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Creating a Culture of Storytellers | Getting to 50% Contribution at Algolia

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For more context, read my article "Building a Culture-Defined Content Strategy" on Algolia Stories: https://stories.algolia.com/building-a-culture-defined-content-strategy-dce28643384e

There are Slides from a Keynote I gave at the HeavyBit DevGuild on Content Strategy about how Algolia strives to get 50% of our team members contributing content to our blog and other channels.

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Creating a Culture of Storytellers | Getting to 50% Contribution at Algolia

  1. 1. Liam Boogar Brand Director, Algolia @LiamBoogar Creating a Culture of Storytellers
  2. 2. Our Core Values Grit Trust Care Candor Humility 💪 🙏 ❤ 🚀 🍰 Ownership& }
  3. 3. Culture-defined Content Everyone writes Give a Voice to All Support Them Give Feedback Ask for Feedback Grit Trust Care Candor Humility 💪 🙏 ❤ 🚀 🍰
  4. 4. Ownership: it’s in our Blood How do you own Content when everyone already writes?
  5. 5. “ “Is that something Algolia would do, or how other companies do it? How Algolia does Content
  6. 6. How Algolia does Content Do we have a Content team? Yes & No. For every article we write, we support another team member’s article Non-Dev Product Mktg Campaigns Owns Dev Content Success Stories Packaging Support Distribution
  7. 7. Goal: 50% Contribution Lower the Barrier to entry Flexible Deadlines Open Editorial Strategy Align KPIs with their Success ' 🗓 ) 📈
  8. 8. Content in Action We listen. We wait. We make ourselves available.
  9. 9. The Process Opportunity Interview Storyboard Draft Culture Package Story Production Lifecycle
  10. 10. The Process Step 0: The Opportunity We never tell someone what to write. We listen, help them articulate ideas, and we support Story Sources: 
 @All Hands, Slack, Social… - Release or Feature - Customer / integration - Cool case study 3 ways an article starts: - “I want to write.” - “I want to write about X” - “Do you want to write?”
  11. 11. The Process Step 1 Discovering a story someone else can tell is like interviewing a CEO without reading their press release Sample interview questions - “What’ve you been working on?” - “What gets you excited?” - “What have you learned?” Interview Alex S Software Engineer
  12. 12. The Process What stops most people from writing are all the things that aren’t “sharing your expertise/experience” What you get from them: - Who/what/when/where/why - expertise - Bullet point ideas What you provide afterwards: - Intro/conclusion/title - The Hook - The Story Step 2 Storyboard
  13. 13. The Process Step 3 Draft The Feedback process is an opportunity to help someone grow. Never rush it. Three Rules for giving feedback - Feedback vs. Validation - The more input the better - Always suggest edits
  14. 14. We always make sure we are being exemplary Algolians: - “Could we be more Humble?” - “Are we showing enough Care?” - “Are we being transparent?” Your brand is the sum of every experience people have with your brand. Culture The Process Step 4
  15. 15. Every image comes from our design team, and the whole company gets behind each article. How we align success: - Putting $$$ behind their work - Pushing to HackerNews, Reddit, etc. (when appropiate) - #Celebration Package The Process Step 5
  16. 16. “ “Is that something Algolia would do, or how other companies do it? How Algolia does Content
  17. 17. How we make Writing Easy Blogging Guidelines Pan-Department Support Flexible: use your tools your way Making praise public 📝 😍 ⚒ 🙌
  18. 18. The Power of CollaborationIf you want to build a community, you can start by being one. 1) Mitigate risk of having a central voice with too much power 2) We let the experts be experts 3) It scales. 1 Editor works with 12 employees in a quarter
  19. 19. How can I do this? Creating a company of storytellers starts with creating a culture of Blogging Guidelines Writing must be part of the job Praise & Feedback Trust. 📝 & ❤ 🙏
  20. 20. Liam Boogar Brand Director, Algolia @LiamBoogar Thank you!