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Small Changes to a WordPress Theme to Deliver Big Results

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A case study on how making small changes to a WordPress theme delivered big results for a client of LBDesign.

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Small Changes to a WordPress Theme to Deliver Big Results

  1. 1. Deliver Big Results @liamdempsey Small Changes to a WordPress Theme to
  2. 2. Hi! I’m Liam ● Marketing and design consultancy with LBDesign ● LBDesign works with businesses and non-profits to bring strategy and structure to marketing efforts ● Mostly, we create websites and help clients market themselves through those sites
  3. 3. Tell me about yourselves! ● Who works in marketing? ● Who builds websites? ● Focuses specifically on SEO? ● Does a number of these and related services?
  4. 4. What’s the context of this talk? ● As a small business owner, looking to provide more value to smaller clients ● As a small business owner, looking for ways to sell further to existing clients ● Looking for realistic projects that deliver money in our pockets while delivering bigger returns in those of our clients
  5. 5. THIS IS A CASE STUDY With lessons that can be applied to lots of projects
  6. 6. The client ● Very small law firm in the midwest in a town of 100,000 ● Provide primary estate planning services
  7. 7. Our work with the client ● Working together since 2010 ● Built a child-theme ● Rebuilt the same design with ACF and responsiveness in 2015 ● Edit monthly blog posts for style and SEO ● Basic WordPress maintenance and updates
  8. 8. The state of the client site ● A conversative, but clean design ● A brochure website – little interactivity ● Not focused on visitor engagement
  9. 9. The state of the client’s digital marketing ● Organic SEO for estate planning related words and phrases ● Relying on monthly blog posts to improve SERP placement ● Client-managed Google AdWords on an as-needed basis
  10. 10. LOOKING FOR MORE VALUE For both the client and for my business … or what we did that worked well for both our client and for us.
  11. 11. Getting into that “value” effort ● Early 2018 chatted with client about SEO audit ● Used that audit to suggest further work ● Rolled out the site updates ● Watched the results flow in
  12. 12. Conducted an SEO audit ● Used an audit format and template report from Rebecca Gill ● Used SEMrush and ScreamingFrog ● Produced a basic report that highlighted suggested edits ● Only charged for 4 hours – spent 6.5 hours
  13. 13. Reviewed Google Analytics ● Looked at traffic for the entire previous year (2017) ● Picked out key data and trends – did not study everything
  14. 14. Top findings from research ● Identified simple ways to improve the SEO of the site like better meta-descriptions, use of categories and category pages ● Identified top performing blog post pulled in ~2400 visits of a total of ~11,000 across the entire site
  15. 15. Pitched updates to client ● Create customized calls-to-action for blog posts ● Create call-to-action specific landing pages ● Detailed Google Analytics tracking on call-to-action activity like button clicks, form submissions, and thank you page hits
  16. 16. Client approvals ● 34 hours of work for us ● Rejected pop-up functionality
  17. 17. WHAT DID WE DO Let’s get into the specifics
  18. 18. That call to action (a) ● Custom theme with Advanced Custom Fields plugin ● Using ACF, created two pre-set calls to action ● First CTA: focused on the topic from that most visited post ● Second CTA: general CTA about the clients area of law
  19. 19. That call to action (b) ● Third CTA: totally customizable on a post-by-post basis
  20. 20. CTA on the front end
  21. 21. CTA on the WP dashboard
  22. 22. CTA on the WP dashboard
  23. 23. Landing page on the front end ● Same template as from previous 2015 update ● Customized messaging for each of the two default CTA ● Same Gravity Form ● Could add additional custom landing pages for customized CTA
  24. 24. Post form submission ● Details fed into the WordPress database ● Client sent the submitted details ● Form submitter sent an auto-responding thank you email, with the submitted fields attached ● We were sent an anonymized version of the form – basically a notification about which CTA/form have been completed
  25. 25. HOW DID IT ALL WORK OUT? Let’s chat about the wins for the client and the wins for us.
  26. 26. The client’s wins ● In 9 months after launch of upgrades, the client picked up 300% of the project cost in new business via the new calls-to-action ● The forms converted: 50% of submissions of the first form became clients; 75% of submissions of the second form became clients ● Forms continue to bring 1-2 leads per month
  27. 27. Our wins ● 34 hours of billable work to an existing client ● A very happy client ● A continued relationship where we edit blogs every month ● Great case study for other sales efforts
  28. 28. QUESTIONS What can I answer for you? @liamdempsey | @LBDesign