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Ask the Experts about LinkedIn Recruiter for Staffing Professionals

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Check out this small deck about how to use key features that will help you become a more effective recruiter.

Tips range from basic to intermediate levels.
Areas covered:
Pipelining your talent
Crafting better InMails
Finding the right candidates with custom filters

Watch the full recording of the webinar: http://youtu.be/N4gsi2LYVEY. Additionally, check out one of our most popular webinars on how to write better InMails: lnkd.in/inmailwebinar

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Ask the Experts about LinkedIn Recruiter for Staffing Professionals

  1. 1. Ask the Experts (aka: Recruiter features you want to know more about – For Staffing Professionals) May 2015
  2. 2. Today’s agenda LinkedIn Recruiter to make that hire More of your questions Key takeaways Crafting better InMails Finding the right candidates Pipelining your talent
  3. 3. Finding the right talent with custom filters
  4. 4. How do I craft better InMails to get higher Response Rates?
  5. 5. When sending an InMail – Consider Passive Talent Do  Start a conversation  Make it feel personal  Strong Subject Line  Be brief and to the point  Mention shared connections/groups Don’t  List all job specifics  Include the job title or req ID in the subject line  Use jargon & biz-speak  Ask for a resume right away
  6. 6. Avoid Jargon & Biz-speak "You'll be in charge of a team of 50 salespeople and responsible for increasing revenue by 10% in your first year." "When you're not rolling up your sleeves and analyzing sales data with your team, you'll be coaching territory directors on how to perfect their negotiating skills." "You will get hands-on leadership training and learn how to motivate your team to exceed their sales goals."
  7. 7. Now for more questions from you!
  8. 8. More questions, comments or ideas?  Drop a note at our Help center  Take our Training Module for a spin – All the content is searchable  Check out weekly product tips – LNKD.IN/product-tips
  9. 9. Leverage the recent enhancements TWO things you can take away from today… Download Data Driven Recruiting e-book Download e-book: lnkd.in/ddr15 Bookmark: lnkd.in/productupdates
  10. 10. Thank you Sankar Venkatraman Global Product Evangelist LinkedIn Andy Best Customer Success Consultant LinkedIn
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