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Marcus Bussey: Issues that are emerging

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Marcus Bussey: Issues that are emerging

  1. 1. Issues that are emergingHow to get an overview of the program?How to improvise a working program?How to link to local context? How to teach it for this context?Context specific issues: lack of energy; skills for teachers; technological skillsNeed for a program for schools that take these issues and opportunities to young children.Prevention is better than cure. How to save the young people from the mistakes of their elders? How tobypass past mistakes? How to get deeply in touch with nature?How to get spiritually connected with ourselves and nature?The interface between a great program and the realities on the groundNeed to think more …Difficulties to move from one stage (social) to anotherNeed for different kinds of communications – tend to focus on IT and loose some of other importantways of communicatingIdentify emerging needs for older forms of communicationRelationship with Mother Earth: mirrors how we relate to each other. If Earth is a resource then we tendto look at humanity also as a resource.Different kinds of needs and who is control of these. Communications in the name of efficiency. Do welose the possibility for reflection and connectedness in this? We do not see technology as the sole wayfor communicating.There are different forms of communication so technology is a tool. We must create other spaces forrational and irrational to allow us to get closer. The world is fragmented and we have fragmentedknowledge too. How to make a whole spirit of it in the Cosmos and to our local reality/context.Integration of the synthetic and the analytic – both have a place in human affairs. To move forward weneed to synthetic approach for collaboration and relationship; to ground this we need the analytic as ithelps us understand context and ground our work.Energy – physical for IT etc; intellectual – the ideas we use; empathic – relational is embodied. The roleof interpretation in effective (whole) communication)
  2. 2. Lot of potential here in this group – we must ensure not to lose the opportunityWe need to study the past to engage the futureLet’s maximize the impact of this platformNeed for less developed contexts to find a away to keep pace with others in the network(technology/energy again)There is not one model for communication – humility, play, openness, trust are needed. Slow time isimportant – patienceCommunicating beyond wordsWe are at the beginning of a global activity that will have a positive impact for all the world not justSweden. This is a global party – organize a feedback mechanism for this groupResearch the difference between countries to give information on custom, attitude, history, naturalenvironment, values etc…We must study for understanding each other – we think more alike than differently. This is a surprisebut also a good discoveryThere is an economy of relationships and we need to be able to be inclusive enough to manage thedifferencesThis is a good start to a way of being that is relational and built on deepening our understanding ofcommunication