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5 Tips for Landing Your Dream Job

For more tips, sign up for a free LinkedIn job search webinar: http://learn.linkedin.com/jobseeker

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5 Tips for Landing Your Dream Job

  1. 1. 5 Tips for Landing Your Dream JobFrom actual LinkedIn members who found theirs
  2. 2. Recruiters are using LinkedIn as theirprimary source of recruiting passivecandidates, and the more informationyou have on your profile, the better.Jen Glawe, LinkedIn member
  3. 3. Research the company as much as you can- check out their page on LinkedIn…UseLinkedIn to find someone in your networkwho knows someone at the company…andask for an introduction.Greg Devine, LinkedIn member
  4. 4. Make your profile reflect aspects ofprevious jobs you want to keep (or returnto) doing…leave out the parts you wouldntwant to do again. That way prospectiveemployers can “match” you better topositions they have available.Jeff Grover, LinkedIn member
  5. 5. Write customized cover letters for each jobyou apply to. Employers DO read each andevery one. Cover letters will make youstand out.Emma Chao, LinkedIn member
  6. 6. My favorite job search tips are seeking outhiring managers and decision makersthrough the use of InMail and following upwith personal notes and phone calls.Andy Bailer, LinkedIn member
  7. 7. For more tips, sign up for a free LinkedIn job search webinar:http://learn.linkedin.com/jobseeker