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PLC Brochure

  1. 1. Property Loss Consulting
  2. 2. Property Loss ConsultingOur Property Loss Consulting practice serves infiltration to catastrophic failure. We investigateinsurance companies and their representative at- damage and provide solid answers to complextorneys and adjusters in evaluating the scope and questions, help define the issues, and ifnature of losses related to natural and man-made necessary, offer litigation support andevents. We provide critical information that helps expert witness testimony.our insurance clients make informed decisionsregarding property and casualty, construction Our building code consulting services are in-defect, builders’ risk, surety, and liability claims. formed by an understanding of local, regional and international building codes gained through ourOperating internationally, our multidisciplinary experience as design professionals. We provideteam offers a streamlined, single-source solution. independent evaluation of code requirementsStructural and MEP engineers, architects, and recommendations for achieving compliance.building skin experts and sustainability specialistsprovide comprehensive, coordinated services. The rapidly-growing class of environmentallyWorking with our strategic partner, Hardesty & sensitive “green” buildings brings a new set ofHanover, we also evaluate long-span and movable issues to property loss activities. Our knowl-structures, bridges, and highway and rail projects. edge of sustainable design and the LEED rating system enables us to consult on all technicalThe core of our practice is scope of damage aspects during the claims adjustment process.determination: investigating, documenting,analyzing, and determining the extent and The goal of multihazard risk assessment is toseverity of property damage occurring from evaluate and mitigate risk related to specificcovered-loss events. structures or a portfolio of properties. Our due diligence surveys evaluate and quantify potentialOur forensic teams determine the cause and damage resulting from hurricanes, tornados,origin of property damage, ranging from water earthquakes, floods, blasts, and other hazards.From left: Forensic information model for a hangar damaged by a roof collapse and for a shopping mall damaged by fire.
  3. 3. General ServicesProperty Damage Assessment & DocumentationRepair/Replacement RecommendationsCause & Origin InvestigationInadequate PerformanceFailure/Collapse AnalysisCovered-Loss AssessmentEvaluation of Building CodeRequisite Code Compliance ConsultingEvent-Driven Code Compliance ConsultingSustainability Claims ConsultingLEED Evaluation and ComplianceUpgrade AnalysisLitigation Support ServicesExpert Witness Reports and TestimonyForensic Information Modeling (FIM)Demonstrative Evidence PresentationsMultihazard Risk AssessmentProbable Maximum Loss StudiesVulnerability AssessmentsMitigation StudiesImages from top: Fire damage at a meat processingplant, Wisconsin; evaluating elevator shaft damagefollowing Hurricane Ike, Texas; hanger roof collapse,Virginia; damage to fabric roof, Illinois.
  4. 4. Firm OverviewPractice Areas Thornton Tomasetti is a leader in engineering design, investigation and analysis serving clients worldwide on projects of all sizes and complexity.Building Structure With practices in building structure, building skin, building performance, construction supportBuilding Skin services and property loss consulting, Thornton Tomasetti addresses the full life cycle of aBuilding Performance structure. We have supported clients working in more than 40 countries, with projects thatConstruction Support Services include the tallest buildings and longest spans to the restoration of prized historic properties.Property Loss Consulting Founded in 1956, today Thornton Tomasetti is a 550-person organization of engineers and architects collaborating from offices across the United States and in Asia, Europe and the Middle East. To report a claim, you can reach us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week: 866.460.3465 (Toll-free in Canada and the U.S.) plc@ThorntonTomasetti.com www.ThorntonTomasetti.com/services/ property_loss_consultingCover: Damage assessmentfollowing the 2010 earthquake inHaiti (left) and Hurricane Ike on theU.S. Gulf Coast (right.)