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2.4 BUSINESSi, Wynn-Williams, Charles

CAN 2018 conference presentation at the University of Winchester

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2.4 BUSINESSi, Wynn-Williams, Charles

  2. 2. INTRODUCTION • International Business Department Newsletter • The Idea • 1st and 2nd editions published so far • Examples of the articles we have published • What worked & what did not
  3. 3. WHERE DID THE IDEA COME FROM? • Dr Michael Wynn-Williams – degree programme leader for BA International Business • The inspiration came in a dream…. about founding a women’s magazine called Girl’sEye! • Lacking any talent in this area soon realised that efforts were better diverted to starting a newsletter but with cunning recycling of the title • Intentions for the newsletter to be by the students for the students
  4. 4. THE TEAM • Editor in Chief – Myself • Editors – Luz, Paola and Luca
  5. 5. AIM OF THE NEWSLETTER • Build bridges between students and staff • Deepen the sense of ‘community’ in our International Business department • Highlight the opportunities available to and taken by our students and staff
  6. 6. OUR FIRST MEETING • Four sections • Academia • Uni-Life • Foreign Exchanges • Work Experience • The wonders of WhatsApp!
  8. 8. ARTICLE 1 - FRESHER’S TIPS • 6 pieces of advice from a 3rd year student • Academic success • Google docs (especially for group work) • Referencing • Academic support • Career success • Career mentoring scheme • Internships • Business School Employability Office (BSEO)
  9. 9. ARTICLE 2 – MY PLACEMENT INTERVIEW • A story of Chandler’s placement interview • Informative and funny • A great example of how things do go wrong sometimes, but it is how you handle these hiccups that shows the potential employer what you’re made of
  10. 10. PARTICIPATION FROM STAFF • The opening message from the Head of Department • ‘Get to know you’ article on a staff member • This article did not turn out quite how we had expected • Highlighted areas of miscommunication among the editing team • We worked on these areas for the second edition
  11. 11. WHAT WE LEARNT • Despite not having that many contact hours at uni, finding time to meet was a nightmare • WhatsApp is amazing! • The key seems to be ongoing communication and deadlines
  12. 12. 2ND EDITION • Send Chandler’s Article as a template • Kept strict deadlines • Finding writers • First draft • Grammar check • Publication • Trello helped me stay sane!
  13. 13. MORE INVOLVEMENT/VOLUNTEERING FROM STUDENTS • More students came forward • We began to see an interest in participation • Some students included pictures with their articles – a great addition!
  14. 14. ARTICLE 1 - FACULTY SPOTLIGHT • This time the template was used and the team was very happy with the result! • We had great feedback from this article • Students pick who we hear from next
  15. 15. ARTICLE 2 – ERASMUS EXPERIENCE • Maxi wrote about her Erasmus experience in Nice • Encouraging students to seriously consider going on Erasmus • Especially useful in our department as we’re studying INTERNATIONAL Business
  16. 16. ARTICLE 3 – BUSINESS SIMULATION GAME • Business Simulation Article from Akos and Alvaro • Demonstrates the opportunities created by the Business department for students
  17. 17. ALUMNI OF THE MONTH • Not only are we trying to foster this sense of community among the current students and staff, we also want to encourage alumni to continue to be a part of the University of Greenwich community • Jose Ramon Bua wrote great article about how a lecturer helped him with his final year project and career plan
  18. 18. ARTICLES WRITTEN BY STAFF • Catherine Farrant • Article on the International Business Students Conference • Great Feedback from students!
  19. 19. HOW THE NEWSLETTER HAS BUILD BRIDGES BETWEEN STUDENTS AND STAFF • Faculty spotlight • Head of Department message • Articles written by staff
  20. 20. WHAT MORE CAN WE DO? • Further strengthen the sense of community at Greenwich by continuing the newsletter next year • Other departments could also establish their own newsletters