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Effective Agenda Writing

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Write an Effective Agenda ?
Purpose of Meeting Agendas
Points on a AGENDA may include

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Effective Agenda Writing

  1. 1. Agenda Writing Limani Bhavik N. MCA DCS (HNGU) , Patan.
  2. 2. WHAT IS AN AGENDA ? DEFINITION:  Agenda is a document that outlines the contents for the upcoming meeting.  It is usually sent along with the notice of the meeting.  Meetings run more effectively if everyone knows where the meeting is to be held, what is to be discussed and the start and finish time. It is good practice to send out an Agenda at least a week beforehand.
  3. 3. VARIOUS IMPORTANT FUNCTIONS OF AGENDA • It forces the meeting leader or group to think out what need to be accomplished. • It provides a blueprint or path for the meeting to follow. • It reminds people of what there is left to cover if time gets to be an issue.
  4. 4.  Purpose of Meeting Agendas  The main purpose of meeting agendas is to keep the meeting focused.  The agenda is basically an outline of all topics that need to be covered during the course of the meeting. In addition, there is typically a set amount of time in which to cover each topic in order to have a more productive, faster meeting.  When given in advance, meeting participants have time to prepare any questions or comments before the meeting.
  5. 5. FORM OF AGENDA:  The Agenda is usually headed with the date, time and location of the meeting, by a series of points outlining the order of the meeting.
  6. 6.  Welcome / Open meeting.  Approve minutes of the previous meeting.  Matters arising from the previous meeting.  A list of specific points to be discussed.  Arrange / announce details of the next meeting.  Tea and Biscuits.  Close meeting. Points on a AGENDA may include
  7. 7. MEETING AGENDA-SAMPLE Heading  Name of club and venue of meeting.  Meeting of Management committee.  Date of meeting Agenda Items  Attendance – Names of all committee members in attendance  Apologies-Names  Minutes of the previous meeting  Moved that the minutes of the meeting held (date) be confirmed as a correct record
  8. 8. SAMPLE OF AN AGENDA: Sample 1: The next Imperial-Infosys meeting of the Board of Directors will take place on Monday, 18th May, 2014 at 11 a.m. in the conference room. 1. Minutes of the last meeting. 2. Matters arising for the minutes. 3. Financial irregularities in Patan branch. 4. Reorganization of work in Ahmedabad branch. 5. Any other business. 6. Date of Next Meeting. Agenda
  9. 9. Thank you !!!