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Make your home ready for insulation!!!

it is necessary to prepare the home for insulation(http://www.aesofutah.com) before insulation installation process. the type of preparation varies from place to place.

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Make your home ready for insulation!!!

  1. 1. Make your home ready for insulation!!!
  2. 2. Insulation installation • Insulation installation is one of the home improvement done, which can be done in finished house or while during construction process.
  3. 3. • It is necessary to prepare your house for attic insulation before the start of the house. The basic preparation are • Cleaning • Cut off the electric supply • Separation of furniture and electronic equipment from work place. • Covering rest of the houses to get rid of dust
  4. 4. • These are just common home preparation methods, done before all the home improvement process. • But insulation need additional preparation for all the places • How to do it??? Look the slides below
  5. 5. Attic • An attic is nothing but a roof . Finished attic can also be insulated • No attic is easily accessible. So make the path to reach the attic and to transfer the installation equipment • In some cases, closets are used, so remove all the items in the closet and make it as clean as possible.
  6. 6. Knee walls • They are used as support for rafters in timber roof construction. • Seldom, knee walls are used for storing the belongings, remove all such things and make way them easy accessible by the installers.
  7. 7. Interior walls • While insulating interior walls, it is necessary to remove all the items like furniture, gadgets, etc… nearby and cut off the energy supplies. • It is better to make the place empty and allot space for working men and to keep the working tools
  8. 8. Exterior walls • While making exterior wall insulation, make sure that whole wall is easily accessible to the installers, if not make some arrangements. • Reserve some place in the yard or some empty space outside to keep the installation equipment.
  9. 9. Crawl space • A crawl space is the vent or opening between the roofs. They are observer of more humidity. • It is necessary to insulate the exterior masonry walls. so make the things easily accessible for the workers while installing. • It is better to provide them an extra tool to place the things
  10. 10. floor • Floor insulation is one of the toughest task. • In other types of insulation, tools are arranged on floors, but here you should put some extra effort in allotment of space for tools. • Prevent children from entering the room until the room was set.
  11. 11. Under slabs • Houses with slabs has low risk of leaking damage. • It is necessary to keep the slab clean and dry before the insulation implementation • Remove the debris in the place for the efficient insulation.
  12. 12. Advantages of insulation implementation • Reduces the unwanted energy loss • Pest resistant • Noise retarder • Reduce utility bills • Can go eco friendly.
  13. 13. • These are some of the attic insulation implementation place and this is how you can prepare the specific place for insulation process. • It is mandatory to prepare your home for insulation, in order to avoid damage of the household products and to provide flexibility to the workers
  14. 14. • Aesofutah is one of the insulation rebate providers in Utah with efficient energy inspectors to monitor the energy level of the house and design the insulation to compensate the energy loss. • To know more visit, http://www.aesofutah.com.
  15. 15. • https://www.facebook.com/Insulation- 511640412323346/?ref=hl • https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/104097230335631 761122/104097230335631761122/posts • http://athoins.blogspot.com/