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How can councils & universities work together - UCL


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How can councils & universities work together - UCL

  1. 1. University-Local Authority Collaboration How UCL and LB Camden are learning to innovate together Michael Reynier Lead, Public Sector & Professions (Business Innovation Partnerships) 13 November 2020
  2. 2. Talking Points Slides on…  About UCL  How things stood  Strategic Intent  Lessons learned  2 Case studies A personal perspective on how a large university and borough are developing their working relationship…
  3. 3. About UCL UCL in words…  A large, multi-faculty university  47,000 students; 14,500 staff  11 faculties; 440 UG programs  Based in Bloomsbury and developing new campus in East London  150+ nationalities UCL in numbers… We work across disciplines to solve the world’s biggest problems… 53% international students 37% international staff £1.2 billion Turnover 2018-19 6th in the world Average of rankings 30 Noble laureates 300,000 alumni In 90+ countries
  4. 4. Vice-Provost (Enterprise and London) Knowledge Exchange Policy & Practice Business Innovation Partnerships Entrepreneurship Engagement & Communication Information & Project management Executive Assistant UCL Innovation and Enterprise To support the application of UCL know-how outside the University & create inspired partnerships… UCLC UCLB
  5. 5. How things stood How would you explain this to the Provost in 2 minutes?
  6. 6. Our strategic intent Engagement Platforms…  Visible – Work on our partners’ challenges (not ours)  Does not constrain existing activity (vines v boughs) A framework for lending focus and visibility to UCL engagement … Flexible…  EP 1: MoU (Camden)  EP 2: Teacher’s Pet (GLA)  EP 3: ?  EP 4: Glimpse (the Professions)
  7. 7. Some things we have learned along the way These may not work for everyone, but it may help to have posed the question…  Know what you want. cf. Innovation networks  Walk together. Gain insight into direction v response-mode  Communicate better. And more frequently. And at all levels  Get leaders onboard. But don’t forget everyone else  Start small, but still be strategic. e.g. Letter of Intent  Have a crisis. OK, better not to (obviously), but it has had an impact
  8. 8. Case Studies Two examples from over 15 cases opened in the last nine months…  Rapid Evaluation & Learning Service  Pro bono IAG from UCL for LB Camden staff around service evaluation  13 cases: ASC, Finance, family support, Impact of Covid on communities, labour market, PICT (housing) etc.  To set things within a shared framework (non-binding!)  Principals for working together  Elements of join working  Governance (joint) REALs MoU
  9. 9. Contact Details MichaelReynier PrincipalPartnershipManager (Public Sector & the Professions) Email: michael.reynier@ucl.ac.uk