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How to Create Gmail Account - Short Tutorials

Get to know the basic things about gmail account through shorttutorials.com

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How to Create Gmail Account - Short Tutorials

  1. 1. Are you a beginner?? Are you struggling to manage things with computer? This is the right place for you to learn all about computer from scratch... @ Shorttutorials.com
  2. 2. Introduction This is purely for beginners who start to use gmail account. It is simple to create and mange a mail account. In short tutorials website, they developed a tutorial to know the basics for the beginners who literally struggle to use a gmail account. Just go to this site to learn every steps with the use of screen shots. Here are some basic things which are vital to know.
  3. 3. Send Email to Multiple People
  4. 4. Click compose mail and select the To field, type the mail id to whom you want to send separated by commas. Or else select the contacts from your contact list by selecting To icon in the left side of the message box ad shown in the image below.
  5. 5. Insert Google Drive Files in Gmail Select Google drive icon below. A dive window opens, you can select the file and click insert. The files shared will be listed you can select the file and upload it. The file will attached and you can send the file. You will get a alert message , where you can edit the settings of your convenience.
  6. 6. Invite People / Friends to Chat in Gmail Many will like to chat while doing some work they may have some doubts or clarifications, at that time instead of sending mail you can chat with the person. Click the search icon from the left pane or click Start a new one. Mail contacts will be listed. Search the contact or click the contact you wish to chat. At once chat box will open, type the message in the text
  7. 7. Get the complete tutorial @ https://www.shorttutorials.com/gmail /index.html Shorttutorials - A platform for beginners