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Stop school violence

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Stop school violence

  1. 1. Stop school violence Organized by Dang Huyen October 25, 2012At Bac Giang specializing high school Class: 10 Email: thaohien96.cbg@gmail.com Tel: 0984145753
  2. 2. #2: Need for project• Nowadays, school violence happens more regularly. It cause a bad visual for school and it is very dangerous. We need to stop and rejec them out the school’s life
  3. 3. #3: goal• The goal of my project is to propagate and protect students from school students. After my project, I hope everyone will understand and recognize the harm of school violence clearly
  4. 4. #4: Project Activities• To achieve my goal of stopping school violence, I organized a group of students who could attend and inquire the contradicts of student of school anywhere
  5. 5. #5: Step by step planning• I organized a group of 10 of my friends to join my activities. We devided into 2 groups. A group inquired the scuffles of student, another sovled contradict and reported to the teachers• After that, we reported to the student’s family and made peace. Our group worked helpfully to make sure that they could make peace• My friends and I celebrated a meeting between school and families of students. We talked about the way of upbringing to stop school violence
  6. 6. #6: Result• After my mini project, our school didn’t have school violence at all. This guaranteed study of studens and made everyone get on well together