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Sandra Pfau Englund: Founder of Pfau Englund Nonprofit Law, PC, Alexandria, VA

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All About Sandra Pfau Englund Founder Of Pfau Englund Nonprofit Law, PC, Alexandria, VA With Information About Legal Services, Legal Counsel, Nonprofit Groups, American Society Of Association Executives, Greater Washington Society Of Association Executives And More.

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Sandra Pfau Englund: Founder of Pfau Englund Nonprofit Law, PC, Alexandria, VA

  1. 1. LAWCROSSING THE LARGEST COLLECTION OF LEGAL JOBS ON EARTH LAW STAR www.lawcrossing.com 1. 800.973.1177 Sandra Pfau Englund: Founder of Pfau Englund Nonprofit Law, PC, Alexandria, VA [By Jen Woods] Unlike most people, Sandra Pfau Englund actually looks forward to going to work. “I must say I love what I do,” said Englund, founder of Pfau Englund Nonprofit Law, PC. Her law firm provides legal services to a variety of nonprofit organizations.Englund said her job is fulfilling because “the Nonprofits that have paid staff also have third year in law school [when] there was anmajority of the people who run nonprofit groups to deal with many of the same employee elective class that I could take in nonprofits,”have very strong ethics and are really out issues that for-profit companies do. “Those she said. “I think it’s still an area, a growingthere trying to improve the world, and they’re that have a staff of any size have the regular area, and people should go for it,” she said.a wonderful group to work with.” Englund, employment issues that any employer maywhose parents were always very active in have between employment contracts or Englund is admitted in the District of Columbiathe community, said she admires the shared employee handbooks,” Englund said. and Virginia. Before establishing her lawmission of many nonprofit groups. “Most practice, Englund served as an attorney withnonprofits are out there trying to make our Englund’s firm also helps nonprofits a nonprofit law firm and as a senior managersociety better in one way or another,” she said. coordinate fundraising activities. “Most of a major scientific association. Englund of them [nonprofits] have fundraising earned her bachelor’s degree from EasternHer job allows her the flexibility to balance registration and fundraising requirements Michigan University and both her law degreeher time at work and home. “I’ve been able to and forms that have to be filled out. And and master’s degree in public administrationbuild a nationwide practice, [...] raise three nonprofits come to us with what they can and from George Washington University. She is achildren, and now homeschool my children, can’t do in respect to fundraising,” she said. member of the Virginia, District of Columbia,and [I’ve] be[en] able to do all of that at one and Ohio bars.time and work with really wonderful people,” Englund’s firm provides legal services toshe said. all types of nonprofits, including parent Englund is also active with the American groups. The firm specializes in parent Society of Association Executives (ASAE)Another appealing aspect of the job, she teacher organizations, parent booster and the Greater Washington Society ofsaid, is that nonprofits don’t have a lot of groups, and athletic booster groups, which Association Executives (GWSAE). She writesemergencies that require immediate action. are traditionally run by volunteers. “And so for both ASAE’s and GWSAE’s magazines“But that doesn’t mean I’m not stressed, and we have set up two websites, ptolaw.com and and has given presentations at ASAE’sI don’t have things to do for my clients, and I parentbooster.org, which both are catered to management conferences. In addition,don’t have exceedingly busy days,” she added. that particular part of the market,” she said. she has chaired GWSAE’s Congressional Breakfast and the Virginia subcommittee ofNonprofit groups seek legal counsel for Pfau Englund Nonprofit Law’s website its Government Affairs Committee.a number of reasons. Englund explained offers a wide array of legal information,that new organizations, for instance, need including fundraising tips, frequently asked ON THE NEThelp getting incorporated as nonprofit IRS questions, and links to other leadingcorporations and attaining federal tax nonprofit sites. “I think we have a fairly big Pfau Englund Nonprofit Law, PCexemption status. presence on the Internet, and so a lot of new www.nonprofitlaw.com nonprofits come to us, and we assist them,”Established nonprofits require ongoing legal she said. The Internet Site for Parent Teacherhelp, especially with contracts. “Nonprofit Organizationsgroups often have meetings, conferences, Englund encourages young lawyers who www.ptolaw.comeducational workshops...and to hold those are passionate about nonprofit groupsthey need to have a contact with a hotel and interested in helping them to consider Parent Booster USAor another facility to have the meeting,” careers as nonprofit lawyers. “I didn’t know parentbooster.orgEnglund said. anything about this area of law until myPAGE