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Planning Models

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Planning Models

  1. 1. Model  A tool to facilitate BS-wide discussion about R&D. It facilitates the dialogue up- front in order to set clear innovation objectives. This assists in anticipating the appropriate resources and competences required. It enables the results to be assessed afterwards in relation to the set objectives.  Provides objectives, categories & levels of R&D Policy Drivers Principles Open Innovation Understand customer needs and involve citizens in design Appraise new technology to Prototype solutions to new business needs
  2. 2. meet new needs Open Public Services Understand customer needs and involve citizens in design Improve collaboration to help redesign services Open up R&D to customers and partners Digital by Default Understand customer needs and involve citizens in design Shift people online Involve customers in testing prototypes Digital Infrastructure Shift people online Make use of existing infrastructure to R&D new solutions Technology Developments Appraise new technology to meet new needs Prototype solutions to new business needs New Public Governance Improve collaboration to help redesign services Open up R&D to customers and partners Public Service Redesign Improve collaboration to help redesign services Prototype solutions that help in service redesign Objectives  Business & Customer  Principles for Investment / Approach / Vision Categories  Visions: Community Outcomes, Public Service, Council, Business Directions  Principles for Investment: Investment, Delivery & Change Approach, Partnerships, Business Systems, Customer Service & ICT Improvement, Security  Approach: Partnership Working, Information, Value for Money, Boosting Productivity, Citizen Outcomes  Architecture: Business, Service, Integration, Infrastructure, Data, Application, Security  Objectives: Increase co-operation and efficiency through shared services, Efficient management of resources, “Keep the lights on”, Deliver new business solutions, Provide a high performing organisation R&D Levels  Adjust, Reconfigure, Redefine  Can it be done, How should it be done, Who should do it  Concept, Prototype, Proposal
  3. 3.  Helps create a profile for an R&D activity  Helps create a portfolio for a set of R&D activities
  4. 4. Process  A tool to visualize the R&D process. It helps oversee the entire process and manage expectations at each gate.  It helps core teams to provide the appropriate deliverables at each gate.
  5. 5. Research Brief  A tool to create the foundation for each gate. It helps core teams to connect all their work in an essential and easy-to-understand format.  Categories from the Model are used in the Research Brief Scoreboard Progress to next gate Description Stop Description Reasons Reasons Evaluation Criteria Progress Requirements Categories  Policy Drivers  Visions  Principles for Investment  Approach  Architecture Challenge Sessions  Project-specific sessions with a facilitator taking place directly after a gate. It helps the core teams to sharpen its objectives, tasks and deliverables. Roadmap  A tool in order to synchronize together how to reach the next gate. It helps the core team to align objectives, tasks and deliverables. It also improves communication towards the rest of the BS team  Same categories and levels from Model are used in Roadmap  Research Brief forms basis for Roadmap  R&D practice helps to define tasks & deliverables in Roadmap Concept TO BY WITH FOR TEAM OBJECTIVES TASKS & DELIVERABLES CATE GORY TH EM E OBJE CTIVE S PROFILE Respo nsibilit y Pri orit y Insi ght s Con cept s Proto types Evalu ation s Prop osals Red efin e Reco nfigur e Adj ust No Cha nge
  6. 6. R&D Strategy The R&D strategy is a tool to specify how research & design can support the corporate strategy. It helps to set a clear scope.
  7. 7. R&D Process The R&D Process is a tool to improve the understanding of the research & design process for colleagues outside the team. It helps to split up the process in understandable tasks and deliverables.  R&D Process steps are used in the Roadmap DNA  A tool to manage the long- term characteristics of a technology theme. These characteristics are translated into concrete R&D guidelines. It helps the team to differentiate between product groups on several dimensions.  Changes in DNA are documented in the Research Briefs  DNA profiles are part of the R&D Strategy R&D Practice  A tool to collect, share and discuss everyday R&D practices amongst the team. It helps colleagues to be more efficient and effective in their daily work.  R&D Practice helps to define design tasks & deliverables in the Roadmap