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Once upon a time

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Kim's Annotated Bibliogrphy
Kim's Annotated Bibliogrphy
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Once upon a time

  1. 1. Once Upon a Time Big Book Collection October 2017-April 2018
  2. 2. Hamrun S.S Kinder 1 Conclusion: Pirates in Pyjamas We hosted this story in October 2017. It was the very first story of the whole project and we met a lot of opportunities to interact together and collaborate well for the first time. During this story we were able to learn about how one can responsible citizens especially while preparing of bed time. This was possible through bubble bath routines, dressing and undressing pyjamas and much much more. Here are some photos we managed to collect from our first adventure.
  3. 3. Hamrun S.S
  4. 4. Author: Dalia Janulčikienė
  5. 5. Author:Fatma METE
  6. 6. Author: Rosabel Grau
  7. 7. Author: Kinga Koszewska
  8. 8. Author: Oana Pop
  9. 9. Author: Ambra Coccia
  10. 10. Author: Barbara TRIVELLI
  11. 11. Author: GLIKERIA MARKOY,
  12. 12. Author: Banu Kan
  13. 13. Author: Voltisa Qirici
  14. 14. Author: JÚLIA KOVÁCS
  15. 15. Ourstory is titled: The Glove. Written by: Varga Katalin Brief description: This story is a glossy, fu zzy, warm furry glove that was lost in the forest. The little animals in the woods found it and moved into it. The mouse moved in thumb, the blue titmouse in the index finger, the frog in the middle finger, the stag-beetle in the ring, the ant in the little finger. These animals, after they moved, began to work. Everyone with his job. After work, they prepared their lunch. After they ate, they rested, then began to sing. Each on your favorite tool. In the evening they ate dinner, then strolled by the river. After this walk, they gathered in the palm of their glove to have some more fun. At ten o'clock they said good night and went to bed. Author: JÚLIA KOVÁCS
  16. 16. Hamrun S.S Kinder 1 Conclusion: The Glove In this story we met 5 animals from a forest where there they found a lost glove. This one glove gave us such memories but mostly it gave a place to shelter for the animals in need. We learnt all about music instruments, different jobs, different types of animals, season, cold and warmth and much much more. Here is the story as posted to us by our friends from Targu Mures in Romania.
  17. 17. Author: Kinga Koszewska
  18. 18. Author: Dalia Janulčikienė
  19. 19. Author: LITSA GAZIOTOU
  20. 20. Author: JÚLIA KOVÁCS
  21. 21. Author: Rosabel Grau
  22. 22. Author: GLIKERIA MARKOY
  23. 23. Author: Barbara TRIVELLI
  24. 24. Author: Voltisa Qirici
  25. 25. Author: Banu Kan
  26. 26. Author: Oana Pop
  27. 27. Author of Short story Ptolemaida, Greece!. We are present our story, which will host in December2017. Tittle:Kalo and Marbo (traditional women names) Author:Actually we don't know the person who wrote this story.It's a tale which people used to tell each other at nights, in winter, infront of the fireplace. Short description:kalo and Marbo was sisters, Kalo was very beautiful and kind, Marbo was moody and bad- mannered.They lived in a small village with their mother.A day before Christmas flour was run out so Kalo willingly went to the mill.The owner of the windmill had lots to do ....time passed... and the poor girl stays out in the dark night.Goblins (kalikantzaroi in Greek) surrounded the little girl....The goblins wanted to take her as wife for their leader.When Kalo realised that, she said: I can't be bride for your master wearing this old dress! Goblins went away but soon return with a fabullus dress! Then Kalo asked for shoes...goblins gave her beautiful shoes, then she asked for jewellers.... The time had already passed and a cock crowed!Goblins are afraid of sunlight, so when they heard the cock they dissapeared!Kalo took the gifts (the dress, the shoes....)and went home. Marbo, was very jealous of her sister and decided to go to the mill.When she met the goblins she was very rude and asked for gifts.Her words angered goblins and covered her with flour. Marbo went home floured from top to toes...but she learns her lesson, she was sweet and kind....
  28. 28. Hamrun S.S Kinder 1 Conclusion: Kallo and Marbo These two sisters came on time during the Christmas season and it helped students understand good vs bad morals and values. Our favourite character was of course Kallo who was so nice and gentle however the goblin king was also loved by every child especially when they tricked Marbo. This story showed us how to be more nice towards others just in time for Christmas season.
  29. 29. Hamrun S.S
  30. 30. Author: JÚLIA KOVÁCS
  31. 31. Author: Barbara TRIVELLI
  32. 32. Author:LITSA GAZIOTOU
  33. 33. Author: Voltisa Qirici
  34. 34. Author: Dalia Janulčikienė
  35. 35. Author: Fatma METE
  36. 36. Author: GLIKERIA MARKOY
  37. 37. Author: Banu Kan
  38. 38. Author: Rosabel Grau,
  39. 39. Short story description: Enjoy our tale called The Criticism Of Men The people in Turkey are very familiar with the jokes and stories of Nasreddin Hodja. Since their childhood, people have been hearing these jokes all along. They are part of the Turkish culture. The whole thing began with a man called Nasreddin Hodja who has lived in central Turkey, in the small town called Aksehir. The jokes were part of his daily life and they became accepted and welcomed by the public since his time. He was a man with great humor, he was very clever and had an answer to almost all the problems and the dilemmas of his time. Even today, about 600 years after he has lived and passed away, people in Turkey still laugh and think about his tricks, common sense, anecdotes and ingeniousness. Nasr-ed-Din means "Victory of Faith", Hodja means the "Master" or "Teacher". He has received this honorable title later in his life. Today these jokes belong to Turkish people and the world. His stories reflect not only his life as a native of Anatolia but also his time and the life of the Turkish people living at that time in Anatolia. His jokes and stories are told today by the people of different countries and his jokes have been translated to many languages. Author: Banu Kan
  40. 40. Hamrun S.S Kinder 1 Conclusion: The Criticism of Men During this story students enjoyed making up their own choices and expressed opinions. They also learnt that any decision they take might have consequences being both positive and negative but taking a stand of what they believe in is the most important thing because it is impossible to please everyone in life. They enjoyed the character Hodja and made up own conclusions of what he might have done with his son.
  41. 41. Author: GLIKERIA MARKOY
  42. 42. Author: Barbara TRIVELLI
  43. 43. Author: Banu Kan
  44. 44. Author: Dalia Janulčikienė
  45. 45. Author: Voltisa Qirici
  46. 46. Author: JÚLIA KOVÁCS
  47. 47. Author: LITSA GAZIOTOU
  48. 48. We are the 1st Kindergarten of Prosotsani-Greece We are present our story, which will host in February 2018. Title:The golden balloon Author: Athanasia Gaitanidou Short description:each one of us is special and is worth a lot! Author: LITSA GAZIOTOU
  49. 49. Hamrun S.S Kinder 1 Conclusion: The Golden Balloon Thanks to this story we all learnt that being different is special, unique and most importantly OK. The favourite character of this story was the clown and being that this story was hosted during Carnival season the students had ample fun dressing up as a clown themselves and let their emotions run wild. Expressing emotions in such manner was both enriching and fun thanks to the Golden Balloon itself.
  50. 50. Author: Barbara TRIVELLI
  51. 51. Author: JÚLIA KOVÁCS
  52. 52. Author: LITSA GAZIOTOU
  53. 53. Author: Kinga Koszewska
  54. 54. Author: Dalia Janulčikienė
  55. 55. Author: Voltisa Qirici
  56. 56. Author: Zübeyde BAGLAN
  57. 57. Short Description: Rumours are flying around that after the book "Kake Make and the Elf of Mess" was published, all kids learned and got used to being tidy. The book tells a story about a naughty girl named Kornelija, who nicknames herself Kake Make. This little mischief hates being tidy, so her grandmother tells a story about the Elf of Mess who visits such stubborn children at night and tidies up their toys scattered around the whole room. One night Kake Make wakes up and sees that mystical Elf who is tidying away her things and putting them into his bag. The girl decides to follow the Elf and climbs up the ladder after him to the Moon and gets into his secret shed. In that place the little Kake Make has to fulfill some tasks (and the young readers are also encouraged to engage in this process!). Of course, one of the most important tasks is to put all things scattered around into places they belong to. When all challenges are completed, the girl wakes up in her room - the room where all her yous are placed neatly on the shelves. But that is not the end of the story. The last page is dedicated to parents - the other night, the Elf of Mess carrying his special bag appears in the parents' bedroom and is highly determined to tidy everything up. Author: Dalia Janulčikienė
  58. 58. Hamrun S.S Kinder 1 Conclusion: Ka ke Make and the Elf of Mess Another fun and well planned story where students enjoyed creating a mess and also learnt the responsibilities of cleaning up after themselves. Not only was cleaning up fun but it was made educational too by learning how to sort and how to group items together. The students enjoyed making puppets of KAKE herself and engaged in play even during cleaning up! This story helped us become responsible citizens thanks to this little girl and her little elf.
  59. 59. Hamrun S.S
  60. 60. Author: Dalia Janulčikienė
  61. 61. Author: GLIKERIA MARKOY,
  62. 62. Author:Kovacs Julia
  63. 63. Author: LITSA GAZIOTOU
  64. 64. Author: Voltisa Qirici
  65. 65. Author: Delfina Bomkowska
  66. 66. Author: Barbara TRIVELLI
  67. 67. Short brief: Hello dear etwinning friends! In April we are going to be hosting the story "Have you filled a bucket today?" by Carol Mc Cloud The story explains that everyone has an invisible bucket, if it is full we are happy, if it is empty we are not. So it teaches children to be kind "bucket fillers", and to treat each other with respect. APRIL: Escola Mestres Munguet Cortés - Vilanova del Vallès (Barcelona)
  68. 68. Hamrun S.S Kinder 1 Conclusion: Have you filled a bucket today? Our final story was so interesting that it reminded us every day about the good and negative things we did throughout the day. It helped students understand better how someone feels when they are not nice to them and how it feels vice versa. We mostly learnt about bullying and how we can help others and make others happy rather than making others feel sad. We did a lot of good deeds and our bucket kept filling up beautifully daily.
  69. 69. Hamrun S.S
  70. 70. Author: Dalia Janulčikienė
  71. 71. Aurthor: LITSA GAZIOTOU
  72. 72. Author: GLIKERIA MARKOY
  73. 73. Author by: Voltisa Qirici
  74. 74. Author: JÚLIA KOVÁCS
  75. 75. Author: Barbara TRIVELLI
  76. 76. Author: Banu Kan
  77. 77. Author: Rosabel Gr
  78. 78. Other stories from E-Twinning Partners
  79. 79. Hacivat & Karagoz Author: Fatma METE
  80. 80. Moles Best Christmas Author: Ruth Vella
  81. 81. Father Christmas needs a Wee Author: Ruth Vella
  82. 82. Author: ZEHRA TOPAL ALTINDİŞ
  83. 83. Author: Voltisa Qirici
  84. 84. The End