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advertising in the programmatic age

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Be2see marketing automation & kumma media math

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advertising in the programmatic age

  1. 1. +972.50.7171757 ran@kumma.com Ran Li-or, CMO
  2. 2. Hi, We're Kumma A Programmatic Media Agency
  3. 3. Digital media across all Channel and platform AboutUs
  4. 4. AboutUs
  5. 5. 67% The use of software to automate and optimize digital media buying
  6. 6. confidential© All rights reserved to Kumma 2013 Direct Ad Buying (CPM) Potential customersNon relevant users Programmatic Media Buying (eCPM)
  7. 7. Targeting � 1st 2nd and 3rd party Data Pixels � Audience � Contextual � Vertical � Specific Domain � Creative type � Creative size � Fold position � Viewability � Geo Retargeting � 1st party Event Pixels DMPs
  8. 8. A user visits a webpage The exchange announces available bid to DSP The Exchange auctions all the qualified bids Winning advertiser’s AD server serves ad The DSP evaluates advertiser’s targeting and bid for matches
  9. 9. Real time bidding Private Market Place Programmaticguarantied Header Bidder DMP Publisher Ad server Bots SSP DSP Optimization Performance Viewability Targeting Retargeting WhiteList Black list Personalization Transparency Inventory Directdeal Exchanges Bid Journey Placements Trading Impression Ad VTR RTB Win rate Demand Auction Auction eCPM Data Prospecting
  10. 10. Elements of Success  Rich Audience Data  Inventory  Targeting  Ad serving
  11. 11. A direct connection to two of the world's leading advertising technologies for complete coverage of all display touch points °
  12. 12. � over 3.5 Trillion monthly impressions, globally � 10 datacenters around the world � Activate data, automate execution and optimize across all addressable media Over 80 billion global monthly impressions Video mobile supply - up to 10B impressions daily Mobile 1st and 3rd party data across FBX Social Over 100 billion global daily impressions Display Market pioneers - ranked #1 by Forrester research
  13. 13. Not Exhaustive http://open.mediamath.com/partners Exchanges & SSP’s Video PrivateMarketplace Automated Guaranteed Mobile Ad Serving Social Audience Targeting Analytics & Attribution Ad Verification CreativeVisibility Dynamic Creative Brand Safety Note: The above is not exhaustive of all MediaMath partnerships. Over 450 technology, media and data partners
  14. 14. Consumer Goods Retail Technology TelCo Travel& Leisure Financial Services Auto Media and Entertainment A G E N C I E S H O L D I N G C O M P A N I E S Other B R A N D S
  15. 15. T1 allows clients to easily activate online and offline 1st party data for targeting, such as pixels on a site, or CRM offline data FULL AUDIENCE VIEW (FAV)ACTIVATING 1ST PARTY DATA BRAIN VISUALIZATION An exclusive capability powered by Akamai, FAV allows client to supplement pixel-based data collection on their site, in order to enable 100% data capture Providing clients transparencyinto how the Brain algorithm values RTB impressions for your campaigns Activating advanced attribution models from 3rd party partners, and feeding that into MediaMath’s brain to optimize your real-time bidding DYNAMIC CREATIVECLOSED-LOOP ATTRIBUTION MINIMIZE AD COLLISION Engaging consumers in an individualized way, dynamically alter the variables of your creative in real- time Ability to minimize instances of ads for the same advertiser appearing on the same page Find and purchase private exchange and automated guaranteeddeals -- accessing inventory, deals, and recommendations from your favorite supply sources PRIVATE MARKETPLACESDEAL DISCOVERY AUTOMATED GUARANTEED Allows buyers to run direct and Private Exchange deals directly in T1, applying all benefits of RTB (frequencycapping, budget allocation, etc..) to specific publisher buys Provides access to premium inventory across key portals and sites on a reserved buy basis – ahead of the open exchange and private marketplaceexchange Allows marketers to execute and manage buys across both the Facebook Exchange and Facebook Marketplace, leveraging Facebook data, 1st party data, or 3rd party data for targeting TWITTERFACEBOOK APPLE iAD Execute, manage, and optimize your Twitter ad campaigns, including the capability to create Twitter Tailored audiences from your 1st and 3rd party data Run iAd campaigns to reach and engage consumers within mobile apps on Apple devices
  16. 16. Better control over your media spend and campaign’s performance Efficient Centralized Management Creative Control Data Accountability Data Ownership Performance Based Optimization Real Time Stats Insights Across Your Entire Operation Quick and Efficient Transaction Scaling Automation and Workload Efficiency Unified Campaign Reporting We put the power of online media back where it belongs, in your hands!
  17. 17. Local reseller More than 10 billion monthly impressions 50+ Exchanges
  18. 18. Audience Management
  19. 19. You Can Have Lots of Data and Still Suck at Marketing The key to being successful with data is how you understand, manage and activate it
  20. 20. Desire for seamless and integrated experience across channels For brands to know and understand them To receive personalized and timely information, service, and promotions Customers have ever-increasing expectations for personalization
  21. 21. Marketers struggle to know and understand those very same consumers
  22. 22. Create & Analyze Audiences Activate Audiences Onboard Mobile Social 3rd Party Data Search Site In-store/ CRM 2nd Party Data Display Display Mobile Call Center Email Social Site Opto Marketers have turned to data management platforms to organize the chaos
  23. 23. Static & inflexible audience snapshots High loss & latency Incomplete understanding of the consumer Display Mobile Call Center Email Social Site Opto Mobile Social 3rd Party Data Search Site In-store/ CRM 2nd Party Data Display Critical inefficiencies that cause missed opportunities, irrelevant consumer engagement, and ultimately lower performance
  24. 24. Understand 100% of the audiences and act when it matters, in real-time
  25. 25. Complete Audience Recognition  Flexible onboarding (direct S2S, CRM, MarTech)  Embedded ConnectedID cookieless & cross-device technology  Best-in-class advanced analytics with IQ Dynamic Real-Time Audiences  Segments retroactively populate as they are defined and re-defined  Real-time adaptive segments always fresh, accurate & immediately actionable  Granular data storage for more flexible definition & control Integrated Execution  Zero loss, zero latency – one click to activate segments  Richer audience data set for segmentation, analysis & planning  Simplified workflow –one UI, one pixel & unified reporting  Lower cost vs. competitive solutions
  26. 26. Never been to site Stage 1 Site/affiliate behaviors 3rd party/ modelled audiences Media behaviors Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 Creative Execution Branding creative rotation Soda enthusiasts In-store / Event promotion creative Purchased competitor’s product Browsed sponsored content Lookalikes Saw 4 prospecting ads within 5 days on any device Sponsored event landingpage Saw 2 stage 2 ads within 24 hours on phone Used in-ad store locator Loyalty program promo campaign AND OR IF IF IF OR OR IF Dynamic creative based on product category OR THEN SHOW THEN SHOW THEN SHOW THEN SHOW
  27. 27. 1. BE THERE Create segments that adapt to the customer’s behavior,enabling decisionsbased on real-time signals and not static rule sets. These signals come from:  Web properties and media interactions  CRM, includingPOS data  The wider businessecosystem (third party data) 2. BE RELEVANT Activate those segments immediately in the same platform  Integrate executionwithout the need to sync with external data or media channels,eliminating latency and maximizing relevance  Dynamically optimize creatives and on-site experiences 3. DYNAMICALLY ADAPT Measure, iterate and optimize based on outcomes  Learn and adjust segment definitionson the fly with no loss in reach  Respond quickly to new insights  Drive performance at scale Dynamic Integrated Solution Audience Management Media Management
  28. 28. Better understand your audiences Target precisely & deliver relevant messaging Improve performance & reduce waste Take control of your valuable data assets
  29. 29. confidential© All rights reserved to Kumma 2013 &
  30. 30. Strengthen the Dialogue Beyond Your IBM Marketing Cloud Emails Use your first party data and behavioral data from IBM Marketing Cloud and make it actionable by exporting those audiences for retargeting across additional channels such as display, mobile, social, and video. Create a Consistent Customer Dialogue Online and Offline with IBM Engage Mobile Leverage audience behaviors from in store to improve the cadence of digital communications to your customers. Bolster Offer Optimization With Cross-Channel Media By integrating the power of IBM Interact and T1, you can strengthen and broaden your presence throughout the customer journey. Reach Your Customers When They're Most Inclined to Buy Leverage the power of Silverpop’s email and push campaigns and MediaMath’s paid media execution to make customer journey insights actionable by driving inclined customers to conversion events.
  31. 31. ! kumma.com