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The New Age of Sourcing Through Digital -- ConnectIn Dubai 2015

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RB shares their approach to digital sourcing and how they moved from a reactive to a proactive approach to recruiting.

Connectin Dubai 2015 gathered 270 talent professionals and executive leaders on April 23rd from across the GCC to share talent acquisition best practices and thought leading content on employer branding, internal mobility, and measuring quality of hire. Speakers and agenda can be found here: https://lnkd.in/Connectindubai2015

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The New Age of Sourcing Through Digital -- ConnectIn Dubai 2015

  1. 1. Creating Capability & Economic Value Resourcing in the Digital World 1
  2. 2. Talent is the #1 issue on the CEO’s agenda today Because a more engaged, high- performing, well-aligned and highly capable organization = sustained performance 2 Security Level: Unclassified
  3. 3. Smart companies put talent first! High performing companies are obsessed about talent Progressive companies are forward looking and open to new ideas and change People not machines deliver results ! High Potentials deliver 10x Performance 3 The Capability Context Security Level: Unclassified
  4. 4. The world around us has changed !! 4 Security Level: Unclassified
  5. 5. The world has also shrunk into a 3” x 2” screen! 5 Security Level: Unclassified
  6. 6. 6 The global marketplace is increasingly complex with businesses competing to deliver on their promise to perform ! Security Level: Unclassified
  7. 7. Performance in the Marketplace requires perpetual preparation for the future while pacing the current 7 Security Level: Unclassified
  8. 8. HR is also under pressure Deliver organizational capability through talent pipelines ! Plan for the company’s future needs Show its impact on the company’s performance – top and bottom line Drive employee engagement Provide employee development solutions Be Efficient, Impactful and Results oriented 8 Security Level: Unclassified
  9. 9. Consequently, HR has also evolved as a function ! 9 Operational / Administrative Performance Manager Strategic Partner / Trusted Advisor Security Level: Unclassified
  10. 10. Shift in environment therefore requires adjustment 10 making time & space for value creation Security Level: Unclassified
  11. 11. Digital has changed the Game Rules The customer and the stakeholder are joined up through technology….. the gatekeeper’s job is redundant Differentiation is hard to achieve …employer brands, value propositions…. same content different packaging The traditional model of HR has been challenged! Value creation is demanded & expected Print is history Early Adopters lead the game 11 Security Level: Unclassified
  12. 12. Value Creation through Resourcing in the Digital World 12 Security Level: Unclassified
  13. 13. Security Level: Unclassified 13
  14. 14. Value Creation Principles Deliver capable talent cost efficiently Strike a balance between insourcing and outsourcing talent acquisition Free up HR business partner time for business manager consulting / advisory Shift focus towards developing, assessing and supporting talent 14 Security Level: Unclassified
  15. 15. Value Creation Journey 40% Insource, 60% Outsource 60% Insource, 40% Outsource 80% Insource, 20% Outsource Invest in People – Create Talent Acquisition Teams Invest in Technology – Applicant Tracking Systems, Careers Site Invest in the EVP & Employer Brand Partnering with Industry Leaders – Professional Job Boards Referral Programs - Engaging external talent Leveraging own Talent 15 Year 1 Year 2 Year 3+ Security Level: Unclassified
  16. 16. Value Creation Benefits Capability • Talent Acquisition (TA) teams by default are more focused & accountable to deliver talent faster, cost efficiently • Our own people understand culture & job fit better • Higher Quality of Talent = Higher Performance, Better Retention • TA teams free up HR Business Partner time allowing them to engage, develop & retain talent Economic • A 60% insourced , 40% outsourced model delivers on average approx. 1/3rd or 33% savings versus a 100% outsourced model • Enhancing skew to 80% insourced, 20% outsourced can result in up to 50% savings on resourcing budgets 16 Security Level: Unclassified
  17. 17. Q&A Security Level: Unclassified 17