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  • With developers can focus on building their applications instead of worrying about the hardware infrastructure and software stack required to run these applications. This approach allows IT organizations to build apps faster, with less resources and with no data center impact. The reason this is possible is because provides all of the infrastructure, application and operational service required to build and run enterprise-class business applications. There is no data center to manage … no hardware, storage or network to set up .. No backups or disaster recovery. We take care of all of this for you In addition, we accelerate the development and deployment of your apps by proving many of the common application services or building blocks of enterprise apps (such as user management, workflow, and internationalization) as a service so you don’t have to re-invent the wheel every time you build a new app. And from an operational perspective, we handle all the performance tuning, software patches and updates, backup and disaster recovery. All of this comes as a service and requires zero customer effort or attention. What all this means for you is that you can focus on your specific application requirements, instead of all of the hardware, software and operations required to run it. You focus on what’s unique: the data model, business logic and user interface of your app and we handle the rest.
  • IDC just completed a study of 10 customers and found that on average, developing on was: less than ½ the cost of on-premise Java or .NET, with an average savings of over $500K per app between 4.2 and 6.7 times faster with much lower developer resources needed to build an app, and much higher quality than on-premise apps, with 97% less annual downtime and 60% fewer support calls to the IT helpdesk 2009 IDC study of 10 customers in 7 industries & 3 geos; avg. 2.5 custom apps & 323 users
  • Less than half the cost of traditional app dev platforms No up-front capital expenditure No infrastructure or application maintenance No software upgrade costs Much lower initial implementation costs This is just one example using a software estimation model originally developed by an independent analyst for a customer (we didn’t pay for it). We would be happy to work with you to customize this TCO model for your specific situation and environment…
  • - With Cloud Computing, you get results…Fast - With no IT infrastructure to install, you avoid capital costs and can start using apps immediately With automated upgrades, you don’t have to pay for the latest technology and features, increasing your value does not have per-application fees, so savings increase with more apps; also, as you build more custom apps, you create additional objects, UI elements, and other components which are reusable for future apps, further increasing the productivity benefits of the platform.
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