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S10 line bot awards

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2016/12/26 LINE Taiwan TechPulse

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S10 line bot awards

  1. 1. Expand Your Innovation An open competition for spurring the development of LINE chatbot and user penetration, offering up to JPY 10 million in prize money to individuals and businesses alike.
  2. 2. Prize Grand Prize
 One winner ¥10,000,000 Category Awards
 One winner for each category ¥500,000 Student Category
 One winner ¥1,000,000 Microsoft Award
 One winner ¥1,000,000
  3. 3. Helpfulness Clients’ OA or LINE@For bots that interact with users, the most important thing the judges will consider is whether or not they are helpful to users. User Adoption We will digitally count how many LINE friends you have made LINE Spirit We want to see bots that LINE users will want to use, such as bots that can be used in groups or ones that explore various message types with buttons and carousels. Impact We hope to see bots that will truly leave an impact on users, changing people's daily lives or even how society works. Long Term Viability FreeThere are plenty of great short-term ideas for bots, but we will pay special consideration to those bots who show the ability to continue in the long-term after the BOT AWARDS to help create new business. Judging Criteria