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Policy & Research - PPP DMT

Value proposition

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Policy & Research - PPP DMT

  1. 1. Policy & Research 1. We support the senior leadership to anticipate future challenges and develop strategic policy opportunities 2. We help people develop their skills in policy, research & funding in ways that embody Newham’s values 3. We amplify the impact of Newham’s services & partners through attracting funding, building partnerships and public affairs
  2. 2. 1. We support the leadership to anticipate future challenges & develop strategic opportunities  Anticipate strategic challenges for the borough to help CMT, Cabinet & strategic partners respond to changing scenarios  Work with the Mayor/Cabinet and CMT to develop a forward plan of work  Provide dedicated policy, research, public affairs & funding support to strategies prioritised by the Mayor/Cabinet and CMT
  3. 3. 2. We help people improve their skills in developing strategies in ways that embody Newham’s values  Develop tools, training & networks that improve the ability of services & partners to do policy, research & funding themselves  Develop research prioritised by CMT to help services & partners understand the lives of our communities and impact on inequalities  Lead the design & testing of the participation framework to enable services & partners to improve how they involve communities
  4. 4. 3. We amplify the impact of Newham’s services & partners across the borough and beyond  Develop coalitions that enable Newham to amplify the impact of its activities and play a leading role to influence policy change  Mobilise anchor institutions to use their levers to deliver the borough’s strategic priorities  Improve how we can increase external funding and place-based giving and improve coordination with other local funders
  5. 5. We want to focus our skills where we’re best placed lead or support • We support the senior leadership to anticipate & respond to strategic challenges • We develop tools & training to help services & partners to do policy, research, partnerships, funding themselves • We create platforms for Newham to position itself on its strengths to attract investment & build coalitions for change • We provide dedicated support on Newham’s biggest priorities where we can join up activity to have the greatest impact Self service Capability building Dedicated support
  6. 6. As a new team, we want to develop our offer with you... 1. Discover what strategy skills services are most in need of, prioritise dedicated support we provide and develop strategic approaches 2. Test ways of helping services develop their strategy skills, through strategies we can test improved approaches and org-wide capability 3. Adjust to what we’re learning & testing, embed collaboration with teams & partners and use networks to amplify the impact
  7. 7. How can we best work with you to support the organisation to… Develop its capability to work in a strategic way? Ensure it tackles inequality in everything it does? Use the evidence to adapt & respond to changing needs? Involves communities & partners in everything it does? Deliver the change required from its strategies? Position Newham’s strengths to amplify its impact? Communities Services & Partners PPP