trials manage- Also, they are meant to lessen - Anismita Ghosh, MBA the treatment of prostate cancer by March 31 wherein the parent firm will re- In spite of Union minister of Dr. Sudarshan Arora, ment; clinical, medical and the chasm between the cus- (Pharma) 2nd Yr ceive a total cash payment of state for chemicals, Shrikant President, R&D, Ranbaxy $1000 million. Jena's directive, the ministry's ambitious Jan Aushadhi Laboratory Ltd. has been inducted as Adjunct Profes- Ranbaxy To Supply Tamiflu In India Glenmark’s consolidated net (generic drug) stores project, is sor in the Department of Jamia Hamdard En- profit declines by 31% in Q2 going on at a snail's pace and To supply 900,000 capsules initially Clinical Research, Faculty ters Into Research Glenmark Pharmaceuticals, the the department of pharmaceu- Oseltamivir is an antiviral drug Ranbaxy is India-based drug of Allied Health Sciences, research-led global integrated ticals cannot match up the tar- Jamia Hamdard. that slows the spread of in- manufacturer, and a global Collaboration With pharmaceutical company, has get of 276 stores by March 31, fluenza virus between cells in generics producer of drugs. the body by stopping the new Ranbaxy Labs suffered a setback during the 2010. Only 35-40 per cent of Prof. Ashok Rattan, Chief Anti-infectives amoxycillin second quarter ended Septem- the target will be achieved, it is Executive, Fortis Clinical Jamia Hamdard has renewed ber 2009 and its consolidated learnt. its MoU with India’s leading Research Ltd., Faridabad net profit declined sharply by - Compiled by Pharmaceutical Company, has been inducted as Ad- Ranbaxy Laboratories Limited 31.1 per cent to Rs 80.89 crore Anismita Ghosh junct Professor in the De- for study of safety of new partment of Clinical Globalization drugs and training of students Research, Faculty of Allied and other areas of new drug Health Sciences, Jamia discovery and clinical research. As social determinant of Health Hamdard. This MoU will also cover on drugs used traditional medicine The phenomenon of globaliza- ticated consumer. Thus these Young Investigator Award, virus from chemically cutting and ciprofloxacin, and cardio systems including Unani Med- tion is having a major impact changes in food systems affect presented by Oxygen Club ties with its host cell. drug simvastatin are among icine . This type of collabora- on food systems around the availability and access to food of California to Mr. Ranbaxy's top sellers. The tion for more than ten years has world. Food systems are through changes to the food Ranbaxy Labs, has received resulted in some very success- Sandeep C. Chaudhary, company is foccused on gas- changing, resulting in greater production, procurement and orders from the national gov- trointestinal, musculoskeletal, ful research outputs and human availability and diversity of distribution systems and the Department of Toxicology, Faculty of Science, in ap- ernment to supply the generic and central nervous system dis- resource development. It is food, although access to this food trade environment. In turn version of Roche's anti-viral orders, as well as diabetes, hoped that this collaboration food is by no means universal. this is bringing about a gradual preciation of Scientific Ex- Tamiflu, used to treat the pain, allergies, and HIV/AIDS. will be useful to both the or- Many of these changes are shift in food culture (towards a cellence. H1N1 flu. Ranbaxy will supply Ranbaxy is majority owned by ganizations closely associated with urban- more universal one), with con- - Compiled by 900,000 capsules initially. Japan's Daiichi Sankyo. - Compiled by ization, increasing incomes, sequent changes in dietary con- Vivek Parashar Vivek Parashar market liberalization and for- sumption patterns and eign direct investment. Com- petition for a market share of food purchases tends to inten- sify with entry into the system nutritional status that vary with the socio-economic strata. Indeed, the lower socio-eco- Growing wave of consumerism Indians are among the happiest tion era are the swanky malls, script was set in motion by come to look down upon the of powerful new players such nomic population groups drift consumers in the world. It is a the hard to resist deals, the using a variety of means. Lux- second rate consumables and as large multinational fast food towards poor-quality, energy completely changed scenario. brand invasion, the increased uries had to be made into ne- lifestyles of others. and supermarket chains. dense but cheap and affordable The days of painful wait while disposable income and the cessities. A major foods. The main drivers to savings accumulated, to buy awareness of all that can be transformation was affected in It is the negative effects of con- The losers tend to be the small change in food systems are di- that one mixer-grinder or a possessed. The new consumers the meaning conveyed by sumerism in terms of identity local agents and traditional etary patterns, such as urban- stereo can best be remembered appear to believe in the neces- goods and how they were pre- conflicts that need to be ad- food markets and, to some ex- ization, increased income, and as ancient history. Luxury was sity of the ‘must have’ products sented and displayed. A part of dressed. Manufacturers, adver- tent, merchants selling “street capital flow and market liber- the domain of a handful of for- like a good car, residence in this scheme was the evolution tisers as well as individuals foods” as well as other food alization. As a conclusion it tunate beings and any purchase posh locality, best brands in of the department store into a need to make suitable adjust- items. The supermarkets bring can be mentioned that the luxury item was frowned upon their closet and holidays at ex- place to display goods as ob- ments to ensure that while the with them significant improve- health drivers are actually driv- as a waste of money. otic locales at home and jects in themselves. quest for improved living con- ments in standards of food ing the success of the global- abroad. ditions and fulfilment continues quality and safety at competi- ization. Driven by a 500 million strong Advertising was another vehi- the process of development tive prices and convenience, consumer segment India is on a Academicians, who have not cle set in motion to influence helps build a new identity factors which are highly attrac- - Mohd. Tanveer, MBA (PHI) shopping spree. Facilitating been studying the phenomenon, the creation of the consumer. rather than erode individual tive to an increasingly sophis- 2nd Yr this trend in the post liberalisa- argue that consumerism has a The effect of this artificial cre- self-concept. Also, there has to positive effect also because it ation of need is such that no be a conscious cooperation to A lecture on Leadership creates a reason for individuals to craft new identities and adopt values that are more rel- matter where one travels there will be a similarity by way of presence of the elements of make the society move towards a more equitable structure. evant to them. urban life automobiles, adver- It has been aptly remarked that Adnan Ahmed, cur- The two hour intense need to invest in rela- tising, supermarkets, shopping ‘a consumer culture makes it rently working as a re- lecture on leadership tional chemistry and How it was triggered, also centres, hotels, fast food easy to accept the slow erosion search analyst with the that followed was en- why they need to see speaks much about the nature chains, credit cards etc. of social, political and moral of this spectacle. It was defi- standards, because their pass- consultancy firm Mc everyone as a “10”, nitely the lot of the wealthy to The manifest function of this is ing is hardly noticed we are all Kinsey is an alumni of were some of the top- indulge in lavish consumption. that any person can buy into a too busy shopping’. Even our college. He came ics that he touched and It was only during the crisis higher class. All you need are though this is an inevitable of sparked off by over production the correct consumable objects. the new global economic order, on 23rd Feb for a guest it left us thirsty for in the nineteenth century that it Enough hard work can help the dictum of “have money- lecture on “The impor- more. He also sus- became imperative that a need you reach the goal of experi- will spend”, will have to cor- tance of breeding lead- tained his points with had to be created otherwise the encing luxury. A latent function rect itself if some resemblance cookie would crumble. These of this consumerist attitude is is to be maintained. Despite the ers in an organization live examples that we would have to be a base from that it can create greater satis- huge increase in per capita con- to ensure continuity”. all could relate to. where consumption could grow faction in the culture and sub- sumption, the sad fact is that in He began by sharing lightening in every and spread to an enormous sequently sow seeds of conflict. the last 50 years people have number of people to help create People of lower classes come not become happier. his experience during way. The position -Vivek Parashar mass consumerism. to resent that they do not have the college years and myth, the influence MBA (Gen) 1st Yr as much access toward luxury - Parul Bhadoo how it evolved him. challenge, how leaders This stage was set and the and people of higher classes MBA (Gen) 1st Yr
  4. 4. 4 Interview with Bruce Weitzman visits Jamia Hamdard U.S. readers will almost never 1. In the U.S. style, a writer fo- tell you about their negative re- cuses on why the document is Nisha Mehrotra action. They will not being written and who of GENPACT want to hurt your feel- ings. They will not want will be reading it. 2. The writing should be An HR Rep’s Perspective to be drawn into any un- clear, concise, and coher- 1. What are the key responsi- comfortable conversa- ent. bilities of a person at your tion about your 3. The way documents designation? weaknesses and possible are constructed A HR manager in the ERM improvements. It’s eas- 4. The importance of role would be responsible for ier to simply hire some- rewriting around 250 folks for their en- one else, promote 5. The importance of tire life cycle in an organiza- someone else, or give proofreading tion - that is right from someone else the best as- ensuring that the right candi- signments. Mastering U.S.-style date has been hired in the right writing takes a lot of time process, to ensuring all their Of course, it’s unfair that and effort. It requires comp and benefit related issues U.S. readers expect that you have an open being resolved, their perform- everything to be written mind, a willingness to ance assessment is done timely in the U.S. style. It’s un- make major changes to and most importantly they are fair that U.S.-style writ- the way you construct being exposed to various train- ing is not the same as documents, and persist- ing and development programs Indian-style writing. It’s ence in practicing the to ensure their career growth. unfair that U.S. readers skills you will be acquir- In a Corporate role - HR man- will react negatively if ing. ager would be more responsi- you fail to write in the ble for individual goals which U.S. style. And on top of For more info visit and- tie up to an organization over- everything else, it’s unfair that After all, how can you know There are many aspects of Indian-style writing. Here are worthchambers.com. all goals for example overall U.S. readers will not tell you there’s a problem if nobody U.S.-style writing and many just five of them: - Parul Bhadoo performance assessment tool, about their negative reactions. tells you about it? ways in which it differs from MBA (Gen) 2nd Yr recruitment at Band 5,4 level and AVP and above level, de- veloping retention tools, creat- 6. Do you think Brand name (such as IIM) matters, at the by ensuring that the employees are motivated enough to de- SPORTS MOSAIC kick-off AHOY! Showcases cultural talent ing and maintaining time of recruitment? liver on the targets to cus- compensation policies etc. in A brand name definitely sells tomer’s delight. these role folks are more re- as it has an established value sponsible for project based de- attached to itself. One of the 10. What are the various Oct 1:The weeklong event Oct 8-9: Following the Sports Besides that, the annual awards liverables. The most important criteria to hire from the insti- ways by which the employees spoke aloud the college vision Week, Jamia Hamdard cele- were distributed on the closing thing for a HR manager to be tute is to see its overall rank- can be motivated? of promoting physical health, brated its cultural day MO- ceremony. The Chief Guest successful is to ensure that he ing. But this is not the only One of the best ways to keep education and wellness SAIC on the 8th and 9th of presiding over the ceremony or she is well knit with the criteria as the overall experi- the employees motivated is to amongst its students. Participa- October. Various activities was Mr. E. Ahmed who ap- business and understands its ence in terms of the perform- make them clear about the big- tion was strong in a variety of were held ranging from naats, peared during the program. ins and outs. ance and retention of the folks ger picture in the organization competitive and recreational ghazals, solo, duet and group The week long sport and cul- hired plays a more important – as to how there deliverables sporting events which included singing competitions. Students tural activities were undertaken 2. What are the various chal- role. are tied up to the organization individual and team events actively participated in all the to foster closer ties amongst lenges faced by an HR man- goals. Genpact arranges for ager, on a day to day 7. As we know there’s been monthly or quarterly meetings perspective? recession around for a long with the leaders of the business Some of the major challenges time now, how do you think and the CEO of the organiza- faced by any HR manager is to this has impacted HR as a tions as well across locations ensure that at any point of time vertical in your organiza- so that all employees are at par business has the right kind of tion? and everyone is aware of the people to work – therefore re- Recession has not created too direction in which the organi- cruiting right folks is a biggest strong ripples in the organiza- zation is heading. Continuous challenge especially when the tion but the impact has been feedback and coaching is an- supply funnel is thinner than twofold: performance parame- other way to keep the employ- the demand in the market. Also ters have become more strin- ees engaged and this can be such as badminton, football, ensuring that employee’s de- gent and non performance all done by ensuring that the right cricket, volley ball as well as a liver to the best of their capa- the more intolerable. Also hir- tools of training and develop- variety of indoor games like bility especially in the time of ing slowed down at certain lev- ment are in place. carom, chess, checkers, etc. recession when everyone is els and businesses initially but under a pressure is also a diffi- has gained back the momen- 11. What are the various Students from various depart- cult task. tum now. ways to curtail attrition in an ment actively took part in the organization? different events, and won lau- events and displayed the im- students and their departments 3. What are your views on 8. In this time of recession, One of the tools that are used rels in the respective cate- mense talent surging through and the task was accomplished HR outsourcing in India, and should we hunker down and to curtail the organization is to gories. There was an them. The purpose of the Cul- with great pomp and splendor. as a global perspective? focus on “lean” n austerity, do a predictive analysis by environment of overall cheer in tural Show was to get people to Do you think recruitment not growth? each HR and business manager the campus as students in ac- actually participate and be in- Vice-chancellor and our chief should be outsourced? - Re- No, rather organizations should for their teams in terms of the tion that week pursued all of terested in it their overall aca- guest Mr. Oscar Fernandez, cruitment can be outsourced consider this time as one of the probability of that person leav- the activities and enjoyed the demic as well as were on hand to present vari- only at the levels where the or- best to hire fresh and smart tal- ing the organization in the next spirit of team work and most of extra-curricular development. ous prizes. ganization is hiring generic ent into the organization as month or three months depend- all had fun. Furthermore, the show was in- profiles across the levels. In after every trough the economy ing on various factors like shift tended to give people a chance - Saman Waseem, Genpact our focus on hiring is goes through a rise. Having timings, salary issues, personal - Saman Waseem, to perform and show off their MBA (Gen) 1st Yr very strong and therefore we said that this would also be a reasons, career growth etc. MBA (Gen) 1st Yr talents. have a separate hiring depart- time to relook at the perform- This gives the manager enough ment completely dedicated to hiring right people for apt jobs. ance parameters and policies but in case the company cleans levies to understand the issue and address the same proac- BUILDING BRANDS THE INDIAN Outsourcing in HR is more successful in processes like the organization too stringently at this time, during the growth tively. Also keeping the em- ployees engaged through WAY (21-09-2009) payroll etc where the process period which follows reces- mentor mentee programs, Jamia Hamdard univeristy Asad Ansari (Head Pana- visibly growing economy- across organizations is more or sion, the organization would be Family Connects, Town halls, (Faculty of management) sonic, defense vertical), Mr. India, and how all the major less same and standardized. in a rat race to hire from any- birthday and anniversary mail- organised a marketing sem- Sanjeev Parashar (Chair- players across the world, where and everywhere. ers provides a personal touch inar, on Building Brands the man prof. IMT), Mr. Kartik want to tap its potential, and 4. What according to you can to the overall experience. Indian Way on 21st Nov Raina (Management con- taste success in this market. be various innovations in 9. Do you think HR has re- '09. The seminar, a collabo- sultant and trainer, Ex-COO Be it Mc Donald's Aloo HR? ally become a cost centre for - Sana Ashraf, rative effort of the of the Dalmia Consumer Care), Tikki Burger or a Domino's The most important innovation any organization? MBA (Gen) 1st Yr young students of MBA Prof. Abad Ahmad(Ex-pres- Paneer Makhani Pizza, in HR is to ensure that each Since HR does not contribute mentored by the very en- ident of AIIMS, Chairman everything is starting to and every process is measura- in the form of direct revenues Editorial Board ble and has a metric around it therefore it is considered as a lightening Professor of mar- Agah Khan Foundation), have an Indian touch. Asgar Ali Shah keting Mr. Shahnawaz and Mr. Ravi Swami- as HR in itself is a very subjec- cost centre by most of the or- tive area and the success of any ganization but there are ways Faiziab Farooqui Abidin, was a stupendous nathan(Prez.HP India). The seminar was a grand organization lies in making it in which HR department of any Parul Bhadoo success. The honorable success as it not only pro- as objective as possible organization can undo the no- Sana Ashraf guests to grace the occas- The seminar was attended vided the insights of the tion. This can be done by Vivek Parashar sion were marketing gurus by the MBA (first and sec- REAL marketing world, 5. How do you ensure to get avoiding any revenue leakage and professors of eminent ond year) students, teachers which is quite different the right person for the right that can be caused by failure to universities, namely Mr. and staff members. All the from the bookish philoso- job? deliver on HR activities like Contributors Anismita Ghosh Mohit Beotra (Head Lowes honourable guests shared phies, to what can be called We ensure this by having crisp ensuring availability of folks at job descriptions in place, en- Advertisement), Mr. Arshad their experiences of the an absolute bequeath of a the right time, ensuring that the Faheem Ahmed suring that the hiring folks un- customer is aware of all the Siddaqui (CMO Hamdard- world of marketing, the wonderful dive in the world Saman Waseem Wakf labs), Mr. Deepankar challenges, the ups and of marketing, through the derstand the business employee related policies in requirements clearly and are advance, being up breast with Mukherjee (Prof. IILM), downs and the latest trends Indian eyes. well equipped to screen the the latest tool in HR field in the Special Thanks Mr.Atif Rehman (Director with the students. The sem- -Sana Ashraf folks to be hired. market, and most importantly Areeb Khan client servicing O&M), Mr. inar focused on the most MBA (Gen) 1st Yr