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Research for competitive effectiveness vanguard

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Research for competitive effectiveness vanguard

  1. 1. Research for Competitive Effectiveness: Vanguard Linda Hauck, Spring 2015
  2. 2. Objectives  Nature of sound secondary research  Familiarity with industry reports, company profiles, consumer surveys, trade associations and news  Providing attribution for sources using APA Style
  3. 3. Indicators Good Research  Source Variety : Different kinds of source materials are used. There is not excessive reliance on only one or two types of resources. Types of resources include market or industry research reports, trade news, general & business news, trade associations, company web sites, company profiles, academic studies, & data sets.  Source Quality: The sources used are written by qualified authors, are timely, are relevant, employ rigerous methods, and are appropriate to the task. Business Sources How to Evaluate Them  References: The reference list conforms to the APA style in organization and form, attribution is provided as needed and parenthetical or in-text citations conform to APA style.
  4. 4. Getting Started  Industry or market research reports: Operations, competitive forces (economic, demographic regulatory, technological), trends, prospects, competitors  Update by trade and business news and associations. (ABI Inform, WSJ, Business Source Premier)  Use what you learn from industry report for competitor and customer analysis.  Competitor analysis: Company profile (MarketLine, ReferenceUSA, Morningstar), company web site, SEC filings, news beyond the press release.  Customer analysis: Market research report on target demographic, objective social science research (PEW or ICI), consumer surveys, demographics and segmentation schemes (MRI+ or ESRI Business Analyst Online), social science on buyer behavior/attitudes (PsycInfo)
  5. 5. APA Citations  How do you make your reference list?  Easybib, bibme, citationmachinge, noodletools, refworks, zotero, Word Reference tab, database utilities  What you still need to know: APA style and what you are trying to cite  Research and Documentation Online or APA Style Guide to Electronic References or APA Style
  6. 6. APA Basics Reference: Author, A. (publication date). Title. Place of publication. In Text: authors (date, page) Parenthetical: (authors, date, page)
  7. 7. Examples Leon, K. (2014, October). Industry surveys: Investment services. Retrieved from S&P Capital IQ Netadvantage Zoll, A. (2015, January 15). Is my target date fund layer on extra fees? The Short Answer. Retrieved from http://library.morningstar.com/Article/article?id=68037
  8. 8. Getting Help  BookMe scheduler https://vubusinesslibrarian.youcanbook.me/  Virtual meetings available outside scheduled times too  Email linda.hauck@villanova.edu  Drop in, Falvey 222