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Mana health NY Patient Portal Presentation

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We believe in empowering patients through simple, intuitive and beautiful data. An empowered patient is a healthy patient. This presentation outlines our vision for the NY Patient Portal, inspired by these values.

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Mana health NY Patient Portal Presentation

  1. 1. When  you  have  to  visit  your  doctor,  you  have  enough  things  to  worry  about.  
  2. 2. Figuring  out  what  your  data  means  shouldn’t  be  one  of  them…  
  3. 3. At  Mana  Health  we  believe  understanding  your  health  data  should  be  easy,  beau?ful…  even  fun!    
  4. 4. With  the  NY  Pa?ent  Portal,  you’ll  have  access  to  all  your  data…  
  5. 5. Which  looked  like  this…  
  6. 6. Yea,  we  thought  it  could  look  beEer  too…  
  7. 7. So  we  built  this  app  for  you:  The  person  behind  all  the  numbers.  
  8. 8. Here’s  how  it   works:  
  9. 9. Main  Dashboard  Make  sense  of  your  data  and  focus  on  what’s   really  going  on.  
  10. 10. Access  Control  Panel   Your  data,  your  rules.  Manage  access  with  one  click    
  11. 11. Access  log  See  who’s  accessing  your  data.  All  in  one  place.  
  12. 12. Secure  Messaging  Communicate  with  your  doctor  simply  and   securely.  
  13. 13. And  for  those  Bmes  when  your  doctor     needs  a  second  look…  Our  “transmit”  buAon  makes  secure  sharing   with  your  doctor  effortless.  
  14. 14. AND  HERE’S  THE  LIVE  VERSION   We  hope  you  like  it!     If  you  do,  please  vote  for  us.    *Help  make  it  even  beEer  with  your  sugges?ons  :  feedback@mana-­‐health.com     Here’s  to  your  health!   Sincerely, -­‐The  Mana  Health  Team @manahealth