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How do we navigate uncertainty while trying to shift the systems we work in


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How do we navigate uncertainty while trying to shift the systems we work in

  1. 1. How do we navigate uncertainty while trying to shift the systems we work in? Corina Angheloiu & Louise Armstrong
  2. 2. Introducing Forum for the Future and the School of System Change Forum for the Future2 Forum for the Future (FftF) is a 23-year-old leading global sustainability non-profit. From our offices in the UK, US, Singapore and India we are working to accelerate the big shift to a sustainable future. We work with people, organisations (across foundations, civil society, business) and initiatives to address complex environmental and social challenges. We focus on three key strategies: 1) We innovate solutions through collaboration. 2) We develop and deliver transformational strategies for systems change. 3) We equip people to drive systemic change in practice. We have nurtured the School of System Change to support and coach people and organisations to deliver system change in practice. In the School we focus on making systems approaches applicable in practice to drive the desired impact towards system-wide goals. Our approach is to help people and organisations navigate the emerging field of systems change, to build capacity and to coach them in order to find the appropriate tools and methods for them.
  3. 3. A bit about ourselves...
  4. 4. Purpose of today Today we will… ...Share some reflections on our approach to systems change and the forms of organising & governance supporting this ...Have a conversation about how to navigate uncertainty while seeking to enable systemic shifts.
  5. 5. What is systems change? 5
  6. 6. Our systems are changing at all levels 6
  7. 7. Why a systems approach? A systems approach can: - Enable the development a better analysis of the challenge - systems diagnosis [Understand] - Support strategic decisions making - by better understanding where the leverage to intervene is in the systems and informing decisions [Decide] - Support the design and approach to the interventions one might take [Deliver]
  8. 8. System diagnosis Strategy design: Where might leverage systemic impact? What is the systems change theory of change? Interventions The approach taken to cultivate and catalysing systemic change LEARN ADAPT Objectives Develop an understanding of the elements, relationships, actors and purpose of the system (and the challenges) Define A process of catalysing systems change Understand Decide Deliver
  9. 9. 10 Where systems change is most needed
  10. 10. Some of the projects, initiatives and inquiries we have catalysed
  11. 11. Scotland’s Climate Assembly - Scenarios and future narratives
  12. 12. Exploring systems change tools & models through storytelling
  13. 13. Some lessons and reflections we’ve picked up along the way...
  14. 14. How do we live the change - at all levels
  15. 15. How the world works...the importance of worldviews
  16. 16. Governance as a balancing act between soft and hard
  17. 17. Governance as a balancing act between implicit and explicit forms and structures
  18. 18. Governance as a balancing act between visible and invisible
  19. 19. Mental models Relationships & connections Power dynamics Resource flows Practices Form / way of organsing
  20. 20. Over to you... Based on what you’ve just heard and the moment in time we’re in - What is alive for you, in your work now? What is your intention for the year? What one opportunity do you spot opening?
  21. 21. Find out more: https://www.forumforthefuture.org/investors-in-change
  22. 22. Reports ● Systems change: A field building convening (School of System Change) ● Exploring the new world: Practical insights for funding, commissioning and managing in complexity (Collaborate CIC) ● The Water of Systems Change (FSG) ● Mapping Momentum: A snapshot of the emerging field of systems change (SIG, The Systems Studio) ● Funding Systems Change: Challenges and Opportunities (SIX, SIG, Forum for the Future, The Systems Studio) ● Building Ecosystems for Systems Change (SIG, Oxfam) Toolkits, guides, newsletters ● School of System Change newsletter ● The Systems Studio newsletter ● Systemic Design toolkit ● Systems Grantmaking toolkit ● Systems Thinking workbook, Smart CSOs ● A Systems Leaders Fieldbook, Academy of System Change ● Omidyar Systems Workbook Further capacity building General intro and orientation Acumen Systems Change More specific and deep dive ● Systems sanctuary ● The School of System Change Basecamp Some resources on systems change...
  23. 23. Thank you! Louise Armstrong Inquiries Lead l.armstrong@forumforthefuture.org Corina Angheloiu Principal Design Strategist c.angheloiu@forumforthefuture.org