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Culture code: creating a culture employees truly love | Talent Connect Anaheim

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Culture is a huge buzzword in the recruiting and HR industry at the moment, but how do you build and scale a culture employees and candidates truly love? HubSpot's approach to culture (encapsulated in its Culture Code) has gone viral, and since the company went public in October 2014, the organization has doubled down on making HubSpot a remarkable place to work and scaling its approach to radical transparency and autonomy. In this session, Katie will talk about how to build and invest in a culture your employees are proud of, how to measure your investment in culture as you grow and scale, and how to think about codifying your organization's approach to culture in a manner that feels authentic and aspirational. This will be an interactive discussion style session, so come prepared to talk about how you can help create a winning culture at your own organization. Check out the best of Talent Connect: http://bit.ly/1MBqz6m

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Culture code: creating a culture employees truly love | Talent Connect Anaheim

  1. 1. Katie Burke VP, Culture & Experience HubSpot @KatieBurkie Culture Code: Creating a Culture Your Employees Truly Love
  2. 2. Culture eats strategy for breakfast. Pete Drucker Stand up if you’ve ever heard…
  3. 3. Stay standing if… You have a full-time person or people focusing 100% on your company’s culture
  4. 4. is barely a snack Culture
  5. 5. People spend a lot of time thinking about culture
  6. 6. People spend a lot of time thinking about culture Challenge: Leave here with something you can actually do
  7. 7. Culture isn’t… Wall Posters Corporate Governance Perks and Rewards
  8. 8. Culture Is… • A bar for what’s possible at your company • A powerful weapon in the war for talent • A proactive catalyst to help employees make better decisions • A promise to your customers • Collective clarity on what it means to be a part of your organization
  9. 9. CultureCode.com
  10. 10. Codifying your culture can’t be rhetoric — it has to reflect reality
  11. 11. Start with founder/top level executive buy-in. Deciding what you stand for as an organization cannot be outsourced
  12. 12. Get employees involved, but don’t wait for consensus
  13. 13. Don’t be afraid to list things that you don’t quite deliver upon yet. We use an asterisk in our Culture Code to denote things that are still aspirational for our organization.
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