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Art of Self Branding

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Art of Self Branding

  1. 1. CovergeSE 20131http://artofselfbranding.com/The Art ofSelf-Branding
  2. 2. CovergeSE 20132http://artofselfbranding.com/Let’s Take aMoment
  3. 3. CovergeSE 20133http://artofselfbranding.com/A Talk in3 Acts
  4. 4. CovergeSE 20134http://artofselfbranding.com/Act 1Defining a personal brand
  5. 5. CovergeSE 20135http://artofselfbranding.com/Sounds likethat Princess.source:dailymail.co.uk
  6. 6. CovergeSE 20137http://artofselfbranding.com/source:thesuperficial.comNO.
  7. 7. CovergeSE 20138http://artofselfbranding.com/
  8. 8. CovergeSE 20139http://artofselfbranding.com/
  9. 9. CovergeSE 201310http://artofselfbranding.com/
  10. 10. CovergeSE 201311http://artofselfbranding.com/“I understand.”getting to:
  11. 11. CovergeSE 201312http://artofselfbranding.com/Why Brand Yourself?job INSURANCEPORTABILITYTargets“Fitting in”
  12. 12. CovergeSE 201313http://artofselfbranding.com/“I understand.”getting to:
  13. 13. CovergeSE 201314http://artofselfbranding.com/You are not aunique snowflake.source:imdb.com
  14. 14. CovergeSE 201315http://artofselfbranding.com/You are part of aunique story arc.source:collider.com
  15. 15. CovergeSE 201316http://artofselfbranding.com/“Brands are built on whatpeople are saying aboutyou, not what you’resaying about yourself.”guy kawasaki, original apple evangelist
  16. 16. CovergeSE 201317http://artofselfbranding.com/TL;DRIt’s not about you.It’s about them.family and friends, colleagues,clients, employers and peers
  17. 17. CovergeSE 201318http://artofselfbranding.com/Credibility Basedempowering others tobe your advocate with aconsistent message =credibility
  18. 18. CovergeSE 201319http://artofselfbranding.com/Consistent Message= your brand
  19. 19. CovergeSE 201320http://artofselfbranding.com/Branding a company:many restrictionsobjectiveinorganic
  20. 20. CovergeSE 201321http://artofselfbranding.com/Branding yourself:little to no restrictionsvery subjectiveorganic
  21. 21. CovergeSE 201322http://artofselfbranding.com/versusin-house freelanceone “client” several clientsmanaging 2 brands -yours & the companyUsually focus onyour own brandrestrictions for self-promos self-promo = livelihood
  22. 22. CovergeSE 201323http://artofselfbranding.com/Focus on yourselfor the company?The million dollar question
  23. 23. CovergeSE 201324http://artofselfbranding.com/Both.like a marriage, your company is like your spouse.two separate entities merged together with similar hopes,goals, dreams, personalities.Together they are stronger, but both can stand separateand can be recognized separately.
  24. 24. CovergeSE 201325http://artofselfbranding.com/Act 2What makes a brand successful & examples to follow
  25. 25. CovergeSE 201326http://artofselfbranding.com/The Top 5 Aspectsof a SuccessfulBrandinterbrand 2007 marketers report
  26. 26. CovergeSE 201327http://artofselfbranding.com/5. RelevanceDo you make sense?
  27. 27. CovergeSE 201328http://artofselfbranding.com/4. Creative/Design/BrandIdentityDoes your look match?
  28. 28. CovergeSE 201329http://artofselfbranding.com/3. Message/CommunicationDo you talk the talk?
  29. 29. CovergeSE 201330http://artofselfbranding.com/2. Understandingthe Customer/TargetDo you know who you’re talking to?
  30. 30. CovergeSE 201331http://artofselfbranding.com/1. ConsistencyCan we expect the same quality in everythingyou say/touch/do?
  31. 31. CovergeSE 201332http://artofselfbranding.com/The Clueless vs.The Thoughtfullet’s break it down
  32. 32. CovergeSE 201333http://artofselfbranding.com/versusClueless: Thoughtful:blissfully unaware constant reflectionafraid of change evolves with the timessame approach varied approachRelevance
  33. 33. CovergeSE 201334http://artofselfbranding.com/Jason Santa Maria
  34. 34. CovergeSE 201335http://artofselfbranding.com/versusClueless: Thoughtful:Doesn’t Match strives to matchpresentation is anafterthoughtcares about presentationthinks its about logos knows it’s more than logosbrand identity
  35. 35. CovergeSE 201336http://artofselfbranding.com/Matt Brett
  36. 36. CovergeSE 201337http://artofselfbranding.com/versusClueless: Thoughtful:speech and copy are separate Speech and Copy are the samecommunicates the way theythink the customer wantscommunicates like thecustomersounds forced sounds naturalmessage/communication
  37. 37. CovergeSE 201338http://artofselfbranding.com/Meaghan Fisher
  38. 38. CovergeSE 201339http://artofselfbranding.com/versusClueless: Thoughtful:targets to everyone has a nicheEvery potential is equalimportancetargets the best type ofpotential clientdoes whatever the clienttells them toDoes what NEEDS To be doneunderstanding target
  39. 39. CovergeSE 201340http://artofselfbranding.com/Jessica Hische
  40. 40. CovergeSE 201341http://artofselfbranding.com/versusClueless: Thoughtful:all over the place consistency is keyconsistency
  41. 41. CovergeSE 201342http://artofselfbranding.com/Veerle Pieters
  42. 42. CovergeSE 201343http://artofselfbranding.com/2007 InterbrandMarketers Reportconsistency (36%)understanding customer/target (18.2%)Message/communication (14.7%)Creative/design/brand id (12.8%)Relevance (12.4%)
  43. 43. CovergeSE 201344http://artofselfbranding.com/Act 3how to discover and apply your brand
  44. 44. CovergeSE 201345http://artofselfbranding.com/Create a brandpromise.
  45. 45. CovergeSE 201346http://artofselfbranding.com/Become anamnesiacsource:©universalpictures
  46. 46. CovergeSE 201347http://artofselfbranding.com/“It is said we are all three differentpeople: the person we think we are(the one we have invented), theperson other people think we are(the impression we make), and theperson we think other people thinkwe are (the one we fret about).”Stephen Bayley
  47. 47. CovergeSE 201348http://artofselfbranding.com/Stereotypeyourself
  48. 48. CovergeSE 201349http://artofselfbranding.com/
  49. 49. CovergeSE 201350http://artofselfbranding.com/The Art of Self-Branding WorksheetI started The Art of Self-Branding to help others with their personal brand,and now this worksheet will help you put those ideas into practice!Part One: Pretend You’re An AmnesiacA brand is a perceptionof value formed in theminds of people about acompany’s leaders, culture,products, and services.This perception is formedat every point where cus-tomers interact with thecompany, from the word-ing of advertising copy, tothe quality of services andproducts offered, to thetype of people hired, rightdown to what furniture isin the waiting room.What’s a Brand?Who am I?What am I?Where am I?Who are you?How’d I get here?The Questions:Name Relationship Time Known AdjectivesPart Two: Become an EnvironmentalistThis is a companion piece to Branding from the Ground Up Workshop.Visit http://www.artofselfbranding.com/ for more details.Final Tips*RecycleReduceRecoverReuseThe HabitsSimplify:3 adjective chart
  50. 50. CovergeSE 201351http://artofselfbranding.com/Johari/Nohariwindow
  51. 51. CovergeSE 201352http://artofselfbranding.com/Become anenvironmentalist
  52. 52. CovergeSE 201353http://artofselfbranding.com/Recycle, Reduce,Recover, Reuse
  53. 53. CovergeSE 201354http://artofselfbranding.com/Devise a brandexecution plan.
  54. 54. CovergeSE 201355http://artofselfbranding.com/Who are you?Who cares?
  55. 55. CovergeSE 201356http://artofselfbranding.com/Persist through CRAPCriticismrejectionassholespressurerichard st. JohnSecrets of success in 8 words, 3 minutes
  56. 56. CovergeSE 201357http://artofselfbranding.com/Questions?www.artofselfbranding.com