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Tech Talk: DevOps at LeanIX @ Startup Camp Berlin

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DevOps at LeanIX - Presentation during Startup Camp Berlin 2015. Covering tools like Docker, Jenkins and Ansible.
LeanIX offers an innovative software-as-a-service solution for Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM), based either in a public cloud or the client’s data center.

Companies like Adidas, Axel Springer, Helvetia, RWE, Trusted Shops and Zalando use LeanIX Enterprise Architecture Management tool.

Free Trial: http://bit.ly/LeanIXDemoS

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  • Andre, what are you using for an artifact repository in this environment?
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Tech Talk: DevOps at LeanIX @ Startup Camp Berlin

  1. 1. DevOps  in  prac-ce  –   How  to  keep  focus  on   your  product?   André  Christ   Startup  Camp  Berlin,  March    2015  
  2. 2. Hint:  The  former  capital  ;-­‐)   2   Photo:  Michael  Sondermann/Bundesstadt  Bonn  
  3. 3. About   3   André  Christ   •  Co-­‐Founder  &  Co-­‐CEO   •  Responsible  for  IT  &  Finance   •  Before:  DHL,  HTGF,  Startups   LeanIX  GmbH   •  SaaS-­‐Provider  for  IT  Architecture  Mgmt   •  Self-­‐Funded,  Founded  2012  in  Bonn   •  >  20  Customers  in  US,  Europe  and  Australia    
  4. 4. What’s  your  level  of  experience  with   these  tools?   4   “Build,  ship,  and  run   distributed  applicaZons”   “Building/tesZng  soware   projects  conZnuously”   “IT  automaZon  engine  that   automates  applicaZon   deployment,  configuraZon   management,  ….”  
  5. 5. Ansible  and  Docker  clearly  connected  to  the   DevOps  “Hype”  …   5  Source:  Google  Trends   DevOps   Docker   Ansible  
  6. 6. …  while  Jenkins  is  really,  really  mature  and   widely  adopted  by  all  company  sizes   6  Source:  Google  Trends   DevOps   Docker   Ansible   Jenkins  
  7. 7. Agenda   7   Docker   Ansible   Jenkins   Mo-va-on  –  How  to  keep  focus  on  your  product?   Summary  /  Learnings  
  8. 8. Challenge  1:  Serve  high-­‐profile  customers   worldwide  with  very  limited  resources   8  
  9. 9. Challenge  2:  Scale  the  plahorm  with  the  right   tools  for  the  job   2012   2014  2013   “MVP”   SSO  &  Micro   services   Professional  Build   Process   Service-­‐  &   Quality  Ensurance   2015   Single  Page   JS  App  
  10. 10. Challenge  3:  B2B-­‐SaaS  requires  flexible   deployment  models  –  Cloud  and  On-­‐Premise     10   Different  cloud  environments   •  Amazon  Webservices  (US  &  Australia)   •  Strato  (Germany)   •  Further  providers  planned  (e.g.  Azure)   •  …   Individual  plaPorms  per  company   •  Ubuntu  Linux   •  Redhat   •  Windows   •  ….    
  11. 11. 11   Write  proper   documenta-on  and   manuals?!   Does  not  solve  our  issues*   •  High  effort  to  test   •  Not  repeatable   •  Outdated  very  soon   •  Prohibits  scale   •  Not  customer  friendly   (e.g.  on  premise)   *)  Does  not  mean  we  don’t  write  proper  documentaZon   where  needed  J  
  12. 12. ProducZon   Servers  US   ProducZon   Servers  US   Our  solu-on:  Highly  automated   build,  test  and  deploy  tool  chain   12   Develop   Build   Test   Deploy   Staging   Server   ProducZon   Servers  Europe   Developer   Machines  
  13. 13. Real-­‐life  example:   LeanIX  Synclog  micro  service   13   Track  synchroniza-on  results:  Success,  errors   etc.  of  all  LeanIX  3rd  party  integraZons   Synclog   Microservice   Synclog  Architecture:  RESTful  micro  service   with  database  and  Single  Page  App  GUI   DB   Synclog   REST-­‐API   Synclog  GUI   Angular.JS   Nginx  Webserver   Postgres   Java   Dropwizard   API  
  14. 14. Agenda   14   Docker   Ansible   Jenkins   MoZvaZon  –  How  to  keep  focus  on  your  product?   Summary  /  Learnings  
  15. 15. How  does  Docker  compare  to  virtual   machines?   15   Server   Host  OS   Hypervisor   Server   Host  OS   Docker  Engine   Guest  OS   Bins/Libs   App  A   Guest  OS   Bins/Libs   App  B   Svc  1   Svc  2   Bins/Libs   Virtualisa-on   Docker   Advantages   •  Significantly  faster   deployment   •  Much  less  overhead   •  Easier  migraZon   •  Faster  restart  &  cleanup   •  Fits  perfect  to  micro   services  architectures   Topics  to  be  adressed   •  IsolaZon  /  Security   •  Requires  Linux  Kernel   (Workarounds  via   boot2docker)   •  Maturity  of  tools   VM   VM   Container   Container   Svc  3   Container   Bins/Libs  
  16. 16. What  is  a  Docker  container  and  image?   16   Docker   Client   Host   Docker   Registry   Docker   Deamon   Container  1   Container  2   Container  3   Image  1   Container  N   Image  2   Image  3   Image  4   Docker  API   Private  running   stopped  
  17. 17. Simple  example:  Run  a  Database   17   Docker   Client   Host   Docker   Registry   Docker   Deamon   mydb   leanix-­‐synclog   postgres:9.4   nginx   leanix-­‐synclog   // Start a Postgres DB $ docker pull postgres:9.4 $ docker run –name mydb postgres:9.4 $ docker stop mydb // Create a new image $ docker build –-tag=“leanix/leanix- synclog” . $ docker push leanix/leanix-synclog Docker  API   …   Private  running   stopped  
  18. 18. Docker  Registry  (Docker  Hub)   18   •  100  „Official“   images   •  >  45.000  public   images   •  SubscripZon  model   for  private  images   (similar  to  GitHub)  
  19. 19. Our  example  is  cut  into  3  containers   19   DB   Synclog   REST-­‐API   Synclog  GUI   Angular.JS   Nginx  Webserver   Postgres   Java   Dropwizard   Example   Docker  Images   postgres:9.4   leanix-­‐synclog   leanix-­‐synclog-­‐client  
  20. 20. Synclog  service  in  context  of  enZre   leanIX  architecture   20   Reverse  Proxy  (nginx)   eam     (Core  App)   mtm     (User  Mgmt)   synclog     export   webhooks   noZficaZons   images   ….   Requests   •  Auth  between   Services:  oAuth2   •  Single  Sign  on  (with   customer)  SAML   2.0  
  21. 21. Create  custom  docker  image  based   on  exisZng  images   21  Source:  Docker   FROM dockerfile/java:oracle-java7 # Copy JAR and config into container COPY target/leanix-synclog-0.1.0 / COPY config.yml / COPY run.sh / RUN chmod +x /run.sh # Expose port 9100 and run java process EXPOSE 9100 WORKDIR / # Run command CMD ["./run.sh"] leanix-­‐synclog/Dockerfile   $ docker build –-tag=“leanix/leanix-synclog” . $ docker push leanix/leanix-synclog
  22. 22. How  to  Ze  everything  together?   docker-­‐compose  (was:  fig)   22   api: build: . links: - db ports: - "9100:9100” db: image: postgres docker-­‐compose.yml   $ docker-compose up $ docker-compose stop #!/bin/bash # Replace address sed -i "s/localhost:5432/ $DB_1_PORT_5432_TCP_ADDR:5432/" config.yml java -jar leanix-synclog-0.1.0.jar db migrate config.yml java -jar leanix-synclog-0.1.0.jar server config.yml leanix-­‐synclog/run.sh  
  23. 23. Docker  UI  –  Get  visual  overview  and  controls   for  Docker  (made  with  Angular)   23   $ docker run -d -p 9999:9000 --name dockerui -- privileged -v /var/ run/docker.sock:/ var/run/docker.sock dockerui/dockerui
  24. 24. Keep  an  eye  on:  Giant  swarm   Docker  orchestraZon  made  easy   24   {          "app_name":  "leanix-­‐synclog",          "services":  [{                          "service_name":  "leanix-­‐synclog",                          "components":  [                                {                                          "component_name":  "leanix-­‐synclog",                                          "image":  ”leanix/leanix-­‐synclog",                                          "ports":  [  ”80/tcp"  ],                                          "domains":  {  "synclog-­‐andrechrist.giganZc.io":      "80"  },                                          "dependencies":  [  {                                                          "name":  "db_1",                                                          "port":  5432}]                                  },                                  {                                          "component_name":  "db_1",                                          "image"  :  "postgres:9.4",                                          "ports":  ["5432/tcp"]                                  }                          ]                  }          ]   } $ swarm login $ swarm up $ swarm logs <ID> $ swarm stop $ swarm scaleup <COMP> swarm.json  
  25. 25. Agenda   25   Docker   Ansible   Jenkins   MoZvaZon  –  How  to  keep  focus  on  your  product?   Summary  /  Learnings  
  26. 26. Jenkins  Overview   26   Simple   Extensible   Scalable   Flexible   Open  Source   Community   Good  Web  GUI   ConZnuous  IntegraZon  (CI)   Server   Thousands  of  plug-­‐ins   Distributed  BUILD  System   ConfiguraZon  of  Jobs   MIT  License   Very  acZve  (since  2011)  
  27. 27. Jenkins  Job:  leanix-­‐synclog   27  Image  Source:  robots.com   Trigger:  GitHub  Push     1.  Builds,  e.g.  using   maven  (Java)   2.  Executes  Unit  Tests   3.  Creates  Docker  image   4.  Pushes  Docker  image   to  Docker  Hub   5.  Deploys  to  staging   system  (via  Ansible)  
  28. 28. Agenda   28   Docker   Ansible   Jenkins   MoZvaZon  –  How  to  keep  focus  on  your  product?   Summary  /  Learnings  
  29. 29. Ansible  Overview   29   YAML  Syntax   Library  of  modules   Switch  from  ssh  push  to  pull   EncapsulaZon  by  roles   MIT  License   Strong  Growth  (since  2012)   OrchestraZon  of  Admin-­‐Tasks   Simple   Extensible   Scalable   Flexible   Open  Source   Community   Automate  repeatable  admin  tasks,  e.g.  install   packages,  set  configs,  ...   Image  Source:  robots.com  
  30. 30. Ansible  Architecture   30   Tasks   Install  Package   Copy  file   Apply  template   ...   Deploy  synclog  Apply  template   Run  docker   Roles   init   ...   docker   Playbooks   Provision  Server   leanix-­‐synclog   ...   postgres   Hosts   SVR-­‐DE-­‐TEST   SVR-­‐DE-­‐DEV   SVR-­‐DE-­‐WEB-­‐1   SVR-­‐US-­‐WEB-­‐1   via  ssh   ...  
  31. 31. Ansible  Example:  Provision  servers   31   # Provisions the frontend servers --- - hosts: frontend sudo: true roles: - {role: 'init'} - {role: 'docker'} - {role: 'updates'} provision_server.yml   $ ansible_playbook provision_server.yml –I hosts/prod -v hosts/prod   [frontend] srv-de-web-1.leanix.net srv-de-web-2.leanix.net srv-us-web-1.leanix.net srv-us-web-2.leanix.net [backend] srv-de-app-1.leanix.net srv-de-app-2.leanix.net srv-us-app-1.leanix.net srv-us-app-2.leanix.net
  32. 32. Ansible  Example:  Configure  system   32   […] - name: Install System Packages apt: pkg={{ item }} state=latest with_items: ["curl", "wget", "python-software-properties", "software-properties- common", "daemon", "supervisor"] - name: German kb command: loadkeys de changed_when: false - name: Set hostname on boot to short name from inventory list template: src=hostname.j2 dest=/etc/hostname owner=root group=root mode=0644 register: hostname_file […] roles/init/tasks/main.yml  
  33. 33. Ansible  Example:  Deploy  service   33   […] - name: Start leanix synclog Docker container shell: docker run -d --name {{ item.1.name }} -p {{ ansible_eth1.ipv4.address }}:{{ item.1.synclog_port }}:{{SERVICE_PORT }} -e SERVICE=synclog -e PROXY_SERVICE={{ PROXY_SERVICE }} -e SWAGGER_BASEPATH={{ SWAGGER_BASEPATH }} leanix/leanix-synclog with_indexed_items: SYNCLOG_SERVICES when: synclog_running.results[{{ item.0 }}].rc != 0 […] roles/init/tasks/main.yml  
  34. 34. Agenda   34   Docker   Ansible   Jenkins   MoZvaZon  –  How  to  keep  focus  on  your  product?   Summary  /  Learnings  
  35. 35. Key  Issues  &  SoluZon  Approaches   35   •  Docker:  Usage  of  boot2docker   on  non  Linux  (OS  X,  Win)   •  Docker:  Container  orchestraZon   on  producZon  systems  with   distributed  docker  deamons   •  Ansible:  v1  not  running  on  Win   •  Ansible:  For  some  tasks,  special   python  libs  need  to  be  on  the   target  host   Contribute  to  helper  tools  ;-­‐)   e.g.  b2d-­‐sync  (node.js  tool)   Create  custom  soluZons  based   on  Ambassador  pa~ern  and   etcd  orchestrated  by  Ansible   Use  Vagrant  or  get  rid  of   Windows  ;-­‐))     Check  in  tasks,  if  libraries  are   already  installed  
  36. 36. Summary   36   20  days   3  hours   <  30  min   Effort  for  setup,  learning  and  trouble  shooZng  for   Ansible  &  Jenkins   Ramp-­‐Up  of  a  new  employee  unZl  first  commit   Time  unZl  a  fresh  Server  is  setup  with  all  required   services   14  days   For  changing  our  Vagrant  based  environment  to   docker  &  docker-­‐compose  
  37. 37. 37   THANKS!   Follow  us  @leanix_net   Download  Ansible  Example  Code   github.com/leanix/codetalks_2014_demo   We  are  hiring!!!   •  Frontend  Developers   •  Backend  Developers   •  MarkeZng  &  Sales   www.leanix.net  
  38. 38. Backup   38  
  39. 39. Growth  and  DigitalizaZon  leads  to  increasing   IT  complexity   39   -me   Growth  /   Digitaliza-on   20-­‐30  ApplicaZons   50-­‐80  ApplicaZons   >  150  ApplicaZons  
  40. 40. Lacking  transparency  of  the  IT  landscape  is  a   strong  barrier  for  innovaZon   40   35  b€  overspent  due  to   redundant  applicaZons     Source:  Detecon  /  McKinsey,  15%  of  applicaZons  can  be  consolidated   Inefficient  processes   due  to  head  monopoly  
  41. 41. leanIX  is  a  smart  plahorm  which  helps   companies  to  opZmize  their  IT  landscape   41   Fact  Sheets  &  Tagging   Context-­‐based  Search   API,  Import  &  Export   Comments  &  Threads   IT  Inventory   Collabora-on  PlaPorm   Interac-ve  Repor-ng   AcZvity  Stream  &   NoZficaZons   SubscripZon   Print  &  Export  (PDF)   Best  PracZce  Reports   InteracZve  AdapZon  
  42. 42. leanIX  connects  the  dots  in  the  ecosystem   of  modern  IT  management   42   Collabora-on-­‐  &  Document  Mgmt   IT  Service  Management  &   Help  Desk   Requirements-­‐  &   Business  Process  Mgmt   Project  PorPolio-­‐  and   Ressource-­‐Management   Selected  products  to  illustrate   Out-­‐of-­‐the-­‐box   IntegraZonen   REST  API  &   SDKs   developer.leanix.net  
  43. 43. Partnering  /  IntegraZon   43   Sync