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Greenwich Ideas

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Greenwich Ideas

  1. 1. A device that helps the elderly and disabled to make quick easy emergency calls My idea is to create a special device for the elderly. This device will be used in case of emergency. As many retired people around 80 have to live alone without any help, it will be ideal to come up with a very simplified version of a phone. This “phone” will enable them to call close relatives, doctors or 999 with the pressing of a button. As they are not receptive to last minute gadgets, it will look like a remote control with 5 to 7 key buttons which once pressed will direct their calls to important contacts. This idea will primarily help older people who are living at home alone but could also help the disabled. A community based garden to productively use spare time Our idea is an indoor and outdoor community garden where local residents can grow their own fruits and vegetables, acquire new skills and offer afterschool activities to the youth. Training can be included to make jam and provide a platform for people to sell it. It would benefit everyone in the local area, people with free time will have something productive to do and outside parties will be able to buy the local produce. Most of the technology involved would be through advertisement, introducing the idea to people through the use of tablets. SMS updates of garden state can be distributed to growers to keep them updated, and an app for taking produce orders could be designed. This would help acknowledge the demand for jam, and create a small community based business. Local Newspaper Creator My idea is to create a digitally uploaded newspaper that the community works towards and shares between themselves. Articles produced would come directly from the local community and the borough councils to try and share information between residents in the local area. A Facebook page would be created to inform all the members of production dates and give residents a platform to put forward their own stories. This idea would help nearly all members of a community and would be both easy to download and to upload to. This would allow residents to share their opinions and ideas and involve the entire community. Stories could be voted on by residents to allow more important/interesting stories to be shared more thoroughly. Easy Investor My idea is a website that helps to invest in shares and find ISA‟s, finding the best deals for the time and alerting them when a new opportunity is about and its rates have changed. Gives basic help and information for those willing to „Do it yourself‟. It would help people interested and used to investing in shares and looking to invest in an ISA, and have an interest in doing it for themselves. It would be a simple layout, easy to compare and contrast differences in prices and all payable through the website through direct debit. Find and keep track of how their money is improving. People would create an account, go online and go through comparisons for share shows trends; if they wish to buy a share or ISA can be done through direct debit, with a small fee. Then the phone app can help them keep track of their shares and what their money is doing. The account they own would also have an online balance to make transactions easier. An app which provides you with useful information for your area My idea is an application that pulls information from local news websites and allocates certain categories to them. Only the news stories with the categories you are interested in will be displayed on your app; and only local stories will be shown. This idea will help residents of the area as they will be a little more aware of what is going on in their community but not have to wade through the massive amount of news they don't care about. The location or postcode would be found through GPS and the app will be able to tailor the news stories received from that information alone. If you travel to a new area you will have the choice of gathering the local interesting news stories or using a recently used postcode. The app would be on the Smartphone.
  2. 2. Free Social Zone My idea is to create a special place for all people from a neighbourhood; a relaxing, cosy space that will also be online in order to make public the meetings, and to involve young and older people. It would help to bring the community together and organise events within the area. Announcements about online meetings will be sent by email to all who have signed up to the neighbourhood space. On the space they will be able to talk about their own needs, the events in the city, the facilities that they found good to implement in the neighbourhood. Software to helps youth learn the importance of education My idea is to build a centre where a lot of activities could be gathered together in the same place without having to travel a lot, since the communities may have low income or their own cars. Therefore in this centre, the facilities you can find would be: an IT room, workshop, health centre, library and rooms to teach with entertainment rooms also. It would help face-to-face interaction in the community, help finding a job and would create new jobs through opening the centre. Users of the centre would have to register by going to the secretary and filling in a form. They will then be given an ID so they can have access to any facilities inside the centre. Parents should take care of their children to gain relatively high educational background to be successful in their future life. Children are supposed to change family history of a poor educational knowledge. It would help children, parents, and the government will lower unemployment rate. Children can earn achievements and can use any new PC version. At the point when they earn their first money they can buy any iPhone. They will be authorised to apply for a well-paid job position and achieve their goals. A Social/Sport centre that's held together by an off-site application My idea is to build a sports/social centre, where people will be able to gather together to chat and share ideas, while improving their health. The centre will help to build friendships via face to face interaction. The centre will represent the idea of helpful employees and encouraging leaders within the groups and meetings. It will primarily help people that need contact with others of the same age and interests. The centre will incorporate a lot of group work. An app will be created, for people to be able to communicate outside the centre and keep in touch. Moreover, the app will have functions like making appointments for different groups and being able to chat via the app with people within the centre. People will gather together, talking about the topics they really care and worry about, at the same time improving their health and social skills. Community Club My idea is to create a community social club with a golf course, a gym and networking events. It would help more residential middle aged people. It would allow them to interact with one another face to face and have the opportunity to have fun together. Local Health Organisation My idea is an organisation which looks after the health of the people there, like regular check-ups and treating them regularly if they are suffering from any disease. That organisation would charge them very little so that they are attracted to that and this will therefore help the people using them and live healthy. It would help people living in that area who are not well and healthy and want to cure themselves. Technology would make things go faster and smarter. Could be more reliable. An app could also be created which would help people to know whether they need a health check-up. A natural supplement to help improve immunity My idea is to offer a full package of how to be healthy and even make some money. Develop a natural supplement that will raise immunity. Offering health education classes and private psychology sessions. As a target to make the mind, body and soul healthier. The clients can make money because the system will be MLM. The people would get a better understanding of how the human body works and how to have a healthier life. The technology would work buy cultivating, producing, export, importing, depositing and distributing. It would be used a food supplement.