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Entrepreneurial Scholarship Fund - Class of 2010-11 LDA Collaborative Project Presentation

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A project to award scholarships for the E-Hub Program, a short-term training program for those who wish to own and operate their own small business.

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Entrepreneurial Scholarship Fund - Class of 2010-11 LDA Collaborative Project Presentation

  1. 1. E-Hub Scholarship Fund A Scholarship for Entrepreneur Development Founded by Rock County LDA Group 3 (Class of 2010-11) and Community Foundation of Southern Wisconsin
  2. 2.  Nonprofit entrepreneurial training program founded in Green Bay in 1998 as the Reggie White Urban Hope Foundation.  Encourages entrepreneurs to network among themselves and other local businesses to form an enterprise team.  Program acts as a compass, directing entrepreneurs to available resources. What is E-Hub?
  3. 3. Program History E-Hub classes have been held in Green Bay/Fox Valley area since 2003. In 2010, E-Hub partnered with Southwest Wisconsin Workforce Development Board to help displaced workers potentially own and operate a small business. E-Hub graduates launched 500+ businesses/3,000+ FT/PT jobs in Northeast Wisconsin The E-Hub Program has also grown regionally, with courses in Akron/Canton, Ohio.
  4. 4. “Stepping Up To New Opportunities”  28 hours of classroom instruction – half-day per week for 7 weeks.  Lead Mentor (facilitator) guides participants through course handbook, critiques weekly assignments.  Completion of a business plan not required, but encouraged.  Since January 2010, 50 participants have completed the program, many dislocated from previous employment.
  5. 5.  360 Technical Computer Services.  4 Paws TLC  Amy Mitchell LLC  Badger BMX  Badger State Maintenance  Borderline Chroming  Bushelle Photography/Janesville Hot Air Balloon Co  Dominion Repair and Electrical Services  Hansberry Septic Service  Ice Arena Maintenance  Kelley Process Services, Inc.  L&R Woodcrafters Businesses Launched by E-Hub Graduates
  6. 6.  Land of the Giants  Massage in Motion  Our Planet Workwear  P&Y Painting  Reliable Community Shopping, LLC  Rock River ESP  Rock, Paper, Penn Designs  Rose’s Soulful Restaurant  Shaggy Dog’s Marinade  Stateline Renewable Fuels  Suzanne Vinmans, Artist  Technobytes  Verheijen Designs LLC Businesses Launched by E-Hub Graduates (continued)
  7. 7. Entrepreneur Development Scholarship  Developed by Rock County Leadership Development Academy (LDA) Group 3 in conjunction with Community Foundation of Southern Wisconsin to increase entrepreneurship and small business ownership in Rock County.  The scholarship fund will assist Rock County aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners to participate in the E-Hub Program.
  8. 8. Why an Entrepreneur Development Scholarship  Rock County has seen great change while weathering economic challenges in past several years  Entrepreneurs continue to launch businesses and face challenges  The E-Hub program provides a “101” course to entrepreneurs to get businesses up and running  Entrepreneurial generation
  9. 9. Applicants who : Currently own a small business in Rock County or propose to run a small business in Rock County. Have a high school diploma or GED/HSED certificate. At least 18 years old. Are not eligible for or receiving other grants or scholarships related to the E-Hub program. Accepted into the E-Hub program. Who is Eligible for the Scholarship?
  10. 10.  $15,000 minimum to establish an endowment and begin assisting students immediately.  Increase new entrepreneur and small business owner participation in the E-Hub program.  Encourage scholarship recipients to pay it forward by volunteering with E-Hub in the future and/or financially contributing to the scholarship fund.  Community Foundation of Southern Wisconsin administers and manages the fund. Entrepreneur Scholarship Fundraising Goal
  11. 11.  The interest earned on the principal of the endowment will generate revenue to support the fund.  Graduates of the E-Hub program will be encouraged to make a donation.  LDA Group 3 will help educate the community about E-Hub and the Scholarship. How will the Entrepreneur Scholarship Fund Sustain Itself?
  12. 12. How Can You Help?  Spread the word about Rock County E-Hub’s Entrepreneur Program  Support small businesses in Rock County  Contribute to the E-Hub Entrepreneur Scholarship Fund
  13. 13. For More Information:  To learn more about Rock County E-Hub, visit www.swwdb.org/ehub.htm  For background information, visit www.urbanhopegb.org  “Like” Rock County E-Hub on Facebook: www.facebook.com/rockcountyehub  Contact Eric Kuznacic, SWWDB Business & Employer Services Manager, at (608) 741-3502 or e.kuznacic@swwdb.org.  To donate to this Fund or learn more about Community Foundation of Southern Wisconsin, visit: www.cfsw.org