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Social Selling Deconstructed: Strategy, Implementation and Measurement

  1. Deconstructing Social Selling Strategy, Implementation & Measurement Sara Cohen Customer Success Manager LinkedIn Sales Solutions Amy McIlwain Financial Services Principal Hootsuite
  2. Agenda Integrating Social Media into your Sales Toolkit Today’s Digital Buyer Social Selling Defined How to Frame and Implement Social Selling Measuring the Success of Social Selling 1 2 3 4 5
  3. Today’s Digital Buyer
  4. ​ The Times They Are a-Changin’ “ ​ - Bob Dylan
  5. 5 Insights Show Times are Changing SiriusDecisions The greatest barrier for a sales person not achieving quota is from the lack of customer knowledge. Buyers do not contact suppliers directly until 57% of the purchase process is complete CEB Global Demand Report 95% of B2B buyers chose the vendor that supplied relevant content throughout the sales process. Customer Think Social selling generates 40% more qualified leads & opportunities than cold calling. Inside View 90% of prospects hit the delete button when receiving an email from someone they do not know CSO Insights Buyers do not contact suppliers directly until 57% of the purchase process is complete 70%+ of the decision making process is taking place without sales being engaged CEB Global
  6. The Buying Process Today Increasingly complex Increasingly competitive Increasingly social 7 Key influencers in B2B buying decisions 75-90% B2B buyers are through the buying process before reaching out to a sales professional 75% B2B buyers use social networks to research products
  7. Social Selling Defined
  8. Key Sales Navigator Features that Drive ROI Search Insights InMail Find the right person or company with advanced search filters Buyers are 71% more likely to engage with a salesperson if they mention relevant info Stay up-to-date on the people and companies you care about Reach prospects directly and accelerate your relationships If you made a cold call, over 50% of B2B buyers would think less of you and your company Reps who exceed quota perform 52% more people searches per month
  9. 1 Create a professional brand Find the right people Engage with insights Build strong relationships 2 3 4 Key Activities of Social Selling
  10. What is LinkedIn’s Social Selling Index? Gain visibility into your accounts Uncover new opportunities Benchmark yourself against peers and competitors First-of-its kind measure that measures your company’s adoption of social selling practices on LinkedIn
  11. Social Sellers See More Success 45% 51% 78% Create more opportunities More likely to achieve quota Outsell peers who don’t use social media
  12. Integrating Social Media into your Sales Toolkit
  13. Social is The New Front Door: It’s where your prospects learn, seek, discover & decide Brick and Mortar Website Social
  14. The Social Selling Organization Build social presence via approved content Linkedin Sales Navigator Monitor & Engage with Prospects Hootsuite Amplify Hootsuite Enterprise Find and Connect with the Right Prospects at the Right Time
  15. “Before LinkedIn and other social networks, in the sales world, ABC stood for Always Be Closing. Now, ABC means Always Be Connecting, because your connections lead to your next lead and your next close” Jill Rowley, Social Selling Evangelist
  16. Benefits to Sales Reps Discover buying signals from prospects Understand market trends and industry objectives Increase leads Convert more leads Improve win-rates Establish as thought leader
  17. Benefits to Sales Organizations Increased qualification efficiency with better leads Better relationships lead to more closed business Drive Pipeline Reduce customer acquisition costs Increase LTV and deal size Increase brand awareness through sales team
  18. •  Consolidates all social networks & online communities in one dashboard •  Collaborate between departments •  Filter out the noise through targeted streams •  Education on social media policies & guidelines •  Customized set-up for each sales rep •  Track and measure success with comprehensive analytics and funnel info back into your CRM How Hootsuite Can Help with Social Selling
  19. How to Frame and Implement a Social Selling Program
  20. Awareness Education Accountability Customer success framework Social selling excellence: Create awareness through Executive sponsorship •  Executive Education •  Regular Executive Communications •  Social Selling Newsletter •  Executive Profile Reviews •  Learning Center •  Sales Rep Education •  Sales Manager Education •  InStruct Educate your organization with dedicated training resources •  Program Planning •  Quarterly Business Reviews (QBRs) •  Gamification •  Metrics/ROI Tracking •  Reinforcement Communications Drive accountability through reinforcement and management
  21. Marketing, Sales Operations, HR Executive Sponsor(s) Senior Decision Maker(s) Administrator(s) Sales Leader(s) / Manager(s) Team Leader(s) / Buddy's (Optional) C-level Cross-functional departments Find Your Champions Creating your guiding coalition
  22. Executive Sponsorship Best Practices to Drive Success Be active on LinkedIn; share, comment, post Continue to send Executive Communication messages Ask to see summary reports of activity & progress Recognizing and sharing wins from the field
  23. You can’t manage what you can’t measure
  24. So  measure  it!     TRACK  SUCCESS:     ❖  Social  Selling  Index   ❖  Sales  Navigator  Usage  Reports     ❖  CRM  Tracking   ❖  LinkedIn  ROI  Survey   ❖  Success  Stories       SET  A  CADENCE:     •  Select  3-­‐5  metrics  you  care  about   •  Understand  benchmarks   •  Decide  cadence   •  Determine  distribuFon  list   •  Select  owner  to  pull  reports   •  Take  acFon  or  recommended  acFon  
  25. How Hootsuite Did It
  26. Measuring the success of your social sales efforts Walk Walk FlyRun
  27. How Hootsuite Did It Walk • Health test to see if reps are posting, sharing and engaging more • Social Media Management Analytics (posting activity & follower growth)
  28. Questions to Ask Yourself ●  Are sales reps’ social profiles complete? ●  Are sales reps confident using social media technology? ●  Are sales reps getting into the routine of posting/sharing on social? ●  Are posts/shares & follower growth trending upwards?
  29. How Hootsuite Did It Run • Ensure sales reps are engaging with the right people and sharing the best performing content • Use team based UTM parameters & links to track leads back to specific social activities
  30. Questions to Ask Yourself ●  Are sales reps sharing the right content to the right people? ●  Is team participation increasing overall or is it just a handful of social advocates? ●  Are links shared getting clicks and driving traffic/conversion? ●  Is team performance increasingly driving more leads?
  31. How Hootsuite Did It Fly • Track your individual sales reps performance and how social media activities impacted specific deals • Assign individual based CRM campaign IDs & UTM parameters to each rep
  32. Questions to Ask Yourself ●  How is each rep performing and who are the top performers? ●  How much pipeline can be attributed to social media activities? ●  What social activities drove leads influences closed deals and which sales reps can be attributed?
  33. Summary of Strategies for Success Are reps sharing the right content? Measure link clicks, web traffic and conversion metrics, leads generated Sales Org Maturity FlyRunWalk Are social activities impacting the bottom line? Measure leads, pipeline, and social influence in CRM and marketing automation tools Are reps confidently using social media? Measure post volume and cadence, fan/follower growth, profile completeness
  34. Questions
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