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Alex the Compliance Director

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Alex is a Compliance Director who has a number of issues. He finds an affordable, professional and discrete answer to his regulatory problems with a niche consultant, Compliance Consultant (tel 020 7097 1434)

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Alex the Compliance Director

  1. 1. Meet Alex He is a Compliance Director
  2. 2. He took over this business About 7 months ago and just after a Regulator’s visit
  3. 3. But he’s very unhappy For many reasons …
  4. 4. There’s insufficient Resource No-one in Compliance has worked in risk before No-one has ever compiled a Risk & Controls Log X X X
  5. 5. There is no recent TCF assessment As part of the remediation plan, Conduct Risk features high but there are no details The budget is limited X X X
  6. 6. Until he found
  7. 7. Making Compliance Work
  8. 8. They work on a project basis They only use industry experienced consultants who can walk the walk You deal direct with the owner The Difference is
  9. 9. They work WITH you and not For You All work is done under a Non-Disclosure Agreement They all roll up their sleeves and get stuck in The Difference is also
  10. 10. Now, he’s very happy Because……
  11. 11. Alex doesn’t have to manage the work – Compliance Consultant project manage it all It’s cheaper than the big 5 Existing staff are up- skilled
  12. 12. Regular Reports Qualified consultants future-proofing the work Experienced “Conduct Risk” specialists embedding CR into existing risk framework
  14. 14. FIND OUT MORE https://www.facebook.com/C omplianceConsultant Twitter.com/complianceconst www. ComplianceConsultant.org Call 0207 097 1434 Email: info@complianceconsultant.org