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Getting Started with Locly Sandbox for Education

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This document guides you through the Locly Sandbox free iOS app, and explains how you can use it to build your own iBeacon projects. Includes how to turn your iPad or iPhone into a beacon in just one tap.

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Getting Started with Locly Sandbox for Education

  1. 1. The cards in this row represent one ‘place’ using the app • Users scroll up and down through the cards to see all the different places nearby • They can scroll left and right through the cards for each place • They can also tap on a card to view more details which is either displayed on the right (iPad) or in a new screen (iPhone). Content in the app is displayed as ‘cards’ HOWTO get started with the locly app ‘Projects’ are listed at the side. tap on this to see the project definitions Projects You may want to associate multiple sets of content to the same beacons. e.g. different information for public, teachers and students visiting a museum. Having ‘projects’ enables you do this. Places A place is normally one beacon e.g. ‘Exhibit A’ in a museum. however, you may want to link multiple places to one beacon e.g. one beacon in a room for exhibits A, B and C. having ‘places’ enables you do this. Cards Content in locly is displayed as cards, which are like pages in a book that can be pinned to a place. You can have multiple cards on each place.
  2. 2. projects side bar settings menu Projects Side Bar when you open the app for the first time you will need to login to see your projects Nearby Shows projects that have been set to be visible when nearby a beacon. All Shows projects that have been set to be visible anywhere. My Projects shows all your projects when logged in. X Beacons Nearby Displays the number of beacons detected by the app. Long press for more information. Login to see your Projects Takes you to the locly login screen. Scan QR Code Tapping this takes you to the device camera.
  3. 3. projects side bar beacons nearby long-press on ‘Beacons Nearby’ tap this icon to copy the list to your clipboard The app automatically detects any beacons that are nearby and you can find out more about them by long-pressing on the ‘Beacons Nearby’ tag.
  4. 4. projects side bar settings menu (logged out) Settings Menu Projects Takes you back to the projects list. Settings Refer to table on the right.... Login Takes you to the locly login screen within the app. Register Take you to the locly registration screen within the app. Settings Scan QR Code Tapping this option will take open the device camera. Clear Cached Data This will erase all data that has been downloaded and stored in the app. Device Settings Takes you out of the app to your device settings in iOS. Beacon Notifications Here you can specify what notifications you can receive via the app. About About the locly app. >
  5. 5. projects side bar logging in There are two ways to login to your locly account from the app: either from the settings menu, or the link under ‘My Projects’ Once logged in the ‘Profile’ option appears in the setting menu. Use this to logout of the app When logged in your projects will appear in the projects side bar
  6. 6. projects side bar create a project (only shown when logged in) You can create a project directly from the app by tapping on the ‘Create a Project’ link. You can edit your projects, create and edit places and create/edit cards directly from the app.
  7. 7. projects side bar options menu (shown when in a project) Once in a project you can find out more about it, and access the project editing screens by tapping on the ‘Options’ menu. The user is given the option to download all the app content to their cache. This is useful if there is limited internet. Options Menu Cache this Project for offline use The option to download all the project contents to the device cache. This is useful if internet connection is limited Scan QR code Tapping this option will take open the device camera About Demo Project Details on the project (as entered into the project editing screen) Edit Project (shown only if logged in) Takes you to the project editing screen
  8. 8. card options menu (only shown when in a card) Once you’ve tapped on a card you will be able to see the card options menu on the right hand side, which you can use to turn your device into a beacon or assign content to a beacon nearby. Options Menu Transmit beacon Lets you transmit all the cards in the place from the device Assign to Beacon Lets you assign the place to a nearby beacon (see next page) Edit Place Takes you directly to the locly edit place screen within the app Edit Card Takes you directly to the locly edit card screen within the app
  9. 9. card options menu: transmit beacon Transmit Beacons Options Transmit Immediate The place will be visible to devices that are next to yours. e.g. small meeting room. Transmit Nearby The place will be visible to devices that are approximately between 5cm and 10 metres. e.g. large conference room or classroom. Transmit Far The place will be visible to devices that are up to approximately 50 metres away. Selecting the transmit beacon option from here will turn your device into a beacon and make the place (not just the card) visible in the locly app on nearby devices.
  10. 10. card options menu: assign to a beacon
  11. 11. card long press If you long-press on any card it will bring up the card option menu. This is a quick way to make your device a beacon, or assign the place to a nearby beacon
  12. 12. HOWTO create a project and test it using the locly app 1. login to locly and create a project in the app •Tap on ‘My Projects’ at the top of the projects side bar •Tap on ‘Login to see your Projects’ and enter your details •Select ‘Create a Project’ and enter the following: ‣Info: Give your project a name, summary and description ‣Media: Upload an avatar (best size 600 x 600px) and project map ‣Advanced: Refer to page 3 of this guide for more details ‣Places: Select ‘Create Place’ 2. create a place and card in the app Place details screen •Give your place a name (this will appear at the top of all cards in this place) •Add a notification if required •Set the visibility as ‘Default’ •Upload an Avatar (best size 400 x 400px) •Select a beacon (note: you can test content in the app without assigning it to a beacon) •Click on ‘Create Card’ and select the card type as ‘Simple’ Card details screen •Give your card a name (this will appear at the bottom of your card) •Select the visibility as ‘Shown’ •Upload a cover image (best size 500 x 600px) •Enter some sample text in the text editor •Upload your files: image, video, audio or widget •Click on the ‘Unpublish’ box to publish your card •Repeat the process to create more cards 3. test •tap on ‘My Projects’ in the Projects Side Bar and you will see your project. you can also tap on the settings menu to login this is the projects side bar