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Arizona State Legislative Review Teresa Neiberg 7-27 2022 DGT.pptx

  1. 2022 Arizona State Legislative Review by Teresa Neiberg 7-27-2022 DGT
  2. The Good Bills Democrat Gun Sense Legislators: ● Rep. Jennifer Longdon ● Rep. Daniel Hernandez ● Rep. Andrea Dalessandro ● Sen. Martin Quezada ● Sen. Lela Alston ● Sen. Sally Ann Gonzales Introduced 15 gun sense bills and one resolution which covered:
  3. The Good Bills (continued) ● Background check loopholes ● Verifying the validity of concealed carry permits ● Requiring Pediatric healthcare workers to provide gun safety information ● A Red Flag Bill ● Hold adults accountable if firearms are not safely secured ● Make safe storage devices tax-free ● Restraining Orders ● Make bump stocks illegal ● Surrendering concealed weapons permit if sentenced ● Waiting period when purchasing a firearm
  4. Bad News about the Good Bills Not one of the GOOD GUN BILLS received a hearing by the AZ Legislative Majority (House and Senate Republicans). On May 31, 2022 (after the Uvalde shooting) Sen. Quezada used a procedural motion to waive the requirement for a committee hearing gun sense legislation on the Senate Floor. The Senate Republicans voted down the chance to debate a bill on gun sense legislation even after this horrific event.
  5. The Bad Bills The AZ Legislative Majority (House and Senate Republicans) introduced bills that: ● Would allow Concealed Carry in Public spaces and events such as libraries, community centers, zoo, festivals, marches. ● Would allow Loaded Weapons in School Parking Lots. ● Would require middle and high school students to learn about the use and safe handling of firearms using an NRA program that’s proven to be unsuccessful. ● Would reduce the age of a person to have a concealed weapon permit to age 18 years. ● Would allow concealed carry on college campuses.
  6. The Bad Bills (continued) ● Would allow property owners to use deadly force to prevent criminal damage (e.g., graffiti) to their property (Expands AZ’s Stand Your Ground Bill). ● Would prevent taxing or restricting firearms (A nullification bill). ● Would exempt guns and ammunition from sales tax. Would also exempt gun locks and gun safes but that wasn’t enough to outweigh the bad. ● Would prohibit the state or any public entity from contracting with a company unless the company agrees not to discriminate against a firearm entity.
  7. How Can Reforms in Gun Sense Legislation Be Made on the State Level? Moms Demand Action Volunteers are working hard to have candidates up and down the ballot complete the Gun Sense Candidate Questionnaire. ● This is the first time we are able to offer this opportunity to down ballot races. ● Please let us know of candidates you know who might be interested in becoming a Gun Sense Candidate.
  8. The Moms Demand Action Gun Sense Candidate distinction lets voters know which candidates will stand up for gun safety if elected into office. Moms Demand Action and Students Demand Action volunteers across the country have been distributing questionnaires to candidates to ensure that those with the Gun Sense Candidate distinction will advocate for safer communities. These candidates have proven that they will support stronger gun laws. You can find Gun Sense Candidates using this link:
  9. If we are able to elect a Democratic Governor and Democratic Majority at the Arizona Legislature ● We will be able to work with Legislators who will stand up for Gun Safety. If we are NOT able to elect a Democratic Governor and Democratic Majority at the Arizona Legislature ● We fear that some of the newly elected Republican Legislatures will not be open to working with us to pass gun sense legislation. ● We will work with our Legislative Team, our Gun Sense Candidates and Everytown for creative ways to work towards Gun Sense Legislation. ● We will be working with Community Partners and Stakeholders.
  10. THANK YOU!