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HATCH! OPEN. #10 - Big Five Personality Traits

HATCH! OPEN. #9 brings to the discussion this Saturday, April 6th, an interesting topic: the Big Five Personality Traits, delivered by Mr. Anthony Summers from British University Vietnam. These are the five broad dimensions of personality used to describe a human personality.
We believe that by understanding yourself and a part of the teammates' characteristics, a team would have the most suitable way to coordinate and together achieve the goals.

For further information, please visit at: http://www.hatch.vn/7/post/2013/04/hatch-open-9-the-big-five-personality-traits.html

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HATCH! OPEN. #10 - Big Five Personality Traits

  1. 1. What is personality ? Presented by Anthony Summers (Mr.) in association with
  2. 2. in association with
  3. 3. PSYCHOMETRICS “other personality test”MBTI Belbin Team RolesFive Strengthfactors Development Inventory in association with
  4. 4. in association with
  5. 5. The Big Five Personality Traits• The Big Five dimensions are considered important in determining the behaviors of individuals in the workplace• Based on a taxonomy of traits• Follows the normal distribution model: O-C-E-A-N – Openness – Conscientiousness – Extraversion – Agreeableness – Negative emotionality (Neuroticism) in association with
  6. 6. Morality Trust Altruism AgreeablenessCooperation Sympathy Modesty in association with
  7. 7. OrderlinessSelf-Efficacy Dutifulness ConscientiousnessSelf-Discipline Cautiousness Achievement-Striving in association with
  8. 8. AngerAnxiety Depression Negative EmotionalitySelf-Consciousness Vulnerability Immoderation in association with
  9. 9. GregariousnessFriendliness Assertiveness Extraversion Activity Level Excitement- Seeking Cheerfulness in association with
  10. 10. Artistic InterestsImagination Emotionality OpennessAdventurousness Intellect Liberalism in association with
  11. 11. The Big Five Personality Traits• Summary• ‘Reality’ driven not facilitator driven• Follows the normal distribution model• More ‘critical/judgmental’ than MBTI/Belbin/SDI• The Five Traits recognised as an important & useful framework in association with
  12. 12. The Big Five Personality Traits High Agreeableness Agreeableness Low Agreeableness High Conscientiousness Conscientiousness Low Conscientiousness+ High Negative Emotionality High Extraversion Negative Emotionality Extraversion Low Negative Emotionality Low Extraversion - High Openness Openness Low Openness in association with
  13. 13. The Big Five Personality Traits Questions, Comments?Take a test at:http://www.personal.psu.edu/j5j/IPIP/ipipneo120.htm in association with