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Leafit - Compensation Plan

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Leafit - Compensation Plan

  1. 1. Welcome to Leaf It! Distributors have access to an unparalleled opportunity. The Leaf It Compensation Plan is a Network Marketing opportunity that is both simple and powerful in it’s earnings potential and we are delighted to welcome everyone to the Leaf It team! Leaf It Distributors represent the Leaf It brand and our line of products. In order for a Distributor to be successful in Leaf It, they must be willing to promote and sell our products, and the Leaf It opportunity in a legal and ethical manner. Once the Online Distributor Agreement is signed, the first step to promoting Leaf It is to understand this Compensation Plan, and to complete our online Compliance Course. Join as a Free Affiliate Free affiliates earn a 10% Sales Commission on all direct Sales. Become a Leaf It Associate By simply paying a $40 monthly Builder Package, a Leaf It Associate opens up additional earnings potential within our 3x9 Forced Matrix and 9 levels of Sales Commissions from all direct Sales. Monthly Builder Package Includes - $100 in Advertising - Back Office - Sales Funnels - Distributor Support 3x9 Forced Matrix To activate Matrix earnings, Associates will simply recruit 1 other Associate and begin to earn commissions on levels 1, 2 and 3. Recruit just 2 more Associates and earn commissions on all 9 levels of our 3x9 Forced Matrix. Level Possible Associates Commissions Cumulative Commissions 1 3 $5 $15 2 9 $2 $33 3 27 $2 $87 4 81 $2 $249 5 243 $2 $735 6 729 $2 $2,193 7 2,187 $2 $6,567 8 6,561 $2 $19,689 9 19,683 $5 $118,104
  2. 2. Sales Commissions Commissions are paid on all direct Sales and by those sales in an Associate’s downline based on the following: Level 1 10% 2 5% 3 5% 4 5% 5 5% 6 5% 7 5% 8 10% 9 Disclaimer Sales Commissions 10% The Leaf It, Inc. Compensation Plan is subject to change without notice. Leaf It reserves the right to update, change, or amend this document as needed. It is the responsibility of all Distributors to read fully the Leaf It Terms and Conditions, and Policy & Procedures, and to remain in compliance with them at all times. Failure to do so may result in the termination of the Distributor. Leaf It does not refund any commissions in the system at the time of termination.
  3. 3. https://www.leafit.biz/leafitbiz E-MAIL : residualincomeways@gmail.com SKYPE : residualincomeways