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Facts about viral print

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The Opportunity
This is your market for referrals
Nearly EVERY Business
In EVERY Industry
In EVERY Country Of The World
Uses Printed Products
Thank you,
LeVelle Salter Sr.

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Facts about viral print

  1. 1. Facts About ViralPrint.comJust to summarize these KEY distinctive points of what Viralprint brings to the table,differentiates us from an MLM company and sets the pace for our success and quite possiblythe LAST business opportunity anyone will need:1. NO Cost to Join.2. NO Fees-EVER! This helps negate the negative part of an MLM and the attrition ofmembership that plagues the industry.3. NO Selling…”Just Share a Good Thing” and help others save money on all their printedproducts and/or make a lifetime, even generational. This takes away the negative of the MLMas most people do not like or are not good at “selling.”4. Viralprint, as far as we know, is the only collateral printing company in the world using a5 level affiliate referral marketing system.5. Viralprint is not a risky start-up company having to establish their operationalfoundation; Viralprint is a 6 year old proven national wholesale printing company who is readyto scale to the viral growth anticipated.6. Viralprint sells at wholesale prices unlike most MLM companies who sell at or abovetypical retail prices.7. Unlike the typical product(s) of an MLM that are often a nitch market product or notsomething a person uses, Viralprint is 40+ products already used by nearly EVERY business inEVERY industry in EVERY country of the world. This is our market!8. If Vistaprint can grow in 11 years from nothing to a $1 Billion company with 60+% annualyear over year average growth rate with a slow economy and traditional marketing just provesthere is a lot of market and market share to capture.
  2. 2. 9. Because there are NO sign up fee or ongoing fees, members sign up and have no reasonto leave, therefore referrals are for LIFE! Teams of members can be sold, transferred or willedallowing teams to continue to grow for generations!10. The day we launch Viralprint will be International as we are now able to sell, print andship within Canada!11. Commissions are automatic and not based on a members need to sell products, whenmembers purchase printed products they need, commissions are paid from those purchasesautomatically.12. Viralprint offers a FREE landing page with referral link and a FREE back office as tools tohelp share and refer others!13. Viralprint is an aggressive price player within the top online printing companies and ourcompetitive prices INCLUDE the 26% commissions being paid back to our members!14. Each member joining could be a part of the next fastest growing company in the world!That possibility exists.Thank you,LeVelle Salter Sr.Master Memberlevellesalter@gmail.com(901)848-2758