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2013 03 food sense

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2013 03 food sense

  1. 1. Food $en$e – April 2013 A program of the Food Bank of Central New YorkFood $en$e offers everyone the opportunity to There are no income requirements! If you eat,stretch their food budget dollars by purchasing you can get Food $en$e!quality and delicious food units at a discount—notto mention the great specials available! Food $en$e is NOT a federal, state or local gov- ernment program. It is NOT part of any social ser-Everyone is eligible to purchase food from vice agency or any religious organization.Food $en$e, including senior citizens, college stu-dents, singles, disabled, shut-ins, working and mili- It is NOT a hand-out! Food $en$e is a Helpingtary families. Hand! How do you purchase food from Food $en$e?Register and pay in advance for your unit at Faith Pick up your food unit Thursdays at WatertownFellowship Church or the Watertown Urban Mis- Urban Mission, 247 Factory St. Bring your receiptsion. On Distribution Day you can sign up for the with you. If you are unable to pick up your unit,following month. give the receipt to a friend or relative to pick up for you. Contact us if you have an emergency.Pay $15.50 in cash or Food Stamps (EBT). Morethan one unit can be purchased. In addition to the Food must be picked up on time. Food notbasic food “unit,” special items are available for picked up on Distribution Day will be donated to thepurchase also. Many customers find the food is Faith Fellowship and Watertown Urban Missionworth approx. $25-35! Food Pantries. There will be NO refunds or credits given on food not picked up!You are not obligated to order every month, but you are encouraged to enjoy the Food $en$e savings! Order and pay by Friday, April 12~ Distribution on Thursday, April 25 ~ 3:00 –4:00 Register from 9:00 am – 12 noon Projected Food Sense List – I Unit $15.50 Watertown Urban Mission 247 Factory Street, Watertown, NY Meatballs, 1 lb. Spaghetti, 1 lb. or Bnls. Chicken breast, 1lb. Spaghetti sauce, 26 oz. Faith Fellowship Church Italian sausage, 1lb. Frozen spinach, 10 oz. 131 Moore Avenue, Watertown, NY Breaded veal patties, 12 oz. Peaches, 15 oz. Frozen pizza, 15 oz. Fresh produce For more information: Fresh eggs, 1 doz. Fresh produce Anita Ciulo @ 782-8440 Deborah Wiley @ 782-4421 Philadelphia Area This Month’s Specials are: Rick Pickert @ 523-4012 Dave Fleming @ 642-6115 1. Boneless Pork loin, 7.5 lbs. for $17.00 Pastor Dave @ 642-3204 2. Boneless Beef bottom round pot roast, 2.5 lbs. for $9.50 3. Chicken tenders, 10 lbs. for $14.00 Redwood Area 4. 3 oranges, 3 pears, 3 apples, grapes, 5 lbs. for $10.00 Kathy Nelson @486-4992 5. French fries, 5 lbs. for $3.50 Reverend Webb @ 486-4598 6. Chicken wings, 2.5 lbs. for $5.00 7. Stouffer’s tuna noodle casserole, 5 lbs. for $11.75 Antwerp Area Ed Montgomery @ 783-7527