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Connecting with candidates: Where, when, & how | Talent Connect 2017

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Recruiters and HR leaders are fighting to create the most effective three-pronged approach when searching for talent that matters to their business' bottom line. Attracting talent at the right time & place is a challenge we're still working to nail in place. We have our ideal candidate personas, now we must decide when, how and where to connect with candidates who will impact your brand outcomes and goals.

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Connecting with candidates: Where, when, & how | Talent Connect 2017

  1. 1. Science is crazy.
  2. 2. Make a designer baby.
  3. 3. Connect with Candidates, um PEOPLE: Maren Hogan CEO & Founder of Red Branch Media WHERE, HOW, & WHEN
  5. 5. Technology is not enough.
  6. 6. Huge networks aren’t enough.
  7. 7. We’re still fighting to connect.
  8. 8. Connect with candidates from a distinctly HUMAN perspective.
  9. 9. It should include: 1. A picture to keep in your mind’s eye. 2. What they do and how long they’ve been doing it. 3. What parts of their work they enjoy (and which parts they hate) 4. What keeps them up at night 5. Career Goals 6. Motivating factors 7. Where they might go online 8. How long they stay in one place
  10. 10. ALEX: Ideal Employer • What is she looking for in an employer? • What kind of work/life balance benefits her the best? • What is she currently doing and for how long has she been doing it? • What parts of her work does she enjoy? • What keeps her up at night? • What parts of her work does she hate?
  11. 11. ALEX: Beyond Work • What gets her out of bed in the morning • Who are her heroes? • What are her immediate needs? • Where does she hangout online? • How long does she stay in one place? • What challenges stem from her upbringing? • What are her hobbies and interests?
  12. 12. ALEX: Objections • What are her long term professional and personal goals? • What objections may they have to working in your industry or company? • What life-stage are they currently in? • What milestones have they met or what milestones do they expect in their future?
  13. 13. The WHERE
  14. 14. Several places within LinkedIn wherein to connect: • Joining groups • Really personalizing your company page • Keeping your content up to date
  15. 15. One of the most effective ways to recruit great candidates LinkedIn
  16. 16. • You can pick and choose which keywords will maximize diversity sourcing efforts. • Establish contact with school campus groups such as sororities, organizations and clubs that embody or promote diversity.
  17. 17. Any good recruiter fishes from more than one pool.
  18. 18. 76% • While 76% of women are on facebook, company recruitment still needs to account for the 66% of men who use the platform. FACEBOOK’S CORE PERSONIFICATION
  19. 19. 22% • On the other hand, more men (22%) use Twitter than women (15%) even though it used to be a fairly balanced platform. • A key indicator that recruiters have to adjust their recruitment habits as the sources evolve. FACEBOOK’S CORE PERSONIFICATION
  20. 20. 83% • Job seekers prefer Facebook with 83% of them looking at Facebook for jobs while only 36% search on LinkedIn. FACEBOOK’S CORE PERSONIFICATION
  21. 21. Get the right job What you can tell from Github: • How often and on which days they contribute • Where they’re from • Their picture and name give you insight into whether they’re more project-oriented. • What kind of issues they’ve posted and code they’ve pushed. • If other developers think they’re any good • What languages they’re most skilled in.
  22. 22. IRL
  23. 23. Hiring events, lunch n’ learns, clubs, organizations
  24. 24. “A friend asked me two years ago to speak at his marketing class…” M A R E N H O G A N
  25. 25. The WHEN
  26. 26. Know the when and why • Making sure your when is accurate can be the difference between an annoying recruiter and a trusted talent advisor
  27. 27. Simple. • Put a pixel on your job site that follows the user around the internet .
  28. 28. There’s another aspect of WHEN, which is before, during and after the interview.
  29. 29. Create a Template BEFORE 1
  30. 30. Give them the information they need to be successful. DURING 2
  31. 31. “…I always give them a little insight around signing onto the intranet and email systems we use…” M A R E N H O G A N
  32. 32. Make time to call AFTER 3
  33. 33. Respond ALWAYS 4
  34. 34. The HOW
  35. 35. An outgoing CMO or VP of Marketing and Brand, you might stumble across my profile EXAMPLE
  36. 36. • I keep up my LI profile for a reason so I might be open to new opps. • My accomplishments are myriad and I want everyone to know it. • I have a lot of connections. • I accept a good chunk of connections (so your odds are good). • I expect you to do your homework (which is why my contact info is at the bottom). • I write for LinkedIn and other publications (you can read my writing if you really want to get fancy). • I want to be contacted VIA EMAIL!
  37. 37. “So you can source my phone number if you want but calling me will only serve to irritate me…” M A R E N H O G A N
  38. 38. My accountant Nate
  39. 39. Universal truths about the HOW
  40. 40. Candidates are especially flattered when the hiring manager reaches out
  41. 41. Don’t approach unless you’ve built a candidate persona.
  42. 42. Find ONE way to personalize
  43. 43. Lead with what’s important to them
  44. 44. It’s Not About YOU
  45. 45. “Nothing turns off an executive more than being recruited en masse for a junior level role, or a prolific art director being offered a graphic designer role…” M A R E N H O G A N
  46. 46. Confront Your Bias
  47. 47. Check your tone
  48. 48. Visual Matters
  49. 49. “Well I can’t do that in my job ads because of company policy…”
  50. 50. Just as I throw away the envelope in my mailbox addressed to resident…
  51. 51. • Things they are interested in! • The fact that they might be looking for a change/more money/position bump/chance to learn new skills • Places they like to go • Their work and/or projects • Their dog/favorite comic/obsession with Firefly/Red Bull addiction Things you can reference if you want people to respond to you.
  52. 52. DO NOT MENTION Their family What They Look Like How long you’ve been following their work
  53. 53. Let’s Get Engaged.
  54. 54. The Hidden Engagement.
  55. 55. You. Complete. Me.
  56. 56. I get lost in your eyes proposal…
  57. 57. The Roxanne Engagement.
  58. 58. The Banana Pancakes Proposal.
  59. 59. The “As You Wish” Engagement.
  60. 60. R E M E M B E R T H I S You’re trying to attract and connect with PEOPLE.
  61. 61. R E M E M B E R T H I S When you decide to connect with people, you cannot lose.