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List of delicious pistachios kulfis

kulfis are the traditional ice cream variety in india, there are many predominant varieties available and one among them is pistachios

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List of delicious pistachios kulfis

  1. 1. List Of Delicious Pistachios Kulfis
  2. 2. Pistachios Kulfi • Pistachios (Pista) is the nut varieties which has lots of calorific value. • The Pista is consumed to gain more energy in the body for the heavy workout. • Kulfis are the traditional ice cream varieties in India which has very optimistic taste. • There are different types of Pista kulfi varieties being prepared, some are showcased in further slides.
  3. 3. Kesar pista Kulfi • The main ingredient of kulfi is rich amount of milk and the condensed milk, cardamon and sugar. • Other than this the ingredients are added based on the required flavours. • Kesar pista kulfi has few pinch of saffron, pistachios playing the main role. • Saffron is added to limited amount and pistas are taken as fully grinded and roasted for this recipe. • Kesar pista kulfi - http://atozfoodrecipes.com/kesar-pista-kulfi.html
  4. 4. Coconut pista kulfi • Along the basic ingredient required for preparation of kulfi, the grated coconut is also taken. • Toast the coconut along with the sugar for few minutes. • Boil the milk for several hour and after the thickness is reached add condensed milk, sugar, walnuts, pistas in to the milk. • Now add toasted coconut at the final stage and pour the mixture in kulfi mold and serve after refrigerating.
  5. 5. Mango Pista Kulfi • The mango should be blendered and poured in to the mixture of boiled evaporated and condensed milk. • The mixture is let to boil in simmer for several minutes along with the pistachios, nuts and cardamom. • The rice flour or corn flour is added to get the creamy texture • The mixture is either molded or they are inserted into big size mango, freeze and consumed. • Mango pista kulfi - http://atozfoodrecipes.com/mango-pista-filled- kulfi.html
  6. 6. Rosewater pista kulfi • Initially boil the milk in simmer for few minutes and add condensed milk, grounded pistas to the pan. • Boil the mixture along with the few tablespoon of rosewater till half the pan is reached. • Now fill the mixture in the kulfi mold and freeze for several hours and serve garnishing with almonds and pistas.
  7. 7. Kaju pista kulfi • Kaju is the indian name which represents cashew nuts. • Here cashews are added in equal quantity of pistas. • Boil the full fat milk along with the condensed milk. • Grid the cardamom, pistas, cashews, almonds, finely but should not in powdered form. • Add them in the thicken milk and serve after freezing.
  8. 8. • The above are some of the kulfi varieties which is been consumed in several part of indias. The combination of rich amount of milk and pistas give high energy calorific value. • A to Z food recipes(http://atozfoodrecipes.com) shows likewise Indian based food recipes with sufficient ingredients and the necessary preparation method required for this type.