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Global Talent Trends 2015 [INFOGRAPHIC]

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We surveyed over 20,000 professionals around the world to better understand how talent thinks and behaves from their first encounter with a job opportunity through accepting an offer. This infographic reveals what talent worldwide wants to hear, see and experience throughout the recruitment process.

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Global Talent Trends 2015 [INFOGRAPHIC]

  1. 1. Linked What Talent Wants Based on a survey of 20,000+ professionals around the world, here are the top headlines you should know to recruit talent at every stage of the job search journey—from start to hired. Talent finds opportunities through connections 56% explore online social p rote s S i 0 l‘ a l n 0 rl<s 40% c heck c> ut company websites 50% ly 0 n woi d of mouth 02 The companies that make the first move win top talent ‘T. + 1'» —~ A — » ~ , i, i iy l‘ 3 2+ - c i _; 1 / /.. L‘ / rig ti L)l tie )0.) / The roles / / O main iespcunsibilities / ” / / t 3 An estimated salary range Did you know? , ‘alrn<: :-at 80'? ":. Q‘ (: )l'(: )T€E“3‘3lCil)r3l‘3 = .i'~. i-art to hear from a l'9Ci'clli9l'—E9VE*Ii 5 il'i>I§, ' aren't actively Job . -search DC}. 03 The interview is a pivotal point in thejob search journey / ‘ "ri: ;s', ‘} " l0 ; :ir'i: .~'7 tlweii‘ r'iIn: ',l £: l', i:. '.: tit El _: '.rl', ~ i, '>i‘ i5.: i:«iiii*{iiii, i ii I i: 'iliEllS S(l‘y‘ El gliifjtifll ll"i'. E‘, J ex): :-ei'= er'i: :e i: :: r- -rriarige 7: 'i: ::Lil'~ts : ’:{', iI'7~L-ii. 49% 47% Getting specific Receiving a p rcicl .1 ct 0 r b usines-3 ; :>c>st- interview q. iestic>n:3 answered follow up O . O O 46% Having a ccmveisaticnn with the leadership team Don't waste your time. Orly 2(: >‘, ."; :i cf pici‘es~3ic>rial-3 sag personai '[O. ,lCl"iF? .'3 like c a rd :3 and c; z:i<: ><: lie l: >a, c;-3 are ir'ipciit. ant to great interview experience. Know what seals the deal _. _i 49% say better Coinpei“sati: :>n 21% 14% say a better place say more llii-lLi<E‘l‘C’E' to work (culture) ix‘-. i‘lililli the c ompany Did you know? Only 69;. vvouicl ta l<e a Job for a better jC)l: I title P—- _‘-. ~ - l O O 3 O 3 3» 2 9% 2 5 / o 2 3 /3 Better professicznai Better vi. rczi'l<, “'| ile l/ lCIl€%‘ challenging Having a role development balance WC>ll< that ‘its skill set Linkedm Talent Solutions Download the Talent Trends 2015 report for even more insights: Report based on March 2015 survey of over 20,000 professionals in 29 countries around the world. #TaIentTrends2015