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Consumer Acquisition in Mobile App World

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Consumer Acquisition in Mobile App World

  1. 1. Consumer Acquisition in the Mobile App World Lijo Isac TiE Bangalore – September 30, 2015
  2. 2. Mobile is the Future
  3. 3. The Future is Mobile
  4. 4. Agenda •Installs •Engagement – Intent & Conversion
  5. 5. Who are you targeting?
  6. 6. Who is your target customer? For Who is the product for? Indian Online Shopper Who What is their driving problem? Finding easy to use site with good deals and best service for the online shopping experience The Our product Online Shopping Mall Is a What is our product? Web-based service which will help to get the best available deals online That What does it do to solve the problem? Ease of Use, safe, Best customer Service, Best deals Unlike What are competitive products and why do they not solve the problem adequately? Lousy Customer service, Costs are not transparent, Delivery is not prompt It How do we do it? Innovative use of web, scalable infrastructure, processes and databases. .
  7. 7. Installs App Installs ASO Incent Affiliates TVC CRM Offline Promotions PreEmbeds Social Media NonIncent Affiliates PPC/SEM Website Mobile Website Referrals Partnerships
  8. 8. App Store Optimisation
  9. 9. Use mweb & Interstitial Pages Use mweb & inetrstial pages to get to most loyal users of your brand Use Interstitial pages as per the guidelines from Google
  10. 10. Non Google App Stores
  11. 11. App Installation Journey Map
  12. 12. Which App will you install? App 1 App 2
  13. 13. Private Feedback Loop
  14. 14. What matters is Users and not installs
  15. 15. Types of App Users Active Users Brand Advocates Supporters Inactive Users Junkies Interested Lost Users Forgetfuls UnInstalls
  16. 16. Deep Linking
  17. 17. The Challenge doesn’t stop with Installs 61 Apps Per Mobile Phone 7.1 Apps Used Per Week 53.9 Apps are unused
  18. 18. Mobile App Engagement Metrics
  19. 19. Mobile App Performance Metrics
  20. 20. Engagement , Intent & Conversion App Engagement, Intent & Conversion Push Notifications Marketing Automation Remarketing InApp Engagement Deep Linking Intent Analytics Action Referrals
  21. 21. Mobile App Marketing Equation
  22. 22. App Marketing – Working with Affiliates Define Events – Authentication , Engagement , Intent , Conversion Define KPIs for App Marketing Partners Think more broadly than event based remarketing CPI should not be the decision criterion Desktop Marketing is different than App Marketing
  23. 23. The problem with spending only money in apps You are just renting out attention for a moment as a David in the room
  24. 24. Are you marketing early ?Lipstick on the Pig The timing of marketing is as important
  25. 25. Don’t Chase the Ranks in App Store CHASE ACTIVE USERS
  26. 26. Make the best app for the usecase before you start marketing
  27. 27. Start marketing the day you start building your app
  28. 28. Attract People Instead of Annoying Them
  29. 29. Focus on Building Marketing Assets that you own ~Mobile website will be as much or much more important than app~
  30. 30. Build a Great App ~~Really Awesome~~
  31. 31. Thank You