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Lifetime Scope Journal (LSJ)
See yourself some of the possibilities including Collaboration tools with simultaneous Document editing
A New Google ...
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Google Docs As Back Office Solution

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In this Research Article, Mr. Paarni address the current situation of SaaS based Back-Office Solutions, Google Docs and Office Live. Lifetime Studios offer Beta evaluations to dozens of Web Services.

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Google Docs As Back Office Solution

  1. 1. Lifetime Scope Journal (LSJ) Mr. R. Päärni | Issue 3 Lifetime Scope 2030 Research SME Business Operations Introduction Google Docs offer significant possibilities for SME businesses to deliver quality back-office services and increase their Office interoperability. Google Docs (The new version) has chat, character-by-character real time co-editing, and makes imports and exports much better to multiple office formats. In this paper Mr. Risto Päärni compares current Google Docs and Microsoft Office Live solutions in the market. Is it time to change your Office environment? What benefits does SaaS based solution offer? Targeting the Corporate Need for Back-Office Solution Lifetime Scope 2030 Research studies the new possibilities of Google Docs for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Secondly we investigate the Microsoft Office Live interoperability with Google Docs. Finally we give an analysis wether or time is ready switching from traditional Office Application in to Service based Office (SaaS). The needs of the SMEs are well known and documented. Every Entrepreneur needs a good Back-Office supporting software. The challenge for a start-up enterprise is how to create Business style documents from the scratch like, reports, balance sheets, . PDFs and presentations in a quick and easy manner. The Output has to look Professional, yet personal, that is covered with the new Company's own Brand. The solutions I have been using over the years are many. Microsoft Office, Open Office, both offer good solutions for PC and Linux Platform. Both Office packages needs to be installed to locally. The web based back-office solution offer multiple online editing of the document. This adds the possibility to use Google Docs as work-flow tool. The Google Docs offer different, Software as a Service (SaaS) based solution. Instead of local install I just use the Google Docs over the Internet. This suits well to those that have fast Internet Access at their reach. The new functionality of Google Docs is impressive. Here is a short list of the new possibilities: • Google Docs now has a collaborative drawings editor that makes it easy to build organizational charts, flow charts, design diagrams etc. • Google spreadsheets are fast and easy to use. In the new version, columns can be dragged and dropped, the formula bar is editable, auto-complete speeds up data entry, and you can link directly to sheets. • the ability to upload, store, and share any file in Google Docs. Your files will be stored in their original format and downloadable from anywhere. Uploading files to the cloud allows them to be safely stored and accessible at all times. • Now you can simultaneously share a group of docs with your friends, coworkers, or family, by sharing an entire folder with them. You can choose wether you want to sharie a folder, or a document. You can give access rights, like edit, read etc. • Sometimes you need to upload many documents. Yes, use Upload function to upload multiple files quickly to your Docs. • Click Google Docs, What's new? to see more of the new functionality. 1 Lifetime Scope Journal (LSJ). The Leading Finnish Internet Brand since 1989
  2. 2. See yourself some of the possibilities including Collaboration tools with simultaneous Document editing f.e. A New Google Docs (YouTube Video) You can get more information about from Google Docs homepage. Interoperability between Google Docs and Microsoft Office For anyone working with office applications one of tasks that needs to be complished is how to import documents from Microsoft Office and vice versa. I have worked with two real world example documents, the paycheck Excel file, and Travel Expense Report. Both include multiple, monthly divided pages, that include fields cumulative to each page. Also, these Excel sheets include Company Logo Picture, Some Bank Account Numbers, eInvoicing Data, etc. Every page has to formatted so that it easily fits in one page for the approvals and accounting needs, when printed. In my reset test setup, I gathered the Google Spreadsheets Old version created excel sheet, imported this file in to MS Excel 2007 Professional, changed the sheet details, uploaded the new document in to 1 Office Live Workspace and back. Finally, I uploaded the modified Excel sheet to Google Docs. Google Docs converted the file back to Google Docs format. In this real world test I did not find any major problems. The Upload/download functionality in both environments worked perfectly, and without any effort. Inside the sheets, some changes happened. Some of the cell properties functionality obviously were lost in both way uploading. Basically this means that both enviroments have their own set of functionality. Also fonts seemed to convert OK. You can avoid this by using basic functionality with the cells. All together, the readiness of Google Docs in this area seems to be in acceptable level. No data were lost, and fixing few field properties made the documents again approvable. Lifetime Studios deliver Strategic support for Back- Office Operations Do you feel it is time to update your Office Strategy?. Now there is a solution. 2 3 We here at the Lifetime Studios use Google Docs and Office Live Workspace in our business operations daily. Creating expense reports, Travel Reports, Wage Reports, writing 4 Books, Creating Presentations are all made with Google Docs. Lifetime Studios use the wealth of new templates created already in to Google Docs Library to deliver our readers enhanced and pleasure reading experience. We export these documents into various SaaS environments and ecosystems. This document is written with Google Docs, then uploaded as .PDF file to Scribd. Version 0.3. Lifetime Studios offer support for Finnish Entrepreneurs with Google Docs help B-to-B conferencing and online help. Contact us when you want to update your Back-Office Strategy or start-up a new way of delivering Business Operations over the Internet. +358 50 438 2295 /ristopaarni@gmail.com. Thank You! 1. Office Live Workspace is a Trademark of Microsoft Corporation. 2. Lifetime Studios, Espoo, Finland deliver quality solutions for SMEs. 3. Google Docs is a Trademark of Google Corporation. 4. Lifetime Studios is Digital Productions Concept owned by Lifetime Oy Ltd. Espoo, Finland. 1 Lifetime Scope Journal (LSJ). The Leading Finnish Internet Brand since 1989