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Top 10 Buzzwords Overused by Recruiters in 2014 | Infographic

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Now that you know what not to use on your profile, you should invest some into to polishing your recruiter brand on LinkedIn and making your profile stand out: http://linkd.in/1znqnRV

Top 10 Buzzwords Overused by Recruiters in 2014 | Infographic

  1. 1. THE TOP BUZZWORDS ON RECRUITERS’ LINKEDIN PROFILES We analyzed the most popular words on your profiles. Don’t be like everyone else this year — avoid these words and build a more authentic personal brand. TOP 10 BUZZWORDS OVER THE PAST YEAR: G) strategic G) track record G) organizational Q) responsible G3) motivated extensive experience G) driven 6) dynamic @ passionate creative SOME BUZZWORDS LOST THEIR LUSTER, WHILE OTHERS BECOME QUITE HOT: extensive experience track record what's in passionate year motivated effective What's out expert this year innovative positive POPULAR BUZZWORDS UNIQUE TO CERTAIN COUNTRIES: UK India United States Netherlands lrelandi 1 Hong Kong ‘O Germany Spain 0 I O ’ France Mexico I Brazil Saudi Arabia specialized enthusiastic motivated _ _ multinational proactive ambitious AVOID BUZZWORDS AND MAKE YOUR LINKEDIN PROFILE STAND OUT: 1. Choose a profile picture that stands out. Just having a picture makes your profile 14x more likely to be viewed by others. Make sure your headshot is professional, as well as approachable and friendly. Think of your headline as your opportunity to share the 0 2. Turn your headline into your mission statement. difference and impact you strive to make as a professional. 3. Use your summary to list your accomplishments E and mission as a recruiter. In other words, tell people why they should connect with you and why you're special. To get more tips, download 6 Steps to Building Your Recruiter Brand on Linkedln bit. |y/ RecruiterBrand Linked Talent Solutions