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LoveIt.com Brand Deck

LoveIt.com is a social picture sharing site. LoveIt launched in private beta on May 23, 2012 and public on June 7th. LoveIt has been featured in such publications as USA Today, Forbes, NBC LA and Mashable.

- Search, discover and bookmark the web via people, topics, RSS, brands, recommendations and original sources
- Public and unlimited private collections
- Drag and drop multiple image organization
- Import boards from Pinterest while keeping original bookmarked sources
- Bookmark multiple images at one time on the web
- Batch uploads. Upload multiple images offline

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LoveIt.com Brand Deck

  1. 1. LoveIt is a visual platform for discovering, collecting and organizing things you love.12/28/2012 | Confidential | loveit.com
  2. 2. About Us LoveIt is a place where you can easily share images, video and audio files of everything that interests you. LoveIt has a robust search engine allowing you to find and follow people, brands and websites with similar interests. Access LoveIt on your computer or on mobile devices including iPhone, iPad and Android. 12/28/2012 | Confidential | loveit.com
  3. 3. Visual Glossary 12/28/2012 | Confidential | loveit.com
  4. 4. How We’re Different 12/28/2012 | Confidential | loveit.com 4
  5. 5. How We’re DifferentRicher Content Follow original sources. Follow feeds. Recommendation engine. (Patent Pending) 12/28/2012 | Confidential | loveit.com
  6. 6. How We’re DifferentPrivate & Public Choose to share a collection or keep private. LoveIt offers unlimited private collections. Easy to collaborate privately on projects with a friend or client. Brands can use private collections internally to stage content until they’re ready to make it public. Brands can offer VIP customer sneak-peeks or exclusive content. 12/28/2012 | Confidential | loveit.com
  7. 7. How We’re DifferentPowerfulOrganizationTools Drag & drop images between collections. Reorder your collections on the fly. Get a better overview of all your collections and images. 12/28/2012 | Confidential | loveit.com
  8. 8. How We’re DifferentContentImporter,Multiplicity &Batch Uploads Import YOUR content with original sources and captions from Pinterest. Simultaneously ‘love’ multiple images from your online and offline collections. Put the images in one collection or separate collections. Give each image the same description or unique descriptions. 12/28/2012 | Confidential | loveit.com
  9. 9. How We’re DifferentLove Video &Audio Files In addition to loving images, LoveIt allows you to: Love video files from YouTube and Vimeo (shown with ‘play’ button). Love audio files from SoundCloud (shown with music note). 12/28/2012 | Confidential | loveit.com
  10. 10. LoveIt Mobile App 12/28/2012 | Confidential | loveit.com 10
  11. 11. LoveIt Mobile AppiPhone, iPad &Android The LoveIt App is free and developed native for each device. The App takes advantage of the taller iPhone 5 screen and horizontal scroll options on iPad. Using the custom browser, you can easily add content to your existing collections or create new ones directly through the App. 12/28/2012 | Confidential | loveit.com
  12. 12. LoveIt Mobile AppCamera &Filters The in-app camera includes a full spectrum of tools including zoom and crop. The camera also gives you the option to boost your artistic prowess by using one of 16 preset filters. 12/28/2012 | Confidential | loveit.com
  13. 13. Brands Supporting LoveIt 12/28/2012 | Confidential | loveit.com 13
  14. 14. Brands Supporting LoveItBrands Using LoveIt at Launch LoveIt launched May 23rd via Klout Perk to 125,000 x 5 influencers. We opened to the public on June 7th with a $6M Series A round of funding and several major household brands actively using LoveIt. 12/28/2012 | Confidential | loveit.com
  15. 15. Brands Supporting LoveItBrand Example: Better Homes and Gardens  Vanity URL.  Collection themes support brand.  Images interest audience.  Share via other social networks. 12/28/2012 | Confidential | loveit.com
  16. 16. Discovering Brands 12/28/2012 | Confidential | loveit.com 16
  17. 17. Discovering BrandsIn the Sign UpFlow 12/28/2012 | Confidential | loveit.com
  18. 18. Discovering BrandsContext Through collections, individual images, or original sources. 12/28/2012 | Confidential | loveit.com
  19. 19. Discovering BrandsSearch Results Through Search results by brand name, specific items, keywords or brand name colloquialisms. 12/28/2012 | Confidential | loveit.com
  20. 20. Social Media, Marketing, PR 12/28/2012 | Confidential | loveit.com 20
  21. 21. We’re Very Social – Facebook Engagement 12/28/2012 | Confidential | loveit.com
  22. 22. We’re Very Social – Twitter Kudos 12/28/2012 | Confidential | loveit.com
  23. 23. MarketingPintervention video Covered by:I Wear Your Shirt campaign: 1.4M impressions 12/28/2012 | Confidential | loveit.com
  24. 24. PR 12/28/2012 | Confidential | loveit.com
  25. 25. Contact Name LoveIt Office Lindsay Fultz Title 626.793.5886 Marketing Manager Phone LoveIt.com 323.251.9036 Email @LoveIt Lindsay@LoveIt.com Twitter Facebook.com/LoveIt @LindsayFultz12/28/2012 | Confidential | loveit.com