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Intro to UX for Programmers

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"Intro to UX for Programmers" is a talk I gave at SD Ruby in April

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Intro to UX for Programmers

  1. 1. Quick and Cheap Usability for Programmers By Megan O’Rorke SD Ruby 4/1/10
  2. 2. The Plan, StanGeneral idea of usabilityWhat will/won’t be coveredWho, What and Why?Cheap & quick tricks of the tradeAudience questions
  3. 3. General IdeaError free is not enoughWorld conquest = make the person on theother end of your interaction happy
  4. 4. This talk will coverGet actionable dataMethods for programmers
  5. 5. This talk will notCover an in-depth history of the usability fieldGo into all the techniquesConvert programmers into usability professionals
  6. 6. Who, What and Why?Why: Other people’s ESP sucksWho gives the most useful feedback?Real world data
  7. 7. Who: the Upside of IgnorancePeople in the trenches have lost the naïve perspectiveJargon becomes familiar ROR, PEBKAC IGO, NIGO
  8. 8. What/Why: Observation FTW!Observation reveals what anticipation misses
  9. 9. HowIn house labs vs portable usability labsCheap and fast outsourced options: feedbackarmy.com $10 for 10 people’s feedback usertesting.com $39/user, get video + written report
  10. 10. TipsEarly & Often: 3 people, at least once a monthDiscuss fixing critical issues seen in the dataSketch, prototype, scrap and iterate
  11. 11. Good Luck! Questions?