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Christopher McCann UX portfolio 2016

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My recent UX portfolio that describes my present thinking and recent thoughts

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Christopher McCann UX portfolio 2016

  1. 1. Hello. Some recent work and thoughts by Christopher McCann
  2. 2. Christopher McCann www.letterpress.se cm@lprs.se @letterpress_se +46 70 629 5772 Some clients
  3. 3. Understanding the people that use the system through observation. Identifying and organising information within a product or system in a purposeful or meaningful way. system Design the interactive behaviours of a product or service with a focus on their use. Competence Areas Design leaders drive change through design principles using communication, empowerment and vision. Design of a digital product considers how a product is used, functions needed and how it can be realised. Facilitate groups, in co-design workshops that yield new ideas through different knowledge, goals and perspectives. DESIGN LEADERSHIP PRODUCT DESIGN FACILITATION USER RESEARCH INFORMATION ARCHITECTURE INTERACTION DESIGN
  4. 4. A Process FRAME PROBLEM ENVISION SOLUTION UNDERSTAND USERSVALIDATE Who are the users and what are their needs? Identify how they solve their problems today? Understand Users Test our ideas and designs. Repeat. Validate Consider multiple ideas. Build on other ideas Envision Solution Identify expected outcomes of the solution. Frame the Problem This is a process that I use both in my design work as well as a communication tool with stakeholders. I emphasise the importance of collaboration, user research and iteration in the process.
  5. 5. Bergh’s School of Communication UX Product Development Program teaches students how to develop products based on a User Centered methodologies. Course divided into three main sections - Discover, Create and Validate. Lecturer for the Create section of the Program. Day long section teaches methods for the development of product needs and ideas into concrete designs that can be validated or implemented. DESIGN LEADERSHIP INTERACTION DESIGN FACILITATION
  6. 6. EpiServer AB Episerver Commerce allows Marketers to manage e- commerce websites by integrating content and digital marketing capabilities. Product is made up of three key functions - Catalog Management, Promotions and Customer Service. Commerce has a very close user integration with our CMS system. The product was acquired by Episerver in 2012 and needed to be completely redesigned to improve usability and maintain consistent UX across the Episerver platform. Interaction Design Facilitation User Research
  7. 7. EpiServer AB UX Designer - Commerce Complete redesign of Catalog Management and Discount Management functionality. Responsible for design during all stages of product development - sketch, prototype to final product. High level of UX collaboration with 14 person team in an Agile software development environment. Conduct continuous user research for Commerce development. FACILITATIONINTERACTION DESIGN USER RESEARCH
  8. 8. EpiServer ABFACILITATIONINTERACTION DESIGN Commerce - Catalog Management USER RESEARCH Design of information flows, user scenarios and graphical interface for entire Catalog Management section. Existing Catalog Management - dated and very poor usability
  9. 9. EpiServer AB Commerce - Campaigns and Discounts FACILITATIONINTERACTION DESIGN USER RESEARCH Prototype developed through iterative sketching and User Research. Existing Discount Management - dated and very poor usability.
  10. 10. EpiServer AB UX Team Lead Lead group of 7 persons made up of UX Designers, Content Specialists and Front End developers. Team is responsible for maintaining consistent UX across entire Episerver platform including 8 products developed in 3 countries. Responsible for communicating the value and vision of UX within organisation. Implemented a number of collaborative UX processes: Design Studio, Outcome Mapping and Story Mapping DESIGN LEADERSHIP
  11. 11. EpiServer AB My UX leadership goals Transparency - communicate in an honest and straightforward way. Patience - accept that fact that good design takes time. Flexibility - Treat people as intelligent and self-motivated. Emphasising individual’s strengths not penalising weaknesses. Learning as a team - ‘No of us are as smart as all of us’ Humble - willingness to admit mistakes and ask for help. Accepting the fact that I cannot have all the answers. DESIGN LEADERSHIP
  12. 12. UX Team Lead - Collaborative Design Outcome Mapping A method of framing the problem around the desired outcomes. Design Studio A way to generate many ideas and solutions to a problem quickly through sketching, iteration, and critique. Story Mapping The use of a story to describe how a user would interact with a product and the technical details needed to realise such a solution. EpiServer ABFACILITATION DESIGN LEADERSHIP
  13. 13. EpiServer AB UX Team Lead - UX Standards UX Front End Guidelines DESIGN LEADERSHIP As the company expanded to development groups located outside of Stockholm, it became challenging to maintain UX quality. A style-guide was created to document basic interface elements and patterns. This is proven to save considerable time and improve overall UX quality.
  14. 14. Ericsson Dashboard -7,442 -1,517 -1,164 -4,577 -3,253 -3,601 0 -1,833 -2,485 -10,653 -3,103 -1,919 4,667 -3,091 -715 -2,058 -673 -4,721 -5,299 -8,031 -12,000 -10,000 -8,000 -6,000 -4,000 -2,000 0 2,000 4,000 6,000 GF MANAGEMENTINTERNAL COMMUNICATIONSINVESTOR & ANALYST RELATIONSPUBLIC AND MEDIA RELATIONSCOMMUNICATIONS ITMARKETING COMMUNICATIONSBRAND MANAGEMENT (1332)BRAND MANAGEMENTCOMMUNICATIONS OPERATIONSEDITORIAL (JGC) KSEK GF Communication 2011 TOTAL EXPENSES per Cost Centre FEB BUDGET Reporting Monthly summary CC result YTD Forecast YTD vs. Plan Previous year YTD YTD vs. FY Plan Unique'#' Information Structure Unit B Unit A2Unit A1 Unit A3 CC 1 CC 2 CC 3 Category Month,1 Month,2.. Direct,Expenses Alloca9on Internal +,Projects =Gross,Expenses @,Revenue =,Net,Expenses Number,of,Employees Number,of,Consultants Group Functions CFO Financial Control (DEC ) Ericsson Credit AB Security (DEA) Treasury F&A,PM,GM 1) Roland Hagman Efficiency Other Common costs " F I N A N C E " CEO Strategy Communications (DI) Sales & Marketing (DS ) HR & Organization (DK) Legal Affairs (DJ) T Technology & Portfolio Mgmnt Ericsson Mobile Money Services Excl EMM Common functions - Real estate (DEW ) IS/IT Common functions - IS/IT Common functions - Sourcing Control and Compliance (DEB) VOR Ericsson Racing Team, Reporting Monthly summary CC result YTD Forecast YTD vs. Plan Previous year YTD YTD vs. FY Plan Problem Approach Ericsson corporate finance wanted to increase the effectiveness of communicating key financial information across operations worldwide. A new concept for information modelling and reporting was developed. Initial workshop to understand relevant financial reporting and desired outcomes of new financial reporting. Overall prioritisation of information based on importance and frequency of use Iterative concept development of alternative information presentation methods from sketch to hi-fi wireframes. INTERACTION DESIGN Existing reporting was done through a series of excel spreadsheets. Communication of key elements could be improved. Relevant cost information was modelled and validated with customer.
  15. 15. Ericsson Dashboard Design Guidelines: Incorporate Ericsson visual brand guidelines. Identify and highlight key financial figures. Express financial relationships graphically. Improve readability and remove excess visual clutter. INTERACTION DESIGN
  16. 16. Företagarna.se Problem Approach The membership organisation, Företagarna.se, wished to attract a new member base and needed to develop their digital presence. Their goal was to attract a younger, entrepreneurial and more culturally diverse group than their existing membership base, and the new design should reflect this. Research - Determine what competitors’ members consider with this type of membership organisation. Effect Mapping - Identify overall desired effect of website and target groups. Develop Personas and new concept for website. Conceptual Lo-fi and Hi- fi Wireframes INTERACTION DESIGN FACILITATION
  17. 17. Företagarna.seFACILITATION Facilitating Impact Mapping workshop with stakeholders for Företagarna. Identification of target group stakeholders for Företagarna.se Initial ideas of desired outcomes of website. Development of desired effect of the website
  18. 18. Nytta med Webbplatsen •  Grundläggande information om företagande Hur startar jag ett företag? Ta del av fallstudier och intressanta affärsidéer, få stöd och guidelines. •  Information om medlemskap / pris Se pris, lätt att bli medlem, samt förstå nyttan med medlemsskap, vilka förmåner man får etc. •  Nätverka med andra Diskutera med andra kring frågor som rör att starta företag. •  Vilka är Företagarna Förstå vilka frågor driver Företagarna driver och vilken nytta de ger mig som ny företagare? Blivande medlem - Ny företagare ’Karin’ Nytta med Webbplatsen •  Hämta Information •  Rapporter /Remisser •  Statistik •  Nyheter •  Kalendarium •  Bilder •  Kunskap om företagande Hur är det att driva ett företag, fallstudier mm. •  Kontaktuppgifter Vad händer i mitt området? Kontaktuppgifter. Lokala nyheter. Utländsk kontakter. •  Omvärldsbevakning kring politiska frågor Vilka frågor driver Företagarna och hur? Vilka är de aktuella frågorna inom näringspolitik och lagstiftning? Politiker/Journalist/ Makthavare ’Jonas’ Företagarna.seFACILITATION Two of five personas developed to describe the target groups of the website.
  19. 19. Företagarna | START !" STARTSIDAN Levande startsida En huvudpuff med rullande bildspel. Baserad på ”testimonials” – t.ex.MötAnna,nybliven medlem, och läs varför hon valde att gå med.Tonen är trygg,personlig, positiv. 5 GODA SKÄL ATT BLI MEDLEM Exempel på puffar: 1. Tycker du att juridiken är krånglig? Vi förklarar och ger dig goda råd. 2. Alla våra medlemmar får gratis juridisk experthjälp 3. Jag sparade in hela medlemsavgiften när jag köpte en ny bil, och jag tankar billigt på OKQ8. 4. Vi ger dig goda råd i exempelvis personalfrågorna - Anställningsvillkoren - Sjuklöneansvaret - Uppsägningar 5. Gratis försäkring i 3 månader för nya medlemmar. Du får: - Sjukvårdsförsäkring - Livförsäkring - Olycksfallsförsäkring Företagarvänliga förslag från Miljöpartiet !"#!$%&'(#)*+&,-&'+#.#/01#2344#5,#44623 Miljöpartiet vill underlätta för småföretagen att expandera och nyan- ställa, bland annat genom att avskaffa sjuklönekostnaden för företag med upp till tio anställda. Det skriver Maria Wetterstrand och Mikaela Valtersson i en debattartikel i SvD. Företagarvänliga förslag från Miljöpartiet !"#!$%&'(#)*+&,-&'+#.#/01#2344#5,#44623 Miljöpartiet vill underlätta för småföretagen att expandera och nyan- ställa, bland annat genom att avskaffa sjuklönekostnaden för företag med upp till tio anställda. Det skriver Maria Wetterstrand och Mikaela Tipsa artikeln Kommentera Vi på Företagarna är engagerade i ditt företag.Vi vill att du ska ha det så bra som möjligt och slippa krånglig byråkrati och skyhöga skatter.Vi vill att det ska vara enkelt att starta, driva, utveckla och äga företag i Sverige. Är du engagerad i ditt företag? Gör som 70 000 andra företagare. Bli medlem i Företagarna. Våra 3 viktigaste frågor just nu – Lägre skattetryck – Flexiblare arbetsmarknad – Enklare regler Vad har vi uppnått och vad vill vi förändra? Läs mer om grönt,gult eller rött ljus. 7*$8058###9###:'&((##9###)';+*'#<#("0'##9## !"#$%&#'(')*$')+(,*$#)+&+$-$&+.%'+)%-. !"#$"%%%%%%%%&'(%)*+'*)%%%%%%%%%,#+%(-./$0%%%%%%%%,#+%.1$%,(0%%%%%%%%,#$%2(--!%,(0% -345657 $899:7657 (%;5<=8 Det här får du! >?@?<9?AA 5 goda skäl att bli medlem (bildspel) Sök !" Hej! Vill du prata med oss? Ring, mejla eller chatta. Vi hörs! #" $" Ditt postnummer !1B !" #" $" !8;87C56D987657D 975D5E6578D%;5<% F:GG:7%:H4%97=DI J8;98EK BESKRIVNING OM FÖRETAGARNA Kort beskrivning om företagarna som ger den potentiella medlemmen argument för att gå med och förståelse för vad Företagarna är för något.Rakt på sak,men samtidigt en trev- lig ton. Sveriges företagarklimat” här för dig”. NYHETER Nyheter, rapporter och press i en sorterad ordning. Tydligare presenterad. Förslag för framtiden Rubriker. Fundera på vad nuvarande/potentiella medlemmar sö- ker efter när de har problem, frågor osv., försök att använda de- ras vokabulär.Att använda rätt rubriker är ett sätt att hamna högt på Google. Etiketter, nyckelord. Här kan Företagarna använda sig - nad, Försäkringskassan, Lagar och regler, Hälsa (men inte enbart Lagar och regler, Hälsa). I förlängningen kan man också ha ett s.k. taggmoln, där besökarna kan hitta de populäraste ämnena. B8;98EK9?AA% ”Ensam är man inte stark” Bli medlem för 990 kr =#>'?#';%+?"$?$+ Företagarna.seINTERACTION DESIGN Conceptual wireframe for startpage of Företagarna.se. Art Direction proposal of startpage.
  20. 20. Problem Approach Determine if the existing content from Ericsson global intranet can be adapted to a new conceptual design for intranet. New design was to be part of global relaunch in 2012. Conduct content survey of existing information architecture on present intranet. Map content migration to proposed new information architecture. Determine if content needs to be modified, moved or redesigned for the new design. Redesign information architecture. Ericsson Intranet IAINFORMATION ARCHITECTURE
  21. 21. Ericsson Intranet IAINFORMATION ARCHITECTURE
  22. 22. Problem Sverigeflyg is a domestic low-cost airline that operates out of Bromma airport. Destinations are Göteborg, Kalmar, Malmö. The company is entirely on-line with no physical facilities. They wished to modernise and streamline the booking process based on the following goals: Shorten overall booking process. Introduce the ‘ticket stub’ concept to the process. Improve the conversion rate of passengers that begin the process to payment. Improve the overall understanding and transparency of the process. Interview with Customer Service representatives to identify pain-points. Concept was developed collaboratively with client/developer. Final Prototype was delivered to developers for implementation. Approach Research Sketch Concept Prototype Sverigeflyg.seINTERACTION DESIGN
  23. 23. Sverigeflyg.seINTERACTION DESIGN Prototype created using Axure Sketching ideas - interface options and information flow.
  24. 24. KTH Digital Workplace Problem Approach As part of a larger IT strategy, the KTH IT department wished to get a better understanding of the digital workplace for KTH all users - students, faculty and administrative functions. Over forty user interviews were conducted in 2012 resulting in a set of seven personas as well as a tactical strategy for the near future. Develop interview guidelines and script. Conduct (30) interviews Document groupings, patterns and begin formulating personas. Refine full personas, develop method for how personas can be maintained in future. USER RESEARCH
  25. 25. KTH Digital WorkplaceUSER RESEARCH
  26. 26. Svenska Spel Mobile User Test Background Svenska Spel was in the process of launching a new Triss Lottery app. As a part of the design process, they wanted to conduct end-user tests to get some feedback regarding overall usability, information flows and design. Two Iphone prototypes were tested as well as some design sketches on paper. Eight users we tested in Stockholm in 2011. Approach Together with client identify relevant task scenarios to test App. Recruit, conduct and document (25) user tests - video and audio. Analyze results, providing visual presentation and interaction design improvements. USER RESEARCH
  27. 27. Svenska Spel Mobile User Test USER RESEARCH
  28. 28. Scania Trucks Dashboard User Test Background Approach Scania Trucks is a large manufacturer that was in the development process for an Instrument Cluster to be used on all vehicles sold worldwide. As part of the product development process, they wished to integrate user testing into the initial stages of design. A digital prototype was tested using Stockholm city bus drivers to get feedback on the usability of the Cluster as well as to understand the drivers environment, needs and desires. Identify overall target effect improvements of new dashboard. Identify relevant task scenarios for test persons. Conduct and document user tests (8) - video and audio. Analyze results, providing visual presentation and interaction design improvements. USER RESEARCH
  29. 29. Resultat, ICL Ger den relevant information vid rätt tillfälle? De flesta tycker det är bra med klocka och temp inuti mätaren. 3/6 känner sig osäkra på AE är och vilken växel som är i. Stoppknappen är för liten, speciellt vid starkt ljus tycker de flesta. 3/6 tycker det är irrelevant info för dem. 4/6 tycker att bromstryck, hastighetsmätare och stoppknapp är den viktigaste ICL- informationen. Resultat, menyer Alla förstår vilka funktioner som menyerna innehåller. Hälften känner osäkerhet om värdet av en viss mätpunkt bland de olika menyerna är bra eller dåligt. Scania Trucks Dashboard User Test USER RESEARCH Summary of which functions that worked well and those that did not.
  30. 30. Resultat, vilka funktioner är relevanta? Siffrorna visar hur många av de 6 testpersoner som tycker en funktion är viktig, neutral eller oviktig för dem när de kör. Visa funktioner tycker TP är oviktigt fast de tar stor plats i ICL. Scania Trucks Dashboard User Test USER RESEARCH Table summarises which dashboard functions were considered important for bus drivers. These results differed substantially to Scania’s understanding of the need for different features.
  31. 31. “Do not fear mistakes - there are none. ” ― Miles Davis