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11 tips for publishing on LinkedIn

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Grab a cuppa, and take a few minutes in your
working day to invest in your professional brand.

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11 tips for publishing on LinkedIn

  1. 1. Elevenses 11 top tips for publishing on LinkedIn Remember your audience Who are you writing for? Consider your industry peers and potential clients and target your content accordingly.2 Be authentic. Keep it professional, but human. Most importantly - be yourself. Posts that are authentic are more relatable to the public, and encourage interaction.3 Focus on content that engages, informs, educates and/or entertains Post content that is relevant and has purpose. There’s an incredible amount of noise online today so make your words count. 4 Use eye catching images and impactful headlines Give people a reason to click on your post by embedding images, YouTube videos, and Slideshare presentations. Headlines should have an intriguing hook as you only have a few seconds to grab a reader's attention.  5 Define your narrative Decide what topics you want to write about and be known for. This will help your posts resonate more with readers and drive more interaction.1 Grab a cuppa, and take a few minutes in your working day to invest in your professional brand.
  2. 2. Write in a way that invites conversation Before publishing, work with colleagues and personal connections to get feedback and different views on your content. Ask questions to encourage your readers to weigh in. 6 Keep on top of hot topics Write posts on the issues being discussed in your industry, pop culture or the news to garner interest and discussion and be sure to add in your own opinion and relevant experience.   7 Always attribute – give credit wherever and whenever you can Use links liberally but be sure to cite sources and images - linking to a source will also help confirm the validity of your content. 8 Extend your reach - leverage your personal and corporate social media channels Share your posts with your network and talk to your social media team about posting content through your company's channels. This will drive views and engagement. 9 Follow LinkedIn Channels & Publishers to gain additional insight into your industry Get fresh off the press content and tips by engaging with LinkedIn channels in Pulse. Following Influencers and other publishers in your industry will provide additional inspiration.  10 Don't wait for the perfect iteration Publishing for the first time can seem daunting, If you have a great idea, write the post and set it live - you can use feedback and comments to inspire your next post. 11