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HKG18-212 - Trusted Firmware M: Introduction

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Session ID: HKG18-212
Session Name: HKG18-212 - Trusted Firmware M: Introduction
Speaker: James King
Track: Iot, Security

★ Session Summary ★
Trusted Firmware M

In October 2017, Arm announced the vision of Platform Security Architecture (PSA) - a common framework to allow everyone in the IoT ecosystem to move forward with stronger, scalable security and greater confidence. There are three key stages to the Platform Security Architecture: Analysis, Architecture and Implementation which are described at https://developer.arm.com/products/architecture/platform-security-architecture.

Trusted Firmware M, i.e. TF-M, is the Arm project to provide an open source reference implementation firmware that will conform to the PSA specification for M-Class devices. Early access to TF-M was released in December 2017 and it is being made public during Linaro Connect. The implementation should be considered a prototype until the PSA specifications reach release state and the code aligns.
★ Resources ★
Event Page: http://connect.linaro.org/resource/hkg18/hkg18-212/
Presentation: http://connect.linaro.org.s3.amazonaws.com/hkg18/presentations/hkg18-212.pdf
Video: http://connect.linaro.org.s3.amazonaws.com/hkg18/videos/hkg18-212.mp4
★ Event Details ★
Linaro Connect Hong Kong 2018 (HKG18)
19-23 March 2018
Regal Airport Hotel Hong Kong

Keyword: Iot, Security
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HKG18-212 - Trusted Firmware M: Introduction

  1. 1. Non-Confidential © Arm 2018 Linaro Connect – Hong Kong March 2018 Trusted Firmware Central Engineering - Open Source Software James King
  2. 2. Non-Confidential © Arm 20182 • What is Trusted Firmware? What is new? • What is PSA? • Open Source Project • Learn More • Q & A Contents
  3. 3. Non-Confidential © Arm 20183 It is a set of foundational software components which implement the services required for a secure platform: • Reference software for partners to build on which creates a trusted execution environment • Secure Function invocation (Software Interface to TrustZone) • Secure Device Initialisation and Setup • Trusted Boot (image verification derived from RoT) • PSA Compliance (more on this later) What is Trusted Firmware?
  4. 4. Non-Confidential © Arm 20184 This Reference Software is designed to be: • Ported to applicable SoCs to ensure they provide the system security offered by the hardware – Minimise Production Effort • A standardisation of how secure services get invoked to allow for more portable secure software integrations – Ease Software Integration • A standardisation of how hardware functions to support security get invoked (to optimally address vulnerabilities) – Security by Scale What is Trusted Firmware? (cont’d)
  5. 5. Non-Confidential © Arm 20185 Trusted Firmware for A-profile systems (TF-A) • Mature Open Source Project • v0.2 went public in October 2013 ( http://connect.linaro.org/resource/lca14/lca14-102-adopting-arm-trusted-firmware/) • Well established collaboration model • Security Incident Handling • Security and MISRA hardened (and ongoing hardening) • Used in most production Armv8-A systems • Trusted Boot Support • Integrated with main TEEs and secure software solutions This is not new!
  6. 6. Non-Confidential © Arm 20186 Reference boot flows • For all Armv8-A systems • AArch64 & AArch32 support • Armv7-A systems support Open Source at GitHub • BSD License • Contributors welcome (DCO) Latest release = v1.5 • RAS (SPM, SDEI, EHF) support • Secure Partitions initial support • PSCI v1.1 & SMCCC v1.1 support • Dynamic Configuration Phase 1 • BL2 optional execution at EL3 Trusted Firmware A 2nd level Boot Loader (BL2) loads all 3rd level images 1st level Boot Loader (BL1) loads 2nd level image Loading RESET RESET https://github.com/ARM-software/arm-trusted-firmware SCMI
  7. 7. Non-Confidential © Arm 20187 TF-M builds on TF-A terminology & principles to create a unified approach for secure device software: • Isolated secure and non-secure execution environments • Methods to invoke secure services from non-secure apps • Trusted device initialisation and trusted boot mechanisms Albeit more honed to the M-profile device eco-system • Aimed at more constrained devices, thus more configurability • Different mechanism for TrustZone isolation • Much more fragmented OS and software eco-system Trusted Firmware M (TF-M) is new!
  8. 8. Non-Confidential © Arm 20188 TF-M provides a good starting point for secure software implementations now, but there is lots more to do… TF-M is the start of a journey
  9. 9. Non-Confidential © Arm 20189 What is PSA? Relevant to all segments – but starting with IoT
  10. 10. Non-Confidential © Arm 201810 Platform Security Architecture for simpler IoT security A recipe for building secure systems from analysis to implementation Analyse • Threat models and security analyses Architec t • Firmware architectur e & hardware specificati ons Implem ent • Source code & hardware IP PSA documents Enabling products & contributions
  11. 11. Non-Confidential © Arm 201811 Threat Models and Security Analyses https://pages.arm.com/psa-resources.html
  12. 12. Non-Confidential © Arm 201812 PSA Firmware Framework Concepts • Secure Partition Manager (SPM) – provides the boot, isolation and IPC services to the SPE • Partition – the unit of execution • Secure function – a set of related APIs invoked through secure IPC • Trusted function – a secure function that Non secure partition Application firmware OS libraries OS kernel Secure partition Secure function Secure function Trusted partition Trusted function Trusted function Secure Partition Manager Secure IPC Secure isolation Secure debug Isolation boundary Secure Processing Environment Non-secure Processing environment Secure partition Secure function Secure function
  13. 13. Non-Confidential © Arm 201813 PSA - Standardized interfaces PSA specifies interfaces to decouple components • Enables reuse of components in other device platforms • Reduces integration effort PSA provides an architectural specification • Hardware, firmware and process requirements and interfaces • Partners can provide alternative implementations Trusted Firmware is example PSA software Secure Functio ns Secure partition API Core Trusted Firmware (SPM) Boot firmware Root of Trust keys Platform hardware Non-secure processing environment Secure processing environment Application(s) RTOS SecureIPC Secure hardware requirements TBSA Armv8-M Trusted Function s PSA APIs
  14. 14. Non-Confidential © Arm 201814 1. Align with the PSA specifications by the time they make public release 1. Standardised APIs for crypto, attestation, secure storage, IPC, hardware RoT, audit logging, debug control, etc 2. Full SPM and IPC to isolate many secure functions and their interactions 3. Device initialisation, Trusted boot and firmware update 4. Many build configurations to support from most constrained to most secure 2. Support Arm development platforms and IP 1. Musca test-chip, SDK-20x FPGA on MPS2/3, AEMv8-M/IoT-kit FVP 2. V8-M system IP, Arm Cryptocell, Arm CryptoIsland 3. Support and enable contributions 1. Partner SoCs and systems 2. Software integrations – secure services, RTOSes, secure-OSes All in a public open source project (Back to) Trusted Firmware M - Plans Musca
  15. 15. Non-Confidential © Arm 201815 • Trusted Firmware for A-profile Arm SoCs has been publicly available as free open source software for many years at https://github.com/ARM-software/arm-trusted-firmware • This software has received contributions from many partners and is very widely used across the eco-system • Now that partners depend on this firmware (or have expectations of depending on TF-M) it has been requested that this open source software been moved to an open governance model • While developed as reference code by Arm, it is designed to provide common functionality across all the partnership SoCs and products. • Enable the whole ecosystem to participate and steer the direction of the project. Open Governance Trusted Firmware
  16. 16. Non-Confidential © Arm 201816 Linaro is forming a new division to host open-governance open source software projects • Projects are operated independently from the main Linaro organisation • Each project has own board, committees, funding, URLs, etc • This division is contracted to provide services such as IT infrastructure, finance, legal, marketing and engineering – as requested by the project • Project membership equally open to Linaro members and non-members • For each project: • Board members – kept between viable minimum and project maximum • General members Get to steer strategy and investment plans for the project Linaro Community Projects Division
  17. 17. Non-Confidential © Arm 201817
  18. 18. Non-Confidential © Arm 201818 Infrastructure is live now https://git.trustedfirmware.org/ • Public GiT containing TF-A and TF-M master codebases https://review.trustedfirmware.org • Public Gerrit review server for patch submissions and review https://issues.trustedfirmware.org/ • Public phabricator ticket server for bugs and change requests to be raised Codebase includes maintainer files and contribution guidelines TF-M ready to take contributions there now TF-A will transition from GitHub contributions over next few months
  19. 19. Non-Confidential © Arm 201819 Get Involved Platinum, General and Community memberships available • Linaro and Arm presenting details to potential members • Take partial ownership of a project you depend on • Ensure your dependencies are maintained and continually validated • Your Board in the CI farm • Your Software Tests in the CI suite • Reduce internal maintainership costs by pushing generic features you need • Help ensure that the open source community supports Trusted Firmware interfaces and features Contact board@trustedfirmware.org for more information
  20. 20. Non-Confidential © Arm 201820 Deep dive presentations around TF-M this afternoon • 2pm – 5pm in Berlin (Session Room II) 1. Trusted Firmware M : Core and Partition Manager (Miklos Balint) 2. Trusted Firmware M : Secure Storage (Ashutosh Singh) 3. Trusted Firmware M : Trusted Boot (Tamas Ban) Hacking in the LITE room to integrate TF-M and Zephyr for Arm v8-M platforms Learn More
  21. 21. Non-Confidential © Arm 201821 • Ask now (or after the presentation) • Come to the LITE hacking room and find a TF engineer • Email board@trustedfirmware.org or james.king@arm.com
  22. 22. Non-Confidential © Arm 2018222222 Thank You! Danke! Merci! 谢谢 ! ありがとう ! Gracias! Kiitos!