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  1. 1. Lindsey Murphy 816 Geoffery St. Staunton,Va 24401 Cell: (540)448-81318 Email: lindseym.afh@gmail.com Objective: • Outgoing, dedicated Managerthat goes the extra mile. I am currently looking for a position in which I can invest my passion for customer relations, supportive leadershi p skills, and hunger for success.As the Managerof a new store in the area, I became knowledgeable in creative, cost effective, solutions for any issues that emerged. I assimilate and carry out the needs of the consumer throughout thei r experience, therefore enabling our team to better retain existing customers as well as attract potential leads. Skill Highlights: • Information Technology Essentials Coursework • Calm and level headed underduress • Results and goal oriented • Ability to multi-task efficiently and take initiative •Excellent communication skills (effective listener) • Critical thinking, decision making and problem solving skills • Quick to develop relationships with customers Employment History: Ashley Furniture, Store Manager 08/10/14 to present Job description: •hold weekly meetings focused on: -motivate and praise exceptional performance -evaluate best sales strategy and approach for current promotion -present new product (study and enhance product knowledge daily) -review individual and store sales, then compare to projected goals -discuss objections the sales team has come across and determine the best resolution to overcome, close and maximi ze profit • Analyze strategies to reinvent or replace non selling merchandise according to our local demographics •Design displays drawing the consumer to the focal points of the product • Attend proposals for radio marketing strategies alongside Director of Marketing • Uphold company policy procedures -counseling, and disciplining employees • Plan, monitor, and achieve sales goals • Communicate with all divisions in company so that we as a store are constantly improving
  2. 2. • Main key holder • Review daily invoices, orders, and deposits before sending to the Director of Finance • Carry out any necessary supply orders within budget • Responsible for mattress pricing and formatting of tags for entire company • General upkeep of store • Work directly with product reps • Ensure each individual customer has a great experience from beginning to end • Hiring and termination process • Negotiate with regards to profit margin, and customer satisfaction • Assist and mentor Sale Associates during the sales process Achievements: • Trained 2 non experienced Sales Associates to become top #1 and #4 in the company in 4 months • Currently up 22% year to date Avante at Waynesboro,Certified Nurse Aide 11/01/2013 to 05/01/2014 Job description: •Assist patients with activities of daily living • Maintain safe environment • Ensure that patients medical needs are met • Orientate newly hired aides • Chart in accordance to cooperate standards • Report to Charge Nurse Viridian Health Management, Health Screener 10/2013-08/2014 (contract) Job description: •Screen clients for cholesterol and glucose levels •Gather and record vital signs •Consult clients about their individual results Western State Hospital, Psychiatric Nurse Aide 08/2011 to 03/2013 Job description: •Provide direct patient care by helping residents to carry out activities of daily living in a safe therapeutic environme nt Envoy of Staunton,Certified Nurse Aide
  3. 3. 11/2009 to 08/2011 Job description: •Perform routine care • Provide care for the comfort of the patient •Report to Charge Nurse, • Record vital signs • Infection control • Abide by HIPPA regulations Education and Training: Blue Ridge Community College Weyers Cave, Va 2011-2012 General Courses Envoy of Staunton Staunton,Va 2009-2009 Certified Nurse Aide Robert E. Lee Staunton,Va 2005-2009 Certifications: • Certified Home Furnishing Specialist • CPR/ First Aid • Certified Nursing Assistant -License Number: 1401136344 References: •Jessica Byers , Former Co-Worker (540)490-1741 •Joyce Hall, Former Supervisor (540)332-8449 •Mckenzie Gray, Former Co-worker (540)849-9978