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Eresearch strategies

  1. NUF: Electronic Information Research Prof. Linda Rath Graduate Services Librarian [email_address] 646.312.1622
  3. Searching a database How many records do we find using the search terms below? (Exercise 3)
  4. Demonstration: Searching a database Try again, using different keywords from your list. How many records now? (Exercise 4)
  5. Boolean Logic Exercises Fields/segments Proximity searching, within 3 words of each other Exercise 5: Changing Fields and Proximity
  6. Boolean Logic Exercises Exercise 6: Changing Fields and Truncation
  7. Searching a database Click on the “Find it!” button to see if the full-text can be found in another Newman Library database.
  8. Searching a database You can limit your search results to “Scholarly” or “Peer Reviewed.” PAIS International database Academic Search Complete database